SAPIEN A Blockchain Based Social Media Platform

SAPIEN A Blockchain Based Social Media Platform

What is  SAPIEN ?

SAPIEN  is a highly customizable and democratic social news platform capable of rewarding or rewarding millions of content creators and curators with no central intermediaries. Sapien is supported by an eligible cryptocurrency ERC20 called SPN. The Sapien Network will expand rapidly to include markets, various integrators, and third-party applications.
SPN is a flexible and compliant cryptocurrency with ERC20 that will provide incentives on quality content, strengthen all platform actions, and serve as our tokenized economic backbone. Once implemented, we believe that SPN will be one of the most tokens in the online space. The SPN Token will not only be very useful in the Sapien ecosystem, the SPN will also facilitate the manufacture and transfer of value inside and outside the plator.
With the Sapien platform the fake news will be greatly summed up with a secure identity in Blockchain and a broad reputation system. SPN will be the backbone of every social action and transaction that takes place, instilling its growth potential in platelet expansion and adoption rather than a furious burst in the cryptocurrency market.


Establish Evidence of Value Consensus Protocol In essence, the NES derives its value from the ability to collaboratively improve high quality content across the Sapien Network. Evidence of value mechanisms will drive quality and reward contribution for users.
As user contributors are evaluated across the network, they will collect scores that reflect their reputaton. This will allow specific domain / user experts to be reflected in their community. In Sapien, reputation will reduce trolling and reduce the spread of false news. The reputation system is attached to the SPN token and is therefore not limited to the Sapien platform.

The Core Value of Sapien

  1. Democracy: Users should have public opinion about their community and should be encouraged to contribute.
  2. Privacy: Targeted ads can be made but are inherently exposed as they exploit user data and violate user privacy.
  3. Free Speech: The basic principle that should be protected online with annoying tools.
  4. Customizability: Every user should be able to customize social experiences to their liking.

Key Features of  Sapien

  1. Public / Private Browsing
  2. Customer.
  3. Friends, Groups and Posts.
  4. Rich Chat feature.
  5. Encryption.
  6. Very customizable.


Social media
There are currently over 2.3 billion users of social media and by 2020 there will be more than 3 billion. Man is a species that is inherently social; Thus, some forms of social media will continue to play an important role to move forward.


According to Statista, the number of people who buy goods or services online will increase from 1.46 billion in 2015 to over 2 billion by 2020. Technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and cloud computing radically alter how consumers will transact in the future .


Such trends indicate increased privacy concerns and increased distrust to disclose personal information on social media. These attendees show Internet users are increasingly concerned about privacy, but have no choice but to rely on services that hoard and support their data.

Beta Platform Live  SAPIEN

Platfom Sapien

Token Sale and Pre-Sale  SAPIEN

Symbol: SPN
Total Token:  500,000,000
Decimal: 18
– Maximum Distributed SPN: 10,000,000
– Exchange Base Rate Token: 1 ETH = 4,000 SPN
– Crypto received: ETH
– Tiered Investment Structure:
  • > $ 500k: + 40% (1 ETH = 5,600 SPN)
  • > $ 250k: + 25% (1 ETH = 5,000 SPN)
  • > $ 100k: + 15% (1 ETH = 4,600 SPN)
  • > $ 50k: + 7% (1 ETH = 4,280 SPN)
  • > $ 10k: + 3% (1 ETH = 4,120 SPN)
  • <$ 10k: No Bonus
– SPN Distribution: Smart Contract will distribute the tokens for Token Sale Phase # 1 completed.
– Presenting Minimum Goals: There is no minimum.

Sales Phase Token # 1

– Maximum Distributed SPN: 215,000,000
– Crypto received:
  • ETH: supported with Natvely.
  • BTC: Not fully supported. Contributors will be asked to get the Ethereum address. The BTC address will be created and tied to the Ethereum address. Once BTC is received, the SPN will be sent to the Ethereum address.
  • Non-Ethereum based Cryptocurrency: Supported through .
– Exchange Base Rate Token: 1 ETH = 3,000 SPN
– Bonus Structure:
  • Day 1: + 15% (1 ETH = 3,450 SPN)
  • Week 1: + 8% (1 ETH = 3,240 SPN)
  • Week 2: + 3% (1 ETH = 3.090 SPN)
  • Week 3+: No Bonus.
– Publishing Level: All new tokens will be distributed to value creators in Sapien
– Minimum Destination: 50.000.000 SPN

Fund Allocation (2018 – 2022)

  • Administrative: To ensure daily operations run smoothly as the project grows.
  • R & D: Development of NES, including core team and community developers. Funds will be liquidated in  R & D:  as our corporate milestones are met.
  • Marketng: We will encourage the growth of organic communities and launch incentvized referral programs. Thus, we have a smaller market budget than other similar companies. Traditional media channels and Sapien will be used to reach our user base.
  • Law: Compliance with the SEC and other regulatory entities will be a top priority for our tokens. Our budget is allocated to include new regulatory laws and new regulations that apply to NES.
  • Security Audit: A separate budget has been allocated to constantly audit new smart contracts developed by our team, both for NES and Sapien platinum signs.

Token Distribution

  • 45%: NES made during the sale of our tokens will be made available to contributors who send ETH to a smart contract address.
  • 20%:  SPN will be locked in a smart contract for the founders and team, subject to the 6 month and 24 month vesting period.
  • 30%: will go into the Sapien reserves to be distributed at Token # 2 Sales Stage to add platform growth, distributed through Sapien, or burned to control the flow.
  • Up to 5%: will be booked for our bounty program, depending on the number of participants in the campaign. Details of participation will be released in a separate document.

Qualification for the Sapien Payment Platform

As the platform grows, requirements will be tailored to the best interests of platorm and users.

Website |  Blog |  Youtube | ANN Thread | Twitter | Reddit | Facebook | Telegram

VINND First Digital Healthcare Platform Based on Blockchain

VINND The World’s First Digital Healthcare Platform Based on Blockchain Machine and Technology

Hello buddy everything and the investors and the lovers of cryptocurrency wherever you are, may you guys in healthy always. this time I will explain a new Vinnd platfom  released by a prusahan.

What is Vinnd ?

Vinnd is the world’s leading decentralized digital health care platform to run an express blood test to evaluate your health, featuring machine learning opportunities and cancer prevention technologies. Vinnd is designed to form homemade food based on your blood test results. A drop of blood can reveal what kind of product will positively affect your metabolism. Vinnd revolutionized one of the most ‘hot’ segments of the health market, weight loss and weight management market.
Imagine By 2016, according to the World Health Organization more than 1.9 billion adults, 8 years and over, are overweight around the world. Of these, more than 650 million people are obese. More than one in two adults and almost one in six children are overweight or around the world. Around the world, most people rely on tried-and-true methods to lose weight – diet and exercise.
The good news is consumers around the world are trying to take advantage of their health. Nearly half (49%) of global respondents in the Nielsen Global Health and Fitness Survey consider themselves overweight, and the same percentage (50%) are actively trying to lose weight. And they do it by making healthier food choices – with help from food and beverage companies.
Percentage takes every action to lose weight
Vinnd is designed to form homemade food based on your blood test results. A drop of blood can reveal what kind of product will positively affect your metabolism.
It has been developed to conduct home tests. The kit eliminates the need to visit a doctor’s office and allow patients to get the results immediately. This prototype is in development now. The development is held under the supervision of independent US biomedical engineers, who are members of the Vinnd Advisory Board.

How Vinnd Works:

  1. Place an order for a clear expression blood test kit and do your homework tests.
  2. Enter results into the mobile or web app. Vinnd Intelligent Database will evaluate your results.
  3. Get your personal diet plan including recipes that incorporate recommended foods.
  4. Get access to medical consultation with Vinnd doctor appointment service.
Vinnd uses the Ethereum smart contract to make intelligent representations of existing personal health care records stored in individual nodes on the network. We contract to include metadata about record ownership, permission and data integrity. The blockchain transaction in our system carries cryptographically signed instructions to manage this property. The Vinnd project has several monetization channels such as monthly subscriptions for weight loss programs, subscription to healthcare providers and retailing of express blood test kits and test lines.
Company turnover projected in Year 2022 is $ 23,368,773,255.


Business Objectives:

  1. Gradual Market Expansion
  2. Reach 1% of the Served Market by 2022

Market Expansion

  1. US and Canada 69% of people try to lose weight
  2. Middle East’s highest obesity rate in the world
  3. UK The largest weight loss market in Europe
  4. China The largest weight loss market in Asia
  5. Mexico and Brazil – the highest rates of obesity in Central and Latin America
Pre-ICO and ICO Token: 563 333 333 VIN
TOTAL TOKEN: 888,888,888  VIN
Vinnd aims to offer investors attractive for investment. So investors can invest in Vinnd’s growth. That is why Vinnd presents a token profitability scheme where ROI levels come from two channels:
  1. Profit from the bonus
  2. Growth of token market value

25% of the company’s profit toward bonus distribution. Distribution must be paid once a month. 25% of the profit is used to buy tokens in the market with the aim of increasing their market value.


-11 December – 17 January
Number of tokens
-28.888.888 VIN (5%) with special rate for Pre-ICO 9629 ETH (~ 4M $)
– 1 VIN = 0.00033 ETH
– Results – 100% for ICO prices
– 1 ETH = 3000 VIN
– Wallet Multi-Signature
– Tokens issued only to investors
– January 18 – February 18th
Number of tokens
– 534,444,444 VIN (95%)
– 356 296 ETH (~ 150М $)
– 1 VIN = 0.00066 ETH
– 1 ETH = 1500 VIN
– Multi-Signature ICO fund purse held at Escrow
-Wallet Multi-Signature VIN token Founder can not be routed after ICO completion – Since locked for 5 months on smart contract.

OTHO NETWORK is the largest decentralized multi-currency platform

OTHO NETWORK is the largest decentralized multi-currency platform

Otho Network offers reliable mobile payments on the Otho platform. We create extra value for merchants and provide mobile wallets for users. This is known as mobile handyWallet. We combine web payments, e-commerce and crypto currency as well.

Otho Network has given full freedom to merchants to choose how they want to make payments through payments. Players can receive payments through the Otho mobile app. In the transaction processing system will record and continue.

Otho’s network enhances the customer experience more attractively and flexibly. By leaving your physical wallet at home, your transactions can be made through mobile.

Otho’s portfolio will take all your responsibilities. The easiest purchase you can experience. Since the app is about installation, it will prevent you from downloading unnecessary apps from various online stores. At this time, the app is in the alpha phase, entering the testing phase faster and will be supported on web, smartphone, Windows and OSX platforms. This network is the safest crypto-cardiac exchange and is emphasized to use our platform. shape and feel secure to keep your currency in our portfolio.

Otho’s network has distributed 54 drop phases and each participant receives a certain symbolic percentage. Verified users will be screened as part of an anti money laundering program and will review your client’s status. Starting from $ 2,000, users can exchange. It is necessary to refer to the rules and regulations to become a verified user.

Here’s an important link to OTHO NETS you need to know to qualify for Aidrop and Bounty campaigns.


Otho’s network has distributed 54 drop phases and each participant receives a certain symbolic percentage. Verified users will be screened as part of an anti money laundering program and will review your client’s status. Starting from $ 2,000, users can exchange. It is necessary to refer to the rules and regulations to become a verified user.

Here’s an important link to OTHO NETS you need to know to qualify for Aidrop and Bounty campaigns.


Otho’s network has distributed 54 drop phases and each participant receives a certain symbolic percentage. Verified users will be screened as part of an anti money laundering program and will review your client’s status. Starting from $ 2,000, users can exchange. It is necessary to refer to the rules and regulations to become a verified user.

Here’s an important link to OTHO NETS you need to know to qualify for Aidrop and Bounty campaigns.


How does Otho Network work?

Otho Network platform works based on 3 main features:

– Otho exchange: With an attractive and well-adjusted exchange, Otho Network helps the users to proceed their online transactions more effectively and quickly. Customers can flexibly choose to pay for their orders in any types of cryptocurrency they want, even the fiat currency.

– Otho handy wallet: Otho Network is probably one of the easiest payment platforms to use as it offers all essential facilities to keep you from downloading unnecessary apps from different web stores.

– Otho smart pay: This feature is generally applicable to any system with full payment. As a result, an online merchant will be able to sell his services or goods via cryptocurrencies.

Token sale

The total supply of Otho Network is 9,000,000 tokens, which are distributed as follows:

– 5,400,000 OTH (60%): Airdrop

– 2,250,000 OTH (25%): Marketing

– 900,000 OTH (10%): Team

– 450,000 OTH (5%): Bounty

There will be 54 phases of airdrop in total, and the first one started on January 13th, 2018. In this stage, 500 participants received a specific percentage of tokens, which will be counted as the bonus when they join other phases in the future.


To sum up, Otho Network is certainly a potential project to invest in 2018. With the latest application of blockchain technology, it would become a perfect solution to crypto payments in the future.

To find out more useful information on the token sale, whitepaper or the benefits of this great project, you can go to the official page at



IRONBLOCK – Securing Transactions

IRONBLOCK – Securing Transactions And For Improving Transparency of Sale of Machine Condition


IronBlock is a worldwide distributed platform designed to facilitate trading and optimize special machine market services. One of the important goals of this platform is to secure transactions and to increase the transparency of the state of the machines being sold (all parties involved).

This platform can be easily integrated with one of the existing platforms for equipment sales, so this platform directly increases the level of confidence in advertising for equipment sales and gets the full functionality of the classical market.
The condition of placing the equipment on the ironblock platform is the owner’s desire to sell it, after receiving a ironblock trust certificate or technical passport from. This approach makes it possible to make all database equipment of the ironblock platform completely verified. Thus the buyer and the lessee will be able to select the necessary equipment and make a decision about the purchase based on the information provided in the ironblock trust certificate, without the need for additional checks and the involvement of foreign experts.
Financial Security and fulfillment of transaction conditions in the ironblock platform are provided by smart contracts and agent support on this platform.

IronBlock is a Blockchain-based service platform and marketplace for the $ 1 trillion + global construction, mining, forestry and agriculture market.

  • Valid engine condition specifications
  • Secure transactions and easy search engines around the world
  • Verify the process of maintenance and verification of motor vehicles

The main problem with buying, selling and renting machines

The solution

IronBlock is a global decentralized platform designed to optimize the process of verifying machine and maintenance condition data, and providing ESCROW for special machine sales.

Blockchain-based solutions to industry confidence issues, numerous verification and transaction processes, allowing faster scalability worldwide.

IronBlock Ecosystem

Tokens IRB

Token distribution

Prerequisites for the growth of the token value

1. Our main goal is to create a global IT infrastructure for specific and heavy machinery markets where IRB tokens will be one of the key payments in such a way that can be used profitably for machine sales and rental, which should result in many times the growth in demand for IRB tokens , increasing their respective values.

2. IRB token will be a payment unit for in-platform services (certificate issues, access to verified databases, etc.) and costs after launch.
As the transaction volume of the platform and the lot database grows, there will be a token request and its market value.

3. Crypto development in the world will promote its use in the global economy and facilitate the transition of crypto-curent payments among all players.
The market size for major primary-purpose machine segments exceeds total IRB emissions at current prices more than 20,000 times.

4. When enough token liquidity is reached, loyal platform users will benefit from a savings token for later payments, which will lead to a further increase in the IRB token deficit, increasing its value.

5. Following the ICO, IRB tokens will be traded freely on the exchange. We intend to continue increasing the token presence on the largest exchange as the project grows.

6. The ability to use IronBlock services at a discount, as well as loyalty and promotional programs, will only be granted for IRB token payments.


(Q2) 2012

Start offline business in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region (Russia) * in special machine sales and services

Q4 2012 – present

Cooperation with the leading special purpose machinery and spare parts manufacturers such as Liebherr, Caterpillar, Komatsu, GROVE, DOOSAN, FUWA, HBM-NOBAS, TELTOMAT, EVERDIGM, SPIERINGS, FB GRU, DRESSTA, SPECO, BAUER, LEFFER, BVV, TRIASO, TRIMAN, HOLDER, ROMEA, VENIERI, GA, Value Parts, and others.

Q1 2017

Reaches milestone 250+ special-purpose units and heavy machinery sales in 5 years.

Q2 2017

The collection, analysis, and consolidation of dedicated global destination machine market data to design the IronBlock platform.

Q3 2017

Making IronBlock, building teams to launch projects and attract partnerships.

The concept of platform design

Quarter 2017

Launch of Pre ICO, launch of platform development, Licensed service center and IronBlock agents Whitelist establishing and developing partnership with Russia’s largest special-purpose machine owner to prepare for local launch

Q1-Q2 2018

ICO campaign: general sale of IRB tokens. Development of legal systems to manage and implement projects globally. Finalization team building

Q2 2018

Launch of alpha platform version in Russia. Whitelisting and signing international partners to launch IronBlock in key markets of Europe, Asia, and other regional markets

Quarter 2018

Global commercial launch after adjusting to local regulations


Scaling up and further project development, launching platform for machinery sector and related special equipment: freight, rolling stock rail, aviation industry, and others.


Global IronBlock sales, leasing, service market share up to 5%


Ongoing project development with current trends and trends from specialized machine and cryptococcal markets. Growing IronBlock market share, expanding in-house services: logistics, financing, customs brokers etc.

The core team consists of professional people, who are experts in this field.


Responsible for project strategy, platform scaling, and partnerships. Alexander has been selling and serving special machines for 5 years.


Responsible for implementing the platform and development of commercial services. Evgeniy has extensive entrepreneurial experience in IT start up since 2013.


Finance and control (15 years in finance and corporate management), investor relations.

GEORGE TERNOVСhief platform legal advisor

Responsible for legal support of project implementation. George has 10 years experience in the field.


Responsible for technical support of platform implementation. Nikolay is an expert on design and development of complex IT systems.


Developer and developer user experience interface and features. Alexey specializes in high traffic services and ecommerce solution development. Have extensive experience in creating e-commerce platforms, end-user applications and cloud services.


Specializing in the development of complex IT systems, the team is experienced in creating chat-bots, machine learning programs and blockchain technology. Has created a secure data exchange system based on Multichain and some of the Ethereal blockade projects for the banking sector.

For more information :









What it does

Bezop is a complete solution for running a successful online e-commerce business for new and experienced users. Anyone can sell their products and services and get paid in bezop without any programming. Bezop implements a novel Proof of order that lowers the level of fraud for both traders and clients who use contracts with elegant designs supported by the ethereum blockade and are cryptographically guaranteed. Merchants can collect and manage orders appropriately.

Complete Transparency

All future development plans and enhancements will be made through the community. Bezop also plans to open all projects by 2018.

Think of Bezop as the first block-driven e-commerce system where users have unlimited access to their payment and storage processors.


Your Bezop account wallet will be able to store and store the standard Ethereum ERC20 tokens. integration will allow you to convert between tokens seamlessly directly from your Bezop account. Convert Bezops between standard token of ShapeShift supported ERC20 or buy Bezops directly with other ERC20 tokens. The Bezop account is now live and its wallet will be launched Q1 2018.

Overview of the Bezop Protocol

Bezop Order Order Guarantee Contract

Fund Distribution

All the funds raised will go straight into the development of the bezop, funding the team and expanding.

55% of all funds raised will go straight into developing and expanding the team behind Bezop. 10% of the funds will then go legal to ensure Bezop comply with all countries. 5% will go into technology upgrades like server upgrades, buy SSL EV certificates and more. The other 10% will go to Bezop marketing to gain awareness about the platform and get more users. 10% will be invested into advertising and training users who want to start earning money online as a merchant. No token bezop will be issued to any team member instead of 10% will be used to buy back the bezop , see the repurchase program.

Token Distribution

Token will be distributed to all sales participants tozop bezop as follows …


65% of all evidence is available for purchase during token sales. 15% of the total stock of coins will be transferred to Bezop’s cold storage, no more than 5% will be used as a bonus during token launch and 5% bonus for future strategic partnership after the ico period.

The Bezop and Advisory Teams are scheduled for 15% of the number of tokens sold but we plan to maximize benefits for the community, TEAM MEMBER who THANK YOU WILL RECEIVE TOKEN AFTER 6 MONTHS ICO, we will also launch “buyback” exchange programs with BTC (see under). This will greatly reduce the probability of a one-day exchange of dumps occurring in the most recent token entering the market.


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