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What is InnovaMinex ?

InnovaMinex- This is an innovative business model that uses blockchain technology to ensure  traceability of precious metals.  By applying a set of procedures, you can  validate the entire process , from the  source in the mine, at the refinery and  from the end-user commercialization.  This commercialization is accomplished through our  own ecommerce, partner store and ATM.

This will allow buyers to verify the origin of the metal they have purchased, ensuring that  the mining is Legally  protected at any time or impossible
Used for money laundering because all transactions  are registered and the community  has access to them.

Our ultimate goal is to make access to gold and precious metals easier for everyone through our electronic money, INX, to receive the highest possible price for both of our customers. Me and our community pay special attention to the transparency and confidentiality of our transactions. 

We all go to stores and buy our favorite precious metals, or ourselves! And in every shop we believe that this is gold without dirt or one hundred percent diamonds! And we all understand that that might not be the case! So not all of us understand the quality of gold, or silver! And what about gems! These people propose a system that works on the basis of a block chain and the meaning of its work to trace this origin or valuable material! Personally, this is really cool for me! Imagine? With the help of a mobile application, you can check in stores, for example, wedding rings, for the country of production, weight, and gold samples. And the characteristics of the stone, in the flesh, before the foot is mined by this stone! And even if this does not violate the norms of environmental protection!

Also, people will have their own coins, where precious metals and diamonds are truly legitimate and safe for them on their platform! With the benefits of bells, it’s really cool!

In addition, they plan to use the largest share of money to open new mines and develop partnerships in them! That means you can even work with people! Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency, even for Fiat! Sell ​​on sites like Amazon, Ebey, and the same big site!

People plan their own ATM, which is very convenient for me! You can immediately exchange part of your coins, which almost generates gold!

Fund allocation:

70% of sales of
20% of the InnovaMinex project is
10% development
How they plan to use it:
75% of Project
19% InnovaMinex
5% Other
1% Social Project

Now they have made it through the ICO and here is their road map:

Stage 1
30% Discount Stage 2
24% Discount Stage 3
16% Discount Stage 4
10% Discount

Beginners November 26, 2018
End of December 9 2018
30% bonus discount
Soft Cover $ 10,000,000
Hard Cap $ 52,500,000
Private Purchases Minimum 1 INX
Maximum personal purchases No Limits
Accepted Cryptocurrency BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT , XRP.

Main Benefits of InnovaMinex:

The best and most advanced technology that provides complete search information from extraction of precious metals to their commercialization.

Security and integrity! 

Users can rely on transactions to be carried out in a reliable, automatic and reliable way, thus eliminating the need for third party trust.

Higher speed!
Interbank transactions usually take place a few days before being carried out. INX operates 24/7, reducing transaction time by several minutes.

By eliminating traders and third parties, we can eliminate unwanted additional costs. This is precisely how InnovaMinex can significantly reduce transaction costs.

Transparency and eternity! 
All INX transactions are public and do not change for the entire community. They cannot be changed or deleted.
Quality traceability!

The certification carried out by our blockchain will be complete, consistent, accurate, and generally available.
InnovaMinex is the safest and most cost-effective choice for buying gold and precious metals.
Our Cryptocurrency will take first place in the mining and metallurgical industries.
My conclusion: This is a very ambitious project! And it is very useful for each of us! I will keep kicking so that these people can do it! After all, I don’t care where, what, and from whom I buy! Very good quality!

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London Block Exchange releases stablecoin supported by pound

London Block Exchange said it was licensed to launch a new coding currency called LBX. The Stablecoin will be supported by the British Pound Sterling.

The startup’s chief executive, Benjamin Dives, told Business Insider that the first “cryptopound” will be launched in the next 10 days.

The company said it had received permission from a banking partner on Friday for the launch of LBX. Information about the partner has not been disclosed.
This third-party bank will be responsible for keeping reserves at the same level as the new stablecoin. Dives says that reserves will undergo regular auditing by a leading accounting firm.

London Block Exchange introduced itself as “the only London-based trading platform that offers protection to the British bank.” They provide OTC services and simultaneously set up a pre-coded education to teach the industry.

Welcome crypto pound crypto

Dives said the use cases for LBXP will be centered around: “OTC transactions on the London market, then the popular trading floors, where there are no fiat banks and then the securities tokens want to pay dividends with cryptopound “.
In a post on the company’s blog post Sept. 29, LBX said that initially they would use Ethereum’s blockchain to develop and distribute stablecoin.
Right now, the LBX will be a RC-621 token built around the ERC-20 standard. The company has written about how it will be released on other blockchain “where compliance controls can be maintained.”
LBX also noted that they were open to see if they could attach the coded coin to the Euro or US dollar to increase coverage and stability.

Stablecoin fever

According to the company, LBX is a necessity due to lack of trust in existing projects. This lack of trust is making people increasingly interested in stablecoin.

The company believes that the number of stable coin in the market is not enough for the needs of businesses, traders and consumers.

Some articles mention the so-called stablecoin fever. Studies show that the number of stablecoins has increased significantly in the last 18 months.

They have become popular because people can use them to enter and leave positions without worrying about rising taxes.
Just a few days ago, Circle codec financially issued their stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), which was mortgaged in US dollars at a 1: 1 ratio.

CEO – London Block Exchange

Over the past 8 weeks I have received messages from many users addressing our communication about the exchange and launch dates, so I wanted to let you know where we stand right now.

Setting up an exchange is no easy feat; it constitutes many different facets as you can imagine.

We are approaching the final stages prior to our full UK launch. We’ve staged 3 separate beta and pre-launch iOS tests to ensure stability and operability of the app. We have made countless iterative changes to smooth the user experience and to iron out anything which we felt wasn’t representative of the product we were looking to launch. Aside from some small sign-up issues which we have almost finished addressing, we are now delighted with the performance of the exchange, wallets and of course, our state-of-the-art app.

ANN Thread:

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ETH: 0x7741292bAe34Dc5dC08e6f9f11bb50Bf94a8dcD9

Trao đổi IronX (Mã thông báo IRX)


Các IronFX Group và EmurgoHK Nhóm , sẽ tham gia lực lượng để tạo ra một cuộc trao đổi crypto mà sẽ hoạt động như một quy định, dịch vụ tập trung, trao đổi. IronFX là nhà cung cấp giao dịch ngoại hối đa quy định toàn cầu và EmurgoHK là một công ty Hồng Kông gia tốc các dự án blockchain khác nhau và đã tạo ra Blockano Blockchain .

Nền tảng mới sẽ được gọi là IronX Exchange và sẽ hoạt động như một công ty có quy định sẽ cung cấp tài trợ thông qua fiat và cryptocurrencies. Thông tin đã được phát hành bởi Finance Magnates, đã có quyền truy cập đặc quyền vào thông tin này.

Cả hai công ty sẽ kết hợp kinh nghiệm blockchain của EmurgoHK với các quy trình, quy trình và giải pháp hiện hành của IronFX. Ngoài ra, việc trao đổi sẽ cho phép nhà môi giới FX cung cấp các giải pháp quản lý rủi ro, quản lý tài khoản, thanh toán và ngân hàng.

Một số lợi ích của nền tảng này sẽ liên quan đến việc tạo điều kiện thuận lợi cho việc chuyển vị trí từ giao dịch tiền điện tử sang giao dịch trực tuyến truyền thống. Ngoài ra, khách hàng có thể sử dụng tài khoản mã hóa và tài sản kỹ thuật số của họ để di chuyển hoặc di chuyển một phần vị trí vào nền tảng của IronFX.

IronX Exchange ICO

Công ty cũng đã bắt đầu bán mã thông báo riêng tư chỉ bằng ‘lời mời’. Mục đích là để khởi động các thẻ IRX và sử dụng tiền thu thập để phát triển nền tảng hơn nữa. Các presale mở ra vào ngày 04 tháng 6 cung cấp 200,000,00 thẻ.

Các chủ sở hữu mã thông báo IRX sẽ có các lợi ích khác nhau, ví dụ, họ sẽ có thể yêu cầu các dịch vụ và ưu đãi bổ sung. Hơn nữa, họ sẽ được giảm giá trên spread được thanh toán bằng thẻ.

Kenji Sasaki, đồng sáng lập viên Cardano và nhân viên công ty của EmurgoHK, nhận xét:

“Trao đổi IRONX là một liên doanh rất thú vị cho Tập đoàn EmurgoHK. Sự hợp tác của chúng tôi với một công ty kinh doanh trực tuyến toàn cầu, như IronFX, kết hợp với sự hiểu biết sâu sắc về công nghệ blockchain và cộng đồng mật mã toàn cầu, sẽ giải quyết các vấn đề quan trọng đang gặp phải của các nhà đầu tư và nhà giao dịch mật mã trên toàn thế giới vào thời điểm hiện tại. sự ra mắt của IronX và một kỷ nguyên mới trong không gian của Crypto Exchanges. ”

Markos A. Kashiouris, Chariman và người sáng lập của IronX Exchange, cũng đã đưa ra quan điểm của mình về quan hệ đối tác nói rằng với cả hai đội họ sẽ có thể cung cấp thành công trong nhiệm vụ của họ để xây dựng IronX Exchange .

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HetaChain Memaksimalkan Kinerja Sistem

Salam dari teman-teman saya yang terkasih, Cryptocurrency mengalami redundansi yang serius dan sulit untuk memilih proyek yang layak. Tapi hari ini mata saya tertarik pada proyek ini. HetaChain akan membangun infrastruktur yang paling kompleks dan kuat untuk aplikasi terdistribusi yang akan memfasilitasi bisnis nyata berdasarkan teknologi blockchain dan membangun jaringan blockchain 3.0.

Relam Investment, yang berbasis di Dubai, telah mengumumkan investasi menggunakan teknologi Hetachain Network Blockchain 3.0. Proyek hetchain ini membantu layanan publik, bisnis, dan membangun dapp perbankan (aplikasi terdistribusi), robotika, Internet of Things, e-commerce, perawatan kesehatan, dan banyak lainnya. September 2018, Generasi teknologi blockchain berikutnya, teknologi blockchain 3.0, telah dibuka.

Teknologi Blockchain adalah inovasi yang benar-benar inovatif dalam cara data dibuat, dibagikan, dan diedit. Namun demikian, teknologi blockchain saat ini menghadapi masalah kritis kinerjanya. Untuk alasan ini, Hetachain menyarankan pembuatan arsitektur jaringan blockchain terbaru, yang sangat sederhana dan fleksibel untuk pengguna dan pengembang menggunakan platform blockchain yang memiliki kinerja sangat tinggi.

Algoritma cryptographic menggunakan ECDSA (Digital Elliptic Motion Sign Algorithm) dengan kurva secp256k1 untuk kriptografi negara-swasta. Kunci pribadi 256 bit data acak.

Alamat HETA yang terkait dengan kunci pribadi ini adalah kunci publik 160-bit SHA3-256 hash terakhir (keccak)

Heta – Protocol Multizept Platform 
Untuk berkomunikasi antara rantai pribadi dan sistem utama dalam sistem blockchain Heta, protokol Bride telah disediakan yang membantu rantai pribadi untuk mengumpulkan data Anda dalam rantai utama untuk verifikasi. Setiap jaringan pribadi harus membayar biaya untuk menggunakan Hetacoin. Jaringan pribadi dapat melakukan pembayaran dengan beberapa koin Heta untuk mengontrol transaksi. Harga dapat disesuaikan tergantung pada penggunaan besar.

Investasi dan pengembangan teknologi blockchain di masa mendatang 
. Hetachain fund berkomitmen untuk menginvestasikan dana yang menargetkan pertumbuhan dan pengembangan teknologi blockchain 3.0 hetachain masa depan.

Cakupan Global Hetachain berinvestasi dalam bisnis dan orang-orang yang menciptakan produk layanan yang akan berada di garis terdepan dari generasi teknologi transformasi di seluruh dunia. 
Seperti Education-hetachain memanfaatkan pengalaman dan pengetahuan dalam teknologi blockchain melalui kerja langsung dengan perusahaan portofolio untuk mencapai potensi penuh Anda. 
Kemitraan adalah hubungan strategis yang dikembangkan oleh Hetachain dengan para pemimpin bisnis di seluruh dunia untuk memberikan para pendiri di semua pasar kesempatan untuk bekerja secara langsung dengan investor lokal.

Manfaat hetachain 3.0 Blockchain Network 
Flexible- Melakukan pembekuan dan pemulihan aplikasi suap dengan izin umum berdasarkan peran. 
Usable adalah platform blockchain 3.0 yang memiliki kinerja sangat tinggi dan terukur serta menggunakan ekosistem yang membuat jaringan blockchain lebih berharga dan berguna. 
Skalabilitas-sudah mendukung ribuan dapps (aplikasi terdistribusi) dengan koneksi interblock-scal komersial yang berbagi otentikasi dan eksekusi. 
Optimasi adalah platform blockchain 3.0 yang memiliki kinerja pengukuran yang sangat tinggi dan penggunaan ekosistem yang membuat jaringan blockchain lebih berharga dan berguna.

Tentang Hetacoin-Heta 
Hetacoin adalah hetachain cryptocurrency internal, yang digunakan dalam jaringan Mainchain. Hetacoin digunakan sebagai alat untuk membayar penggunaan layanan blok het.

Ketika seorang pengguna melakukan transaksi dengan menukar koin atau token yang dibuat oleh Heta, ia harus membayar hetacoib untuk tunggangan yang telah ditentukan. Juga disebut biaya transaksi. Ini adalah biaya wajib yang membuat Hetacoin memiliki nilai nyata ke sistem. Ini juga dapat mencegah trader membanjiri jaringan dengan microtransactions yang tidak terbatas.

Ketika seorang pengguna berpartisipasi dalam proses konsensus atau validasi dari Rantai Utama dan Rantai Pribadi, ia harus diberi imbalan dengan hetacoin tertentu. Ini juga disebut sebagai hadiah untuk pengguna. Dalam hal tingkat perkiraan konsensus, itu harus tergantung pada seberapa banyak usaha yang dilakukan para peserta dalam mengimplementasikan proses. 

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan kunjungi:

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AETERNUM the place of investment

This time I am here to discuss a new infection platform, a platform that gives us the opportunity to invest in some of the world’s greatest inventions, innovations and inventions that can change the world. Spend money or save money on something in the hope that someday will benefit financially. Examples are purchases of financial assets, such as bonds, stocks, insurance. You can also buy items such as cars or real estate, at home and others. Due to the capability of investing in profitable projects that we will get, there will be more investment can also be interpreted as a safe deposit of funds and facilitate the management of funds for long-term benefits. The platform is “AETERNUM”.


AETERNUM a new block-oriented platform, created as an investment site. Developing the world of science, they offer investors a fund management system for crypto-currency not only that Aeternum also gives us the opportunity to invest in some of the largest inventions, innovations and discoveries in the world of science in the future that can change the world.

They created an intellectual contract compatible with the ERC20 as their currency, known as the Aeternum (ALF) token, Aeternum provides a very conservative service so that traders will get long term benefits from their investments, Token ALF as a sales tool will be used as payment for BitLats, with its conservative structure and approach, Aeternum makes transactions and investments with a balanced vision.

The lower line
Aeternum is a partner ecosystem in order to create a knowledge-based economy in Latvia with one national beat.
The Science Foundation is taking the first step to show the public that the intellectual potential of all scientists in the world can be the core of the ecosystem.
In the fundamental science the following members of the board: Ojars Sparītis, ivars kalviņš, aigars rostovkis, valentīns jeremejevs, more zaporožec.

create a platform where everyone can invest in the intellectual property rights of scientists around the world.



Today many new new digital currencies with different functions and needs, but most of the created criptocurrency is not supported by assets in the real world, it is often harmful to the general public, there are also projects active in the world of science that have assets in the real world, but they are hampered by space and means to develop their ideas.

Solution of the Aeternum


A new crypto currency with support for intellectual property and science for eternity will be given to each holders of ETF tokens, which have valuable value of the krypton itself, which leads to an increase in demand

Aeternum Fund

Investments for a project that has value and is open to all people who have Aeternum tokens, these investments are carried out exclusively through the Beatles

Clever city

ehrenum ecosystems are physically prepared for the development of a project, exchange and other services that occur in smark contracts in the process of using bilalates

Aeternum Finance App
financial application as a mechanism in a smart box, controlled by the Beatles as an exchange.

Aeternum token function

Tradable and liquid

The aerodrome token (ALF) supports projects that are ready for the market, which will be a plus for investors, as its value will continue to grow.

Admission ticket

To participate and benefit from the smart city and the Aeternum Foundation, you need to get or use Aeternum Token to stimulate the demand for tokens and increase the cost of future tokens.

Priority access

Anyone who has an AUternum token is the top priority for information about the project that we support comes from Smart City.

With the support of projects in the market

Most of the time ICO is supported by ideas without proven extensions, but Aeternum will invest in projects that are ready for sale or have a very good and tested volume, and also have market demand.

Growing value as a profit

The reinvested 25 percent return received by the Aeternum Fund will be reinvested, in turn, increasing returns in the future.

Clever city

We will build a smart city to help scientific projects achieve results. Part of the profit received by Aeternum Dana will come from Smart City

Use of Aeterum Token

Accept ROI

50% of the profits received by the Aeternum Fund will be used to extract the new Crypto Currency (BitLats), which in turn will be sent by a dropper to ALF Holders


in ALF Exchange will be sold on the exchange, so you will always have the opportunity to sell the ALF token.

Use ALF to participate in Smart City

Token Aeternum owner will be able to access the opportunities created by Smart City and / or purchase goods or services made by Smart City Members

Why invest in aeternum?

The first platform offering investment services that contribute to the development of the world of science, since we know that there are no other platforms besides Eternum that offer similar services, Eathernum is also covered by all financial applications ALL IN ONE, using Criptocurrency as a tool for investment and exchange, as many other platforms have we meet

Funding Objectives of the Aeternum Fund

  • 10% development of the environment
  • 20% of non-technical labor resources
  • 30% for the Deep Science project
  • 40% smart city




I think this is an intelligent innovation, as we know there has been no platfrom other than Eaternum offering similar services. This is the first platform to offer investment services to help develop the world of science, Eaternum is also embraced by ALL IN ONE financial applications, using Criptocurrency as an investment and exchange tool as other platforms we have met. Let’s support this great project by joining ICO AETERNUM.



For more information, please visit the link below:

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