STASYQ – Platform With Unique Erotic Content Launched In 2015

What is StasyQ?
StasyQ is a unique erotic content platform launched in 2015. Glamorous beautiful models show their amazing bodies in 4K with exclusively put together music. StasyQ is a project that already runs with a maximum of 1 000 000 unique visitors every month, over 1 million subscribers in social media, over 200 unique professional videos.
Where can I see MVP or Demo?
StasyQ is an ongoing project launched in 2015. You can check out our platform:
StasyQ creates a blockchain based platform with the following advantages:
For users
Full anonymous transactions, data and usage
There is no risk of blocking your bank account
No billing service fee
All transactions are made in crypto
For models, manufacturers, content providers
Ability to monetize their own content via platform
Receive direct payments from users in crypto
Receive up to 90% of revenue
Sending fair payments through smart-contract
No billing service fee
There is no risk of blocking your bank account
No marketing costs are required
Get your own content with a blockchain solution.
StasyCoin (SQOIN) – token and smart contract system ERC20, based on the Ethereal blockfain protocol.
SQOIN is designed to solve the most frustrating problems in the adult industry
Popularity SQOIN
Limited Token Supplies – 350,000,000 SQOIN
All unsold tokens will be burned
The StasyQ platform will light up officially burning SQOIN tokens
Users must purchase SQOIN to view StasyQ content
High-SQOIN solutions – easy to integrate for sites, manufacturers and models with similar content types.
Limited stock offerings in the market – projects motivate models to hold tokens in their accounts for profit.
Token Distribution
Funds collected during ICO will enable to continue developing and implementing blockchain technology at StasyQ. The more funds collected, the larger the scale we achieve.
ICO fund distribution
ICO END: JUNE 5, 13:00 GMT
2015 launched
First video and positive feedback
Q1 2017
More than 80 hot models in StasyQ
Over 100,000 views of video
Q2 2017
First VR video shoot and positive feedback
900,000 subscribers in social media
Q3 2017
The idea of ​​integration of blockchain technology becomes StasyQ
Up to 1 000 000 unique users every month
Q4 2017
Team building for the development of blockchain solutions
Write from whitepaper
Q1 2018
The landing page and whitepaper are done
ICO begins
Q2 2018
Continuing video shoot
Negotiations with exchange
Q3 2018
The beta version of the StasyLive platform
Integration of blockchain solutions to StasyQ
Q4 2018
SQOIN integration on other websites
Aggressive marketing campaigns. Achieve maximum 5,000,000 monthly visitors.
Team StasyQ
Additional Information:
Technical documentation:

Ceyron – a cryptocurrency-based investment platform

CEYRON Token Paying Annual Dividends with Debit Cards Worldwide

The debit card is also recognized as a bank card, plastic card or check card is a plastic payment card that can be used and not cash during purchase.This is like a credit card but unlike credit cards, the money comes from from a user’s bank.the account when making a transaction.Some card cards may contain the stored value where the payment is made, when most send a message to the cardholder’s bank to remove funds from the bank account specified by the payer.In some cases, the main Account is allocated exclusively to used on the Internet and no physical cards.

In many countries, the use of debit cards has become so widespread that their volumes have been thoroughly checked or replaced and in some cases cash transactions. The development of debit cards, unlike credit cards and credit cards, generally becomes a particular country that produces in a number of systems different across the world, which is often inappropriate.

Ceyron Finance Ltd, then CFL, intends to bring together the revolutionary blockgain industry and financial technology expertise. CFL disrupts two different worlds: Cryo and financial services will be a cryptocurrency-based investment platform with cryptocurrency trading terminal, debit card capabilities and token offerings that supported by a secure credit asset.CEY Token will enable the leading foreign exchange and asset management rates with a portfolio of secured, insured and robust asset returns that translate into increased stability for investors, the official site

Ceyron is a decentralized exchange that seeks to improve the liquidity of crypto assets more transparent and secure than the centralized counterparts currently on the market today. Ceyron is an ecosystem built and operated by a network of similar partners around the world in decentralized networks. The core is based on the highly efficient and secure Graphene Blockchain Library, capable of raising up to more than 100,000 trades per second with consensus proof of the delegated article.Ceyron uses a high-speed LMAX matchmaking engine based on the graphene program to achieve matching capabilities of millions of transactions per second. The node system will into efficient and secure blockchain packing services through DPOS consensus. To the fore, scalability improvements will come from implementing EOS.

The CEY card will become a physical, virtual and debit MasterCard with a mobile application that allows the use of twenty (20) foreign currency from one card.

With CHIP capability, most with Contactless technology too. What does this mean? CHIP (also called EMV) is your debit card making technology that is much more secure and very difficult to copy or clone.
-Contactless (previously called paypass) is a card technology that enables quick payouts for small personal purchases in stores etc by simply tapping or waving cards on the terminal card.

This app can be downloaded for all Android, iOS and Windows smartphones from the official App Store and Google Play Store, making online banking just as secure and providing more convenience than ever in many ways:
-Empure the modern technology available on your mobile device
-Easy to activate by reading the QR code
-Additional security through fingerprint protection (on supported devices)
-No need to bring additional tools to enable online banking
-No lifetime limitations
-More flexibility for PIN management
-Manage more accounts with one app
CFLs seek to minimize the volatility of the CEY Token by supporting its value through a portfolio of secured credit assets. In turn, the returns on portfolio credit assets will be reinvested into the asset portfolio of credit to try to improve the underlying fundamentals. the value of each CEY Token. The subsequent loan asset portfolio will be secured with a guarantee to improve stability and return. Fund Managers will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to build a secure asset loan portfolio. Blockchain technology, the key to success has the potential to provide greater integrity, security, security and transparency. Thus,

Token Name: Ceyron
Token Symbol: CEY
Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb
Decimal: 8
Price Per Token: $ 1,00 USD per Token CEY
Token Amount l: 250,000,000
Start of Token Pre-Sale: 16 february 2018
End of Token Pre-Sale : March 15, 2018
Pre-sale Discount: 35%, 25%, 15%, 5%
Start Sale Token: March 16, 2018
Soft Cap: 2 Million USD
Cap Hard: 45 Million USD
End of Sale Token: When Hard cover is reached
Currency Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC and USD
Registration Start Bounty: February 15, 2018

“Any time and date in the above schedule may change at the absolute discretion of the CFL”

If you are interested in purchasing Token please visit LINK and follow the instructions correctly through registration. For more information you can visit the official website and read the whitepaper about this CEYRON project plan.

Twitter: https : //
Ann Tread BTT: ? topic = 2955746.0


AETERNUM the place of investment for the world of science

This time I am here to discuss a new infection platform, a platform that gives us the opportunity to invest in some of the world’s greatest inventions, innovations and inventions that can change the world. Spend money or save money on something in the hope that someday will benefit financially. Examples are purchases of financial assets, such as bonds, stocks, insurance. You can also buy items such as cars or real estate, at home and others. Due to the capability of investing in profitable projects that we will get, there will be more investment can also be interpreted as a safe deposit of funds and facilitate the management of funds for long-term benefits. The platform is “AETERNUM”.


AETERNUM a new block-oriented platform, created as an investment site. Developing the world of science, they offer investors a fund management system for crypto-currency not only that Aeternum also gives us the opportunity to invest in some of the largest inventions, innovations and discoveries in the world of science in the future that can change the world.

They created an intellectual contract compatible with the ERC20 as their currency, known as the Aeternum (ALF) token, Aeternum provides a very conservative service so that traders will get long term benefits from their investments, Token ALF as a sales tool will be used as payment for BitLats, with its conservative structure and approach, Aeternum makes transactions and investments with a balanced vision.

The lower line
Aeternum is a partner ecosystem in order to create a knowledge-based economy in Latvia with one national beat.
The Science Foundation is taking the first step to show the public that the intellectual potential of all scientists in the world can be the core of the ecosystem.
In the fundamental science the following members of the board: Ojars Sparītis, ivars kalviņš, aigars rostovkis, valentīns jeremejevs, more zaporožec.

create a platform where everyone can invest in the intellectual property rights of scientists around the world.



Today many new new digital currencies with different functions and needs, but most of the created criptocurrency is not supported by assets in the real world, it is often harmful to the general public, there are also projects active in the world of science that have assets in the real world, but they are hampered by space and means to develop their ideas.

Solution of the Aeternum


A new crypto currency with support for intellectual property and science for eternity will be given to each holders of ETF tokens, which have valuable value of the krypton itself, which leads to an increase in demand

Aeternum Fund

Investments for a project that has value and is open to all people who have Aeternum tokens, these investments are carried out exclusively through the Beatles

Clever city

ehrenum ecosystems are physically prepared for the development of a project, exchange and other services that occur in smark contracts in the process of using bilalates

Aeternum Finance App
financial application as a mechanism in a smart box, controlled by the Beatles as an exchange.

Aeternum token function

Tradable and liquid

The aerodrome token (ALF) supports projects that are ready for the market, which will be a plus for investors, as its value will continue to grow.

Admission ticket

To participate and benefit from the smart city and the Aeternum Foundation, you need to get or use Aeternum Token to stimulate the demand for tokens and increase the cost of future tokens.

Priority access

Anyone who has an AUternum token is the top priority for information about the project that we support comes from Smart City.

With the support of projects in the market

Most of the time ICO is supported by ideas without proven extensions, but Aeternum will invest in projects that are ready for sale or have a very good and tested volume, and also have market demand.

Growing value as a profit

The reinvested 25 percent return received by the Aeternum Fund will be reinvested, in turn, increasing returns in the future.

Clever city

We will build a smart city to help scientific projects achieve results. Part of the profit received by Aeternum Dana will come from Smart City

Use of Aeterum Token

Accept ROI

50% of the profits received by the Aeternum Fund will be used to extract the new Crypto Currency (BitLats), which in turn will be sent by a dropper to ALF Holders


in ALF Exchange will be sold on the exchange, so you will always have the opportunity to sell the ALF token.

Use ALF to participate in Smart City

Token Aeternum owner will be able to access the opportunities created by Smart City and / or purchase goods or services made by Smart City Members

Why invest in aeternum?

The first platform offering investment services that contribute to the development of the world of science, since we know that there are no other platforms besides Eternum that offer similar services, Eathernum is also covered by all financial applications ALL IN ONE, using Criptocurrency as a tool for investment and exchange, as many other platforms have we meet

Funding Objectives of the Aeternum Fund

  • 10% development of the environment
  • 20% of non-technical labor resources
  • 30% for the Deep Science project
  • 40% smart city




I think this is an intelligent innovation, as we know there has been no platfrom other than Eaternum offering similar services. This is the first platform to offer investment services to help develop the world of science, Eaternum is also embraced by ALL IN ONE financial applications, using Criptocurrency as an investment and exchange tool as other platforms we have met. Let’s support this great project by joining ICO AETERNUM.



For more information, please visit the link below:

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1233872

Beaxy The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange

What is Beaxy?

Beaxy will be a department store for all your cryptocurrency trading needs. Our intuitive user interface will allow trading in both crypto and fiat currencies. Like Beaxy’s transparent rocket logo, our UI will be a sleek and elegant experience for users but will contain many complex mechanisms inside. Simple, yet powerful

  • Our story

Beaxy was originally created in mid-2017 when its founders discussed the challenges surrounding cryptocurency exchange. They realize that there are many barriers to entry and navigating the bursa is a challenge even for experienced investors, so they plan to create an all-in-one exchange that will accommodate everyone from beginners to professionals.

  • Our vision

Our vision is to create a convenient, secure, all-in-one platform that helps facilitate a world where cryptocurrencies can be accessed as fiat currencies. Beaxy hopes to play an important role in this expedition by laying the framework for an all-in-one exchange.

  • Our mission

It is our mission to provide an abundance of tools, news articles, tutorials and financial services to help all users from total beginners to expert merchants in making informed decisions in this rapidly changing environment.

Beaxy Feature

√ Loyalty program

-Golding BXY on our platform will reward users with 20% of trading costs
-The program’s rewards never diminish or expire

√ Put a coin

-Receive a discount on trade costs by staking your BXY tokens -The
multi-level system is getting more and more bigger its discount

√ Discounted Transaction fee

– Users will receive 50% discount for trading fee by using BXY tokens
-Features will work with coins placed.

√ Support 24/7

– 24 – hour response time or less –
Live Chat
– Global coverage with multi language support

√ Referral Program

-Receive 10% transaction fee for the lifetime of the account in question
-User eligible to receive 2-month Platinum membership (20% fee)

√ Fiat Deposits

– Supported account transfers and ACH –
Instant deposits available for approved accounts

√ Security

-An IP white list –
Will meet PCI-DSS and ENISA security standards
-Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is our main concern

√ Performance

High throughput and low latency database performance Capable of
handling hundreds of thousands of tx / s with less than 1ms latency

√ Architecture of the Exchange

-Built for long-term scaling -An
isolated service to reduce spike in demand
-Automatic scaling and resource balancing

√ Mobile apps

-iOS and Android –
Integrated pricing notices and order fulfillment notifications

√ OTC Trade

– Available to institutional investors
– Minimum order size of $ 1 million

√ ICO Launch Platform

-Project Checked by Beaxy -Elect
KYC Costs and Hasses for ICO
-Top Token Token in Beaxy

Loyalty program

We value our customers and want to reward our ownership. With Beaxy’s loyalty award program, this is possible. By holding your BXY on our exchange, you will receive 20% of all trading fees! The best part, there is no limit on how many BXY tokens you can hold. The more BXY you hold, the higher your reward. Just sit and hold our token.

Staking Program


Although there is an option on our exchange to receive a 50% discount in trading fees using Beaxy tokens, there is also a second way to make trade discounts. Maybe you do not want to spend your Beaxy token at all. Now with our betting program, you will have the option to lock your BXY token number to receive a discounted trading fee. Here’s how it works: You decide how many BXY tokens you want to lock, you set how long you want to lock (at least one month), and you’ll receive a trade discount until they unlock. The best part is, you will still receive the coins generated from our loyalty program when they are locked.

Cut costs

Trading costs can be a problem to overcome. We know how expensive trades can be obtained (especially for high-volume merchants) and we want to come out with features to lighten the load. If you use BXY to trade on our exchange, you can trade at a 50% discount rate. The best part, this feature pairs with our battle program. You can save 50% of the trading rate you have discounted by utilizing these two features together! (Note 50% discount will be adjusted from your new fee schedule after locking your token).

Referral Program


Any registered Beaxy user will be able to take advantage of our Referral Program. If you refer a friend, you will receive 10% of their transaction fee for their account lifetime. Those who join through the referral code will be given a Platinum-level account (20% discount for trading fee) for a limited period of time (60 days). If you help us grow, everyone will win.Any referrals confirmed during the demo will also be applied to your account at the initial launch of the live platform, in this way you can receive the benefits of referring new users without having to wait for the final product launch.


Sales tokens

BXY token pre-sale starts on June 1, with a 20% bonus. The Public ICO begins on 15 June. ET Ratio: BXY will be determined at the point near the Presale date.

Budget Allocation

Our ICO will help fund the development of our sustainable platform in security, performance agility, and feature set.

We want an army of customer support personnel to help on the first day. Our team’s collective experience with customer support standards in crypto space is lacking. We want to change it and be ready to invest heavily to be the best on the first day.

All legal things are expensive and important. We want to 100% comply with the law wherever we operate. We also want our money handling licenses in the US to be processed and approved as soon as possible.

More details visit



Ann tread:

My bitcointalk profile link:;u=1285548



The XYO Network is the first oracle network of Blockofain Proof network. Join us in a decentralized, location-driven trading market, which reaches $ 11 trillion (more than 3x larger than eCommerce).


Location data is used throughout the day, every day around the world.

We are all becoming increasingly dependent on location data and ongoing vehicles, unmanned aircraft delivery packages, and smart cities in the future will significantly increase their dependence on them.

The greatest limiting factor facing the world today in advancing us into the future of more efficient technologies is proportional to our ability to trust location data.

“The need for a hard-to-treat system to complement the GPS has been known for years.A highly accurate and reliable GPS, but congestion, spoofing, cyber attacks and other forms of distraction seem to increase in frequency and severity have the potential to destroy effects on life and our economic activity. “

– President of the RNT Foundation, Dana Goward

Our current location technology is too inadequate to move us into the future …

The XYO Network is the answer to this problem.

The XYO network makes location data without confidence possible through the technological ecosystem and the crypto-location protocol necessary to bridge the gap from the present world, into the future world.


“XYO Is The Latest Breakthrough in Blockchain Technology and Can Be Larger than Bitcoin and Ethereum Combined”

Often new technologies arrive that change the way we live. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in the late 19th century, he illuminated the world. And we have not lived since.

When the Wright brothers became the first to reach the flight at the turn of the last century, it changed the way we traveled the world. When the Internet became mainstream in the 90s, the whole world became connected.

And now a new technology has arrived that will once again change the way we live … and shake up institutions like banks and governments to the point when they do it.

If you think Bitcoin and Ethereum have rocked the world, you need to prepare yourself for what will happen next.

This new breakthrough is set to be larger than the two combined. This will change the lives of millions of people everywhere in the world and enter an untapped market, each worth over $ 11 trillion annually.


When Bitcoin arrived in 2009, he changed how people transact online. It makes online transactions safer, faster and more efficient; millions of people around the world are beginning to use and invest in it.

Today the combined market value of all digital currencies is over $ 400 billion … and some experts predict that Bitcoin alone could reach $ 1 trillion by the end of this year.

But why did this revolution happen in the first place?

This is primarily because of technology at the bottom of everything, a breakthrough called “blockchain”.

Blockchain, the fundamental technology underlying Bitcoin, eliminates the need for trust because it makes all transactions transparent, decentralized and secure. It has completely revolutionized online commerce.

People can now transact without knowing each other in “no trust” transactions. There is no need for a trusted third party to resolve the dispute. People can send money from one person to another without a bank sitting in between, taking charge.

Token Sale


When Bitcoin arrived in 2009, he changed how people transact online. It makes online transactions safer, faster and more efficient; millions of people around the world are beginning to use and invest in it.

Today the combined market value of all digital currencies is over $ 400 billion … and some experts predict that Bitcoin alone could reach $ 1 trillion by the end of this year.

But why did this revolution happen in the first place?

This is primarily because of technology at the bottom of everything, a breakthrough called “blockchain”.

Blockchain, the fundamental technology underlying Bitcoin, eliminates the need for trust because it makes all transactions transparent, decentralized and secure. It has completely revolutionized online commerce.

People can now transact without knowing each other in “no trust” transactions. There is no need for a trusted third party to resolve the dispute. People can send money from one person to another without a bank sitting in between, taking charge.

Token Sale


Join us in our commitment to build a decentralized world.

XY has built the world of open location verification since 2012 by launching a successful consumer GPS-GPS business that is essential to understanding and building a real-world location network. Currently, XY has more than 1,00,000 beacons worldwide.


XY Releases XY4 + Device

XY released an XY4 + device that makes it capable of operating as an XYO Network node through firmware updates.

Blockchain-Based Oracle Network XY Born

The development of moving the network platform of the internal XY location to the open block implementation started: The Oracle XY network was born.

XY Mints The first “XYO Token” Used for Intelligent Contracts to Access the XYO Network

The first XYO Token is created and represents the official currency to be used throughout the XYO Network.


Q3 & Q4

XY to Complete API for Intelligent Contract Developer to Interact with Oracle XY Network

The release of the XYO Network API that allows smart contract developers to write contracts to interact with XY networks. Library to be developed: Ethical Solidarity Library, Viper Ethereum Library and JavaScript library for websites interact with XYO Network (similar to Web3.js integration with MetaMask).

XY to Grow Global Network Sentinel Multiple Location Equipment

Grow XY Sentinel coverage (location data provider and verifier) ​​as well as other components of the Oracle XY Network (Bridge, Archiver, Burial).

XY to Businesses, Organizations and Retail Companies that Have Greater-Use Cases for Location Verification

Formalize business partnerships with larger companies and entities that can take advantage of decentralized and unreliable location instincts (eg logistics systems, supply chain companies, auditoras hours, eCommerce businesses and countless other niches).


XY Releasing Ground Tracking Device Tracking: The “XYGPS”

XY launched the world’s first GPS hybrid and Bluetooth enabled device. XYGPS can report its location anywhere in the world where Cellular data and GPS are available.

XY Crossing the 1,000,000 Beacon Marks

XY device one million born.


Q1 & Q2

XY to Complete XYO in Test Network (“XY TestNet”)

XY will complete the development of Oracle Testnet XY and begin launching location-focused blockchain protocols to its Sentinel device.

XY will launch XY Oracle Main Network (“XY MainNet”)

XY will launch the full launch of the Oracle XY Network to XY the Sentinel beacon and start tests with new Sentinel partners (especially IoT companies and mobile app developers).

XY to Release XY Sticker-Based Tracker, Which Can Be Added to the eCommerce Package

Launch the “XY-Stick” product that allows eCommerce retailers to track each of their products in realtime.


XY to Launch SatoshiXY and VitalikXY LEO Satellite Sentinels

Shares will be sold on XYO’s Low Earth Orbit satellite; The bet represents ownership in the XYO Token award section.

XY to Expand the Global Reach of the entire Oracle XY Network

For more information:






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