The ecosystem of proven products and food additives, based on the technology of blockage – allows to expand the capabilities of consumers, providing monitoring, security and transparency while reducing costs.

CIBUS is a virtual platform on which the ability to track food products will be realized, using the blocking technology that provides the implementation of food tracking.

Suppliers and consumers will be able to access information and check the origin of food available at various points. With the help of this system it will be possible to check the authenticity of food products, the ingredients included in them, as well as the status of the company engaged in the supply of this product: from the food producer to the end user.

CIBUS is a unique decentralized ecosystem that can facilitate the process of fulfilling the order and will allow producers to join the social platform.

On the CIBUS Social platform you can:

  • post products for sale
  • To conduct promotion campaigns and loyalty campaigns
  • receive true and honest feedback from consumers
  • offer them special products
  • support new products and manufacturers

On the CIBUS platform, only manufacturers control the prices and range of products. The platform collects all orders and sends requests to producers who supply products to distribution centers. Professional collectors in distribution centers collect orders and hand them over to couriers. Couriers deliver orders to consumers.

The main objective of the CIBUS platform is to create an efficient supply model to stimulate all participants of the platform using the blocking technology that is necessary to launch a decentralized ecosystem.

How CIBUS works

CIBUS offers traceability and transparency through the use of blocking technology. Reliable mutually beneficial relationship between the seller and the buyer, without intermediaries. A lot of smart contracts to promote cross-border trade. Trust, efficiency and universalization of data at lower costs in the food industry.


  • Providing quick and detailed feedback.
  • Marketing and promotion aimed directly at consumers.
  • Full control of brand image.
  • Reducing costs for customers.
  • Interaction of universal data.


  • Transparency of products and food additives.
  • Ecosystem, created on the technology of blockade.
  • Higher quality at a lower price.
  • Cooperation directly with the seller.
  • Awards for activity.


CIBUS was developed with the aim of creating a revolution in the food industry based on blockaux 2.0 in the 21st century

At the moment, there is a lack of confidence in the producers of products because of the risk of contamination of products with pathogenic forms of microorganisms, pesticides and other forms of chemical pollution.

products can not be tracked, they can check the region of origin, the conditions of production. This creates prerequisites for the existence of falsified products, labels with untrue information and false statements.

Due to the lack of data on the product, dishonest manufacturers and suppliers are trying to hide the composition of a product, thereby substituting real product data.

The high
cost of increasing the cost of products depends on the intermediaries who want to earn even more, thereby breaking the established system of supply and sale of products.

Most buyers and sellers place all care on intermediaries who want to enrich themselves and do not accept messages from any of their sides.

Genuine feedback and established communication between sellers and buyers is the key to making safe and trusted purchases.

Fragmentation The fragmentation of the entire system does not allow monitoring, establishing the security and transparency of data used by participants in this ecosystem

Inconsistent regulation, as well as inefficient implementation of quality control systems, creates disagreements, disputes and leads to increased costs.

CIBUS token

The CIBUS token is the only way to pay for conducting multifunctional consumer-oriented marketing campaigns, organizing bonus systems, referral bonuses, discounts and advertising within the CIBUS ecosystem, providing exclusive access to CIBUS Trace and other platform functionality. It also serves as one of the best crypto currency for buying and selling food.

The project is designed to modernize existing supply chains and introduce a new standardized ecosystem, whose work will be stimulated through the mass use of the CIBUS token.


Name of the token: CIBUS
Total tokens: 100,000,000
Payment method: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 CBT
HARD CAP: 40,000,000 CBT
PRE TGE: until February 28, 2018
ICO TOKEN SALE: February 28 – March 28, 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 1000 CIBUS Token


FACEBOOK: / cibusworld /
MEDIUM: https: //

REALTYCOIN – Buying Property With The Lowest Price

REALTYCOIN – Buying Property With The Lowest Price All Over The World

Realtycoin guarantees investment in Real Estate

What is Realty coin?

Realtycoin is a new project of a long-standing company and has been famous for their headquarters in the sago, chili town. Realtycoin tries to exploit the popularity of blockchain and creates RTC coins in order to buy property at the lowest price in the whole world and after that they will sell it for a high price. with such transactions the profits earned from such transactions can certainly be very large.

We make this coin with the aim of buying real estate for a low price and then selling it for a higher price and then earning a good profit. 10% of this profit will be shared with our investors. We are also in the process of arranging agreements with builders and other companies related to real estate to receive original coins as payment options. Realtycoin aims to be the number one coin to buy and sell real estate from around the world.


The RealityCoin is a new product of a newly established company, called Inversiones Derezunsky SpA. The corporate tax id is 76.797.127-3 and is located in Santiago, Chile. We launch our project and issue an RTC coin in order to
buy real estate at the lowest price worldwide and then sell it for a higher price, thus earning a lot of profit for it. What we are trying to create, the chain, where we will spread the 10% profit from any deal with our investors. In addition, we can guarantee the payment options that will be accepted by corporate builders and real estate agents.
We want you to be a part of this business, so you can become a real estate agent for yourself
even without much effort. So if you have seen or found a
good real estate business opportunity, you can win with us too
No matter where you are or where real estate is, we will buy it all over the world.

Realtycoin is a new product from a newly established company called inversiones Derezunsky SpA. with corporate tax account 76.797.127-3 located in santiago city, Chile. Realtycoin makes a project and by leveraging the popularity of blockchain and creating RTC coins to buy real estate at the lowest price worldwide. and after that sell higher. So get a lot of benefits. That is the prospect that we will make by giving 10% profit for investors from every deal. In addition Realtycoin can also guarantee the payment options that will be accepted by real estate developers and real estate agents. Realtycoin wants to be a part of this business. so we should be able to become a real estate agent for ourselves without having to work hard. of course this is an opportunity. if you have found the bright side of the investment business by joining Realtycoin. because Realtycoin will always be with us wherever we are.
Often our minds arise Questions are difficult to answer, what kind of real estate we are looking for. we must be keen to see opportunities. where circumstances disa’at increasingly difficult. and urgency needs, that’s where they sell their property to meet their needs. But if you are faced with the position. You do not need to be confused Realtycoin makes this a great opportunity to have this type of real estate.

Property Type Realtycoin:
Property destroyed.
Property that is not neglected and dormant
Property exposed to collateral from
Property Bank is stuck in legal trouble
And the type of property whose owner wants to sell it quickly.

Brief Overview of RTC Token

Aware of one of the concerns surrounding the crypto world Disorders are very unstable and unpredictable at all. but not to worry because with Realtycoin we can invest in one of the most solid assets ever in the real estate world in particular. we can become one of the property business partner. because Realtycoin always tries to buy property at the lowest price and sell it back at a high price to the customer. with a profit-sharing system from this real estate business. Realtycoin creates guaranteed good coins as the primary payment instrument in the purchase or sale of real estate worldwide.

Realtycoin is a crypto that provides many benefits and can be proved by the quality of Interdisciplinary Realtycoin teams. supported by people who are experts in their field. such as the fields of law, finance, computer design, marketing and many others. By investing in Realtycoin you will not find such problems investing in such conventional way. You are not faced with a minimum amount of investment, credit card ownership, rating of your personal data on the bank, or otherwise. With Realtycoin investment made easy, we can do wherever we are, by simply requiring internet connection. then the passive income from the investment business in real estate we can get. with headquarters in Chile. the country that is considered the most strategic and the best because Chile is one of the most transparent and free from corrupt practices. Realtycoin is a decentralized crypto standard blockchain with smart contract ethereum. Tim Realtycoin believes that crypto coins are a new era in the real estate business. Realtycoin evolved to break the boundaries of individuals in investing in property. with a solid investment. Realtycoin aims to boost the real estate market globally. which is expected to touch 200 trillion dollars more. Realtycoin invests heavily in Chile’s highly desirable assets. slowly this project will soon develop around the world. with contributions from investors. acquire property for a bargain price and sell it for a high price in order to make a big profit is the main target of Realtycoin being part of Realtycoin investors. Realtycoin will continue to work optimally to be listed on various crypto escalation of exchange after the ICO program is completed.
yobit, etc.
Detail Information about Realtycoin (RTC)
Smart contract platform: Ethereum Blockchain
Contract type: ERC-20
Token name: RealtyCoin
Token ticker: RTC

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | ANN Thread | Telegram

Creation of innovative corporate products on Luxcore

Creation of innovative corporate products on Luxcore

Luxcore is a comprehensive system of services, solutions, which is focused on the creation of ready corporate products of confidentiality, security. The Luxcore platform is based on the underlying algorithm PHI1612. It is equipped with an individual network, which is designed to implement and develop the main products. The most important element of the ICO project Luxcore is the individual token Lux Coin. Crypto currency has open source code. It is oriented to entrepreneurs, closed source products: Parallel Masternodes, LuxGate.

The platform ensures that in the course of its work Blokchein is used in the mainstream by bridging the gap between corporate users and ordinary consumers. The principle of this project is accessible, convenient for all users. In addition to reliable Lux Coin crypto currency, Smart-Contracts, Segwit, and LuxGate will also be provided. This is done through the innovative Parallel Masternode system. It provides a private network for businesses, businesses over the Masternode function.

The work of the service is carried out on the basis of smart contracts. They allow you to combine block circuits through PMN and LuxGate. The separation of transactional records is carried out through the introduction of SwgWit. This is provided by removing the signature from the output data. The information is structured at the end of the transaction.

Luxcore products

Specialists of the Luxcore team are working on the development, implementation and improvement of various products. Further, the most promising and successful developments will be described.

Lux Masternode   is a private network that is aimed at meeting the safe, reliable needs of institutions and enterprises. This function is based on i2pd technology, SAM protocol. Due to this, Lux safety is enhanced. Parallel Masternodes will be available only to trusted and reliable business organizations, government agencies. The network functions as an information secure gateway on the Block. Any transaction or purse on the Parallel Masternode is encrypted with an automatic change of the IP address. Thus, ongoing transactions, purse data remain invisible.

To run Lux Masternode, the user must have 16 120 LUX in the wallet. Owners of Masternode are entitled to a fee for providing additional services, active support of the network. The fee is about 40% of the established rate. The funds are paid to all participants who support the network, regardless of their experience on the Luxcore platform.

LuxGate – a technological innovation in the block-space. LuxGate allows you to maintain communication between the tested block circuits with the ability to perform, to solve all kinds of functions and tasks. With this technology, the bitcoin chain functions with an Ethereum chain and a block Monero chain.

The PoS web purse is a key product that is available to all ICO Luxcore members. It will remain free for users of LUX Coin. Developers plan to license this tool. Variants of services, licenses for PoS Web Wallet-as-a-Service will be available for purchase using LUX Coin. Thanks to this, the project economy will receive additional value.

Multi-user transactions from Luxcore

Taking into account the requirements for security, Lux will be able to use several signatures. They are necessary to ensure that all interested parties are required to authorize a particular transaction (only in a specific case). Thus, users are provided with an additional level of security. There are several examples in practice with the use of signatures, namely:

  • the pair has a joint account, as well as two separate signatures (are valid for confirming certain actions). One of them is enough to automate a particular transaction;
  • the couple has a joint account. However, for the conclusion of a transaction, a subscription of both parties is required. Accordingly, one party will not be able to perform a certain action without the consent of the second party;
  • The number of signatures can be as large as necessary to protect the account. In this case, a sufficiently high level of supervision is allowed.

LuxGate functions – features of using the service

LuxGate can interact fruitfully with centralized functions. For example, it could be banking institutions together with the PMN network. It will act as an autonomous system. If necessary, Luxcore will provide the necessary technical assistance, as well as consulting services for the installation of PMN. The deployment of individual networks for private institutions can also be carried out with the support of LuxGate specialists. As a result, the network will be a reliable centralized environment. The client will be able to verify its data to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction.

With the help of this functionality Luxcore seeks to violate the classical principles that are resorted to in the banking sector. The ability of LuxGate and PMN to strengthen two levels of different security algorithms is a specific feature. At present LuxGate and PMN products are actively working. The developers plan to conduct their testing in early 2018.


Brian Oliver – General Director
Kosmin Tudor – Chief Product Developer
Brian F. – Technology Specialist
Hari Sadasivan – Business Strategy Specialist
Sebastian Berger – Web Developer

In January 2018 will be updated purses with trading functions. As of the beginning of this year, it is also planned to complete the first marketing phase, create mobile purses, and test them. The developers also plan to hold supportive consultations.

More info:

Official site –
Whitepaper –
ANN Bitcointalk –
Telegram – https: // t. me / LUXcoreOfficial
Twitter –

The ultimate betting platform-egold

The ultimate betting platform-egold

Do you like betting and gambling online? If so ,  then  you are in the right place .  Ultrapley presents its new ultimate betting platform, which is based on chains. The main goal is to make life easy, affordable and safe by combining cryptographic currency. The online gaming industry has been significantly developed in the last few years. At every corner of the world, you will find passion for betting. Even the history of the world says the same thing . Thus, professionals thought to combine passion for betting with. The stakes are also the focus of attention in today’s generation. Thus, they are designed to combine all the bets, carried away by one platform.

Let’s know more about cyber

This is a block-based betting platform developed for allies around the world. Now you can easily bet on your favorite games, such as Counter Strike, the global offensive, and League of Legends, Dota2, hearth and much more through this platform. In order to place bets, they provide a wide variety of different types. Traditional sports betting is governed by several rules and regulations that limit betting passionately. While Cybera is updated every month and integrates perfectly with the unique technology and functions. The entire ecosystem, based on the new digital currency, based on the Iraq 20 ethereum, allows its users to test rates at various levels. Egold Token will be launched for the first time in their latest betting platform, called Buff 88. Ultrrapley has  a license for all exclusive rights to betting . Thus , the platform provides the user with the best experience and easy rates .  As a user you can even take part in live tournaments. Ultraplai is an original company that develops betting platforms, so do not even bother, since this is the safest platform for trading. This platform is specially built for cyber and crypto fans, where they can bet from a wide variety of games.               


Unique features . 

  • Decentralized platform for betting.
  • Suite rates per 3000+ events every month.
  • more than  1500 events in the game .   
  • Live broadcast for all tournaments.
  • Convenient  methods of  payment .
  • Ethereum based on the token.
  • Security for smart contracts.
  • Low uncertainty.
  • Cost effective . 
  • The best user experience .  

Egold tokens and sale information

The platform has its own utility token, called egold markers, which users can use to interact with the platform. This digital currency is based on the ethereum chain and will also be launched on the latest betting platform called buff. These tokens are available during the bloodshed, and users can participate in this area and the BTC currency. Egold Token sale is all set to start on January 21, 2018 and finish on February 24, 2018. If the hard cover is reached before February 24, then the sale token will end immediately there only. The hard cover is 25,000, and the first day will be called power day, where the 1c will be equal to 106 eels.


UltraPay is the most reliable brand for platform delivery since 7 years. Behind the innovative approach of payday is the hard work of great professionals and experienced teams. Daria Margaritas is the General Director and Mario Ovcharov is the chief commercial director of the platform. Lubomira Petrova is a marketing director, and Elena Biserkova is a global community manager. Thus, there are many professionals who have made this platform such a reliable betting brand.


If you like cyber-trading and trade in a currency program, then egold is the best platform to start. EGOLD is a unique platform with its unrivaled features that will make your betting experience easier, transparent and secure. Egold is all set to rule the market rates and, of course, to revolutionize the market.

Get your money safe – BABB

Get your money safe – BABB

In today’s technology revolution, where money is not stored under a pillow, our transactions can now be carried out in such a simple but insecure way. With most credit cards or debit cards, online shopping is possible without the need for approval even on the phone.

Assume that you dropped your card or lost it. Even if a malicious person does not know his password at the time of his hand, he can easily spend on the information on the card.

Moreover, it is not necessary for the thief to have the card to reach this award. With phone and computer hacking methods, even with a simple keylogger software, thousands of lilies can fly without your knowledge.

Another system is in the form of stealing information from the magnetic stripe behind the credit card. When shopping with your card, they can even handle this information, even on the memory of the devices they use. Or it’s enough to take your card for only 2 seconds with just a plug-and-play action. They do not even have to make a copy of your card within the information they receive from the magnetic field.

There seems to be a lot of ways to do it when it’s a job fraud. But we do not have so many methods for security at this time.

Bank account based block chain – BABB

At the same time, the BABB comes with a unique project that is preemptive to close security vulnerabilities that are also present in block-chain technology.

The BABB is confronted as a non-central bank. The users in the cryptographic sector are offering bank accounts from the UK. The account and the card you can pay with it are simply designed to be manageable even with a simple phone application. Of course, the underlying face and voice recognition technology is not that simple.

At the same time, the BABB is a technology that countries can partner with their central banks and encourage more people in the system, as well as expanding access to their own BAX tokens and integrating them into other cryptographic currencies.

We can actually see the BABB as a bank solution to digital currencies. Thanks to the security system that they have aimed at, they have created a much more diverse and effective system than the existing banking systems. When we look at the situation of the World Bank, we can say that it is a global bank that serves microeconomics for the BABB when we see a system targeting macroeconomics.

In general, as you know, we can not find every bank in every country. When withdrawing and depositing money, troubles may arise between banks of different countries. The global mission of the BABB creates a global and secure community where these troubles are not experienced.


As you know, the more people using a platform, the more valuable the system is. It is possible for us to talk about the same thing. As in all other tokens, the situation of BAX tokens is not different from the perspective of the future.

The BABB has sold 50% of its tokens during the pre-sale phase ($ 10,000,000). I think that the $ 20,000,000 target for such a project will be well below the demand, which in turn will bring a serious rise in the BAX tokens with the opening of the BABB to the stock market.

They will have 9 days to re-launch their token sales on February 6th. This process is enough for you to explore the project and get to the details. However, in this unique bloc chain, sales may close in 1-2 days.

The BABB has gone out of its way to become a community and bank solution for security and microeconomics in the global context. As I always say, I try to share interesting projects that I believe / I trust. I advise you to do your research well in this period and to keep your hand quick if you decide to participate.

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