Foresting Blockchain ICO Review

What is Foresting?

Foresting is a project that introduces a new ecosystem that consists of a FOREST (community members) that work on concepts such as Networking, interacting, and connecting. The ecosystem is used to help users receive compensation for their social media posts.

foresting icoOne of the largest issues with social media is the transparency of data. Users are unable to receive compensation for their content. While some users can gain revenue, only the top 5% of content pages are recognized.

With Foresting, users can use PTON coin to get paid for their content. Foresting’s system is more focused on content creation and focuses on a user voting system. This is better than traffic content valuation and allows them to share information in a decentralized manner.

Foresting is designed for those who are interested in social media platforms. It supports all forms of content videos, text, images, live broadcasting, and creates a social network based on a content-oriented reward service.


Content Support: Foresting aims to use blockchain to help users curate their content. With this feature, it gives users the best technology to download or upload multiple content components seamlessly.
Simplified Coin Exchange: Foresting plans to allow users to add content value by creating a safe conversion platform to obtain profit in return.

User Interface: Foresting’s goal is to create a convenient and comfortable service for their users. This service will become more intuitive instead of a problematic service.

Privacy and Security: One main aspect of blockchain technology is its decentralized nature. This feature provides the most privacy and protection for users because there’s not one entity controlling the operation.
Device Optimization: Foresting has a diverse ecosystem that integrates into people’s lifestyles. This enables them to influence their content on their devices.

Token Information

Token: PTON
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
PreICO price: 1 ETH = 50,000 PTONs
Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 33,333 PTONs
Tokens For Sale: 9,600,000,000 PTON
Total Tokens: 24,000,000,000 PTON

Investment info

Min. investment: 1 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Distributed in ICO: 40%
Soft cap: 90,000 EH
Hard cap: 170,000 ETH


FORESTING Network will be based on PTON Token; an ethereum coin that is built on ERC-20. The majority of the token’s 24-Bn PTON issue will be for sale, while the rest will be distributed throughout the ecosystem.



Q1 2018
FORESTING Foundation. Whitepaper v.0.5.

Q2 2018
Whitepaper v.0.8. Yellowpaper v.0.5. Private Pre-sale. Blockchain Structure Planning. FORESTING TECH SUMMIT 2018.

Q3 2018
Whitepaper v.1.0. FORESTING HACKATHON 2018. FORESTING TALK CONCERT 2018. Public Pre-sale. ICO.Platform Alpha Test.

Q4 2018
Local/Int. Exchange Listing.Platform Beta Test.

Open FORESTING Web-version. Mobile App(iOS & Android) Development.
Platform Grand Launching.



The founding members with creative and innovative minds that will change the world along with the team who are dedicated to support and provide a world changing service for their users.

team 1.jpg
team 2.jpgteam 3.jpgteam 4.jpgteam 5.jpgteam 6.jpg

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Bounty thread:

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872

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