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Currently, one of the areas that is causing managers a headache in management, is the transport and transportation sector. Although some companies have tried to improve, the problem has not been resolved thoroughly and effectively. Blockchain is a technology solution that companies want to address to solve the problems of transport and transportation are in stock.

Endchain is one of the patent pending blockchain companies focused on applying blockchain technology to transport management and tracking using QR codes and bar codes. The main goal of EndChain is to become a universal solution based on blockchain technology, a very necessary solution in the field of transport and logistics services.

What is Enchain?

EndChain is a decentralized platform that uses open protocols and utilities for the management of the transportation industry, the manufacturer, the forwarder and other stakeholders through transparent transactions. simple The result of this will be the seamless exchange of goods safely and traceable.

EndChain insists on the whole process of logistics supply chain. That is, from manufacturers, businesses, retailers to consumers. This will allow EndChain to become an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand blockchain solution for all players in the supply chain.

By addressing the needs of the logistics industry during production, EndChain will improve the overall experience and facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain.

How does Endchain work?

EndChain will integrate all products on its supply chain with patent pending bar code and QR code combination to help businesses and end users easily use the chain. In addition, this combination will reduce confusion between logistics providers and allow EndChain to easily integrate existing systems.

The main challenges facing producers today are supply chain management. EndChain provides solutions to this problem by tracking all products from the moment they are established to their end. To perform the tracking, each product was scanned at the production site and assigned a unique identifier in the chain.

In addition, EndChain will eliminate theft and ensure accountability through carrier code, scanned and sent to distribution and shipping centers. This tracks the paths of the items through the distribution process to their final destination.

Once the consumer receives their item, EndChain will reduce the amount of work done by shop staff and consumers since the employee will only be required to scan the item to register the product as sold on. blockchain.

Consumers can resell their items using the EndChain system, which will facilitate the whole process to ensure the authenticity of the old item.

Highlights of Endchain


All data related to items on EndChain is written to blockchain. This allows users to view the history of items but can not change or delete any data, thereby minimizing employee errors while protecting the privacy of consumers.

Direct connection

EndChain has an encrypted communication process that facilitates all communication in production and transport. The lines of communication are secure, as only the participants have access to it.

Physical security

EndChain reduces the theft cases in the supply chain process by marking all stolen items in the system. This allows it to identify and quickly detect theft in the production and transport process.

Smart contract

This platform will implement smart contracts with the supply chain, ensure transparency and compliance with all parties involved in the process, and ensure the validity of digitized documents in the supply chain. the response.

Details Endchain ICO and ENCN token

– Token:  ENCN
– ICO Day:  1/12/2018 – 15/1/2019
– ICO Price:  1 ENCN = 0.24 USD
– Bonus:  50%
– Bounty: topic = 5056363.msg47217041 # msg47217041
– MVP / Prototype:
– Platform: Ethereum
– Accept contributions:  BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
– Soft cap:  US $ 4,000,000
– Hard cap:  15,000,000 USD
– Country:  Hong Kong
– Whitelist / KYC:  No

Distribute the tokens as below:

Main team of the project

  • AARON PERKOWITZ : CEO, currently working in the logistics department of HNA Group. He has participated in a number of logistic projects worth up to $ 500 million. After working for a multinational company in the logistics supply chain, Aaron set himself up for Endchain. Aaron graduated from Shanghai Transportation University and has a master’s degree. 
  • PIERRE ANGOT : Chief Technology Officer, Pierre is a blockchain enthusiast who has graduated from the École Centrale Lyon College, one of France’s leading universities. He currently supports leading companies of France integrates artificial intelligence and application of blockchain technology. 
  • FELIX ENGELHARDT , Business Development, Felix has over 6 years of business development experience in Asia. He worked for Bright Tech Technology before moving to the Endchain project. 
  • VASIL DUKOV , Marketing Manager , Vasil began his career at CROSS Invest in Europe before moving to Shanghai as a M & A. Vasil was also the senior manager of the HNA project. 

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