How to choose a quality foam mattress ?

Let’s start with the types of foam mattress:

According to the method of manufacture, they are: single and double-sided

  1. Single-sided represents a wooden frame (usually poplar or pine because it’s cheaper) and on it is the main part of the mattress that is filled with springs or foam mattress. It’s placed in the opening of the bed on horizontal bars. Single-sided mattresses can only be spring or foam mattress.
foam mattress

foam mattress

  1. Double-sided, as suggested by their name, are reversible i.e. in the course of their use they can be turned on one or the other side. For example, if the fabric is worn out or the springs are torn off, etc. You don’t have this functionality with a single-sided mattress, which means that double-sided mattresses have two times longer life.Double-sided mattresses, however, can not be placed directly into the hole on the bed, you should use mattress frame (grill), which is an additional expense. Double-sided mattresses can be spring, foam and latex.

According to the materials used: with spring unit,  springs with “pocket system”, foam and latex mattresses

  1. The spring unit was invented around 1860 in America. The principle has remained the same to this day. Many springs connected to each other with additional materials on top: furniture wadding, needle punched felt, coir yarn, synthetic wool, fabric, etc.The cons come from the fact that the springs are interconnected. The result is not very elastic surface. The mattress itself can be soft or hard, but the surface is not very elastic. Any movement at one end of the mattress is transmitted through the structure to the other side so when two people sleep together if one of them rotate or move in any way, the other feels it. Other drawbacks: inevitably eventually the springs soften and the mattress was torn off. If the springs are stiffer for greater strength, the mattress is very hard. If the manufacturer has saved from fabric and filling in time you’ll begin to feel the springs in your back. Springs rust, squeak, etc.


foam mattress

foam mattress

  1. Springs with “pocket system” – a modern system with many springs, each spring is placed in a pocket of fabric and is independent of the others. The aim is to avoid to some extent the shortcomings of the spring unit and to be more comfortable. This system tries to avoid transmission of movement through the construction as in the ordinary spring mattress.


foam mattress

foam mattresses

  1. Foam mattresses are made of one or more layers of foam, some of the layers may be corrugated, to have higher elasticity and to obtain a somewhat springy effect.The disadvantages are that in time inevitably the foam settles in places with the greatest pressure. Upon aging of the foam is formed the carcinogenic powder. If you’ve seen old foam – it has yellow-brown color and crumbles to dust. That’s what is in your old foam mattress.
foam matress

foam mattress old

  1. Latex (foam-latex) mattresses are the most modern type. The latex is a synthetic rubber. There are many advantages compared to the springs and foam mattresses.Much more durable material. For example, car seats are made from latex because it is durable enough to use for a long time! Much more flexible offers greater comfort. The main advantage compared to the springs and the foam mattress is that because it is an amorphous material, it is much better able to adjust to the shape of the body. The result is that the body weight is distributed more evenly and over a larger area. The points of contact are much more. More recent modifications of latex mattresses are produced with a combination of natural and synthetic rubbers. The result is a lighter material, higher quality and more durable. According to the different proportions, the results are with different hardness and are called by a different brand. This type of materials is used in the Italian mattresses Magniflex.
    foam mattress

    foam mattress

And the latest generation of the latex category is Memory foam mattress. This is a natural rubber processed in such a way that it is modeled in the form of the body (memorizes the shape while you are lying). Typical for this matter is that there is some inertia. It is not as springy as foam-latex. When pressure is applied it has a certain resistance, then it surrounds you. It feels a little strange at first bedtime, but you get used to it quickly.In the manufacturer’s websites, you can read things that this is a space matter that was created by NASA etc. The relationship with space is as follows: This material is used in the suits of the astronauts to protect them against overload during taking off because it wraps them tightly. I can not guarantee that this is absolutely true, but I think it makes sense to be used that way.

As a material for mattresses, it is used for a few years. At the moment it is the “icing on the cake”. The only downside is when you get used to sleeping on such a mattress anywhere else you will be uncomfortable and won’t sleep well, I am telling you that from personal experience, I have a latex mattress at home.

This type of material embraces you to the greatest extent, therefore, the body weight is distributed over a maximum area.

A few words on restful sleep.

foam mattress

foam mattress comfortable

To sleep well a person needs to sleep without waking up during the night. Then the dream is complete and the body rests. If you wake up during the night, your sleep is broken and in the morning you are feeling tired. Therefore one has to sleep on a comfortable mattress, convenient for him personally. Some like firmer mattresses, some softer. You can not tell which is better in general. It is good if it is comfortable for you! The general rule, however, is that the surface of the mattress should be sufficiently elastic. This is exactly the thing that can not be achieved with spring mattresses. Even if the mattress is soft enough, the surface is hard. When you’re lying on such a surface points of contact are head, shoulders, hips and legs, and all the weight is concentrated on these points.

Under high pressure at one point, you have a custody of circulation in that area and it produces a characteristic feeling of “faint” at this point. The sleep is disturbed you wake up and change your posture and when you wake up several times a night in such a way in the morning you are feeling tired and sleepy!

Latex mattresses and Memory foam mattress especially are helping the body weight to be evenly distributed during sleep. No pressure concentrated at one point, so there is no violation of circulation and the sleep is deep and complete.

Another advantage of the latex – because it is amorphous matter, you don’t feel the movement of the person you are sharing your bed with.

A few words about the materials in foam mattresses.

In spring mattresses the filling over the springs consists of furniture wadding, felt, coir layer, artificial wool, fabric, etc. I want to draw your attention to the furniture watts and felt. People do not think that these materials actually are produced from textile waste dumped mattresses and blankets, etc. garbage. So think about what’s in your brand new spring mattress, which as explained in the store is “environmental” and “hypoallergenic”!

Coconut layer consists of interwoven coconut fibers. Typically used in foam mattress. In some stores, sellers will tell you that it is a big plus if the mattress has coconut fibers. In fact, the function of the coconut layer is to give the surface hardness and to keep the foam from deforming too quickly. Just that, nothing more.

Fabric: Fabric is very important NOT to be polyester. If it is polyester fabric the sheet brewers and slides very uncomfortable. For this reason, in some stores, sellers will offer you to buy a mattress protector. The protector is terrycloth pouch that keeps the sheets from the slide. A good mattress should be with cotton fabric!

Myths about the hard mattress.

foam mattress

foam mattress myth

There is a cliche that the good mattress should be firm.

The truth is that it’s origin is since the spring mattresses. If you sleep on a sagging spring, head and legs are high and your waist is low. Of course in that situation, it is better to sleep on the boards than in such reckless posture. But in terms of mattresses does not matter how hard or soft the mattress is, what matters is if the surface is elastic. Above explained what happens when the surface is hard.

Orthopedic and anatomic mattresses.

foam mattress

foam mattress sleep

Many speculate on these concepts. In general, the orthopedic mattress is firm. I’ve talked to a doctor on a furniture exhibition that explained the following: people who have back problems, disc disease, etc. should sleep on a hard mattress, because then the vertebrae of the spine will be in such a position that they do not experience back pain.

In other cases, however, people have to sleep on a soft mattress, because their spine takes it’s natural S-shape.

Summarized the orthopedic mattress is firm and the anatomical mattress is soft and comfortable.

The difference between foam-latex (synthetic rubber) and latex used by Magniflex.

Foam latex is a synthetic rubber, ie type of rubber matter. Among all the pros there is one drawback. It’s pretty heavy.

In latex used by Magniflex is used natural rubber, which makes the material much lighter.

The foam-latex as it is foam is still a rubber and in the summer is steaming. In order to avoid these manufacturers have made some perforations for ventilation. But because foam-latex is a heavy material perforations are not made for the entire thickness of the material and holes reach the surface only to a certain depth. And because the holes do not go through the entire thickness of the material, ventilation is quite symbolic. For this reason, everywhere you will be recommended to periodically turn the foam latex mattress, to avoid catching mold. In Memory foam and latex from Magniflex, this problem is nonexistent, because the material is lighter and allows a perforation through the entire thickness. Thus, the mattress does not retain moisture and dust.

What is Memory foam mattress  ?

memory foam mattress

foam mattress soft

The qualities of Memory foam are explained above. Two companies offer original materials. These are Magniflex and Tempura.

Magniflex is an Italian company. All mattresses come vacuumed and rolled. After unpacking, mattresses recover volume for several minutes. This is not something that concerns the end user, but it is indicative of the quality of the material. Not all models are Memory foam, only the high-end.

Tempura is a Swedish company that offers Memory foam mattress. The material is the same as Magniflex, but because it’s Swedish production, prices are higher.

There are similar products offered that are made from highly elastic foam etc. but they are foam imitations that attempt to mimic the real material.

About the foam mattress frames.

foam mattress

foam mattress

For each double-sided mattress, you will need a frame. Look for frames with wide and thick plates. The plates should be placed thick in order to withstand more weight. It is good if the plates connect to the frame with rubber or plastic holders to avoid squeaking. There are options to lift the frame from the side of the head or the feet. This is convenient when you put luggage in the bedroom under the mattress. But you can use only latex mattresses. The spring mattress does not have sufficient flexibility for this purpose.

The foam mattress vs. the bed.

The interesting thing is that most people are willing to pay a lot of money when buying a bed, but when it comes to the mattress without thinking to grab the cheapest model. The mattress is actually the most important part of the bed. The bed may be terribly expensive, but it’s just a shell of the mattress! Eight hours a day our body is lying on the mattress – one-third of our lives! WE SLEEP ON THE MATTRESS NOT ON THE BED!

However, very few sellers will explain that. The reason is prosaic – vendors aim to sell their own product and mattresses are not always their priority.


If you are still reading here are my ratings:

foam mattress

foam mattress

  1. If you can afford it take a mattress with Memory foam. The best thing is always expensive, but cheaper in the long run. Mattresses with Memory foam by Magniflex come with the 15-year warranty against deformation. I.e. If, within 15 years there are more than 2 cm in thickness deformation, the mattress is replaced. The cost of a similar mattress distributed in time for 15 years is equal to the price of two packs of cigarettes per month. The same material is using Tempura, as a quality foam mattress, but it is slightly more expensive.
  1. If Memory foam is expensive to you, choose the latex models of Magnifies.Available with a 10-12 year warranty against deformation. The material is sufficiently durable, flexible, keeps cool, many classes over spring and foam mattresses.
  1. And third place is for the Foam-latex matresses. Very elastic and durable material. The only minor drawback is that in warm weather teams and requires turning the other side of the mattress. But it is a much better solution compared to some phony foams and squeaking springs.


foam mattress

foam mattress comfortable

It is imperative when you buy a foam mattress to lie on it and to feel if it is comfortable! Do not buy the mattress on the phone or Internet. You must lie on it with lighter clothes to relax, in the posture in which you sleep, turn around several times and consider whether you’ll be comfortable all night on it. Do not hesitate to do it, in the end, you are paying a lot of money for something you will use eight hours a day and will use it for you personally. Resist the suggestions of traders, it is important that the mattress is comfortable for you.

Most large stores have different beds with different mattresses on them and offer the chance for their customers to lie on the mattresses. Benefit from it.

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review From Best Price Mattress

Best Price Mattress 8″ Memory Foam Mattress with 2″ thick 5.3-pound high-density memory foam offers a great support for a very comfortable sleep. With air flow for a cool mattress as a big benefit, you can get a cooler sleep at night. This is a memory foam mattress similar to Tempur Pedic in perform and feel. With the material, the performance the best price offered, you should consider to buy this high density 8″ inch memory foam mattress for your bedroom. Read more this  Best Price 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review .

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


  • Queen Size
  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 8 inches
  •  Shipping Weight: 50,7 pounds
  •  Therapeutic support
  • A memory foam mattress with 8-inch
  • Adopt a Cool AirFlow Layer
  • Composed of three layers with:
  1. Top layer with 2-inches of quality 5.3lb High Density 100-percent Viscoelastic Memory Foam
  2. Center layer with 2″ thick serves as super soft foam.
  3. Bottom layer with 4-inch base layer made from our highly resilient support foam

Benefits offered:

  1. Responds to your body temperature
  2. Relieves pressure points to improve comfort and reduce body aches
  • Finished in a luxurious velour-style cover. It zips 4-ways for easy removal and cleaning
  • Anti-Microbial and Dust Mite Resistant
  • 10-year warranty
  • 120 day in home guarantee

Product Details

Best Price Mattress 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

4.5 out of 5 based on over 542 ratings 4k user reviews.

Size Available

Dimension : long x wide x (high/thick)

  • Full.
  • Queen.
  • Twin.
  • King.
  • Twin-XL.


It is a comparable memory foam mattress with Tempur-Pedic. This is 8 inch  memory foam mattress review composed of 2 layers with 2 inches thick 5.3-pound high density for the top layer that provide comfort, and bottom layer with 5 inches thick high resilient supportive base foam. The top 2-inch foam layer will comfort to body shape and serve as comfort layer with high sleep relaxation. The bottom layer provide a great support to your body with air technology feature to make a cool sleep surface.

This firm to medium memory foam mattress is made of 100% pure viscoelastic memory foam and completed with luxurious cover. A warranty of 10 years and 120 days in the home guarantee from the manufacturer. It will be shipped in the vacuum sealed to lower the shipping cost and as a new and original packaging. Other guaranteed for money back is it does not perform as Tempur pedic

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Review – Pros

Here you will find out what the positive reviews and what benefits of Best Price 8″ Mattress  memory foam mattress.

  • This mattress is made of memory foam which is growing popular material for providing comfort that is better than other material-based mattresses.
  • The viscoelastic will respond instantly to your body shape like molding the body to give a relaxed position.
  • The cool airflow technology works well by providing a cooler sleep surface.
  • It gives a firm support that is suitable for people with a medium weight or for the person with weight under 200 pounds.
  • The top layer, that serves as comfort layer is only 2 inch. It looks too thin to provide enough support. But the key is in the high density of 5.3-pound memory foam that works well in providing a great comfort.
  • Due to the high-quality memory foam used in this mattress performs well to contour every unique body and providing a relaxed sleep position, on waking up you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • A perfect support from this firm 8-inch memory foam mattress is able to reduce pressure points and body pain.
  • A relaxed sleep position eliminates stressed muscle until unstressed at all. It helps in restoring depleted energy during a day of activities.
  • It will return to original shape after unpackaging up to two hours. It is fast enough for the time required for fully expand.
  • This high-density memory foam mattress dramatically reduces motion transfer until you do not feel there is anyone else sleep with you.
  • The price offered is really amazing for the mattress with high features and performance like a Tempur pedic.
  • Free shipping service made the price of this mattress to be cheaper and you can save a lot of money.
  • Not just the cheap price offer for this mattress, but the price range that AMAZON offer is interesting for everyone for shopping online.

Review – Cons

And here what the bad thing happen on this  8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress cons.

  • Almost all memory foam mattress produces smell or odor as finishing process that for sensitive people is an unpleasant experience. It happens also in this eight-inch memory foam mattress the odor is there. But it is not a hazard chemical toxic. It can be removed by airing it out for a day or two.
  • For people with weight over 200 pounds, fell the foam mattress is not enough to support their weight body.

Customer Review

Here is what you have to read on how to find The Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews  8-inch memory foam mattress for your bedroom. By reading what previous purchaser comments on customer review section, makes you become aware of how the performance of this mattress. You can find out what’s good and bad of this mattress and what the advantages and disadvantages of previous buyers who’ve experienced while sleeping on these mattresses.


The hardness and softness level of the mattress is different for each people that have different size, weight, and posture. So it is wise to consider this mattress if your weight is under 200 pound, for more weight it is better to buy Lucid 10-inch memory foam mattress that many previous buyers recommend. But if you still choose this mattress as your best 8-inch memory foam mattress, you can get the Best Price Mattress 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress review just from Amazon that offers the cheap price with special free shipping offer.

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