KEYRPTO – Today e-commerce is the engine of the global economy. Therefore, it has to rely on the most advanced and secure foundations, rather than past technologies that pose a risk to security.

The decentralized platform known as blockchain enables a new class in service, with smart technology contracts allowing businesses to focus on trading and protecting themselves.

Global blockchain technology market is expected to reach USD 7.74 billion by 2024. Imagine if you have developed a new product or created a very useful service ready to share with the world.

But there is only one Obstacle, you do not know how to sell online effectively. Do you need a set of tools to help you organize, develop, and grow an e-commerce business?

Do not worry, because we offer Blockchain-based e-commerce Platform can provide good value for those who lack e-commerce experience, time and staff.

KEYRPTO begins with a simple idea, why we can not create a blockchain based e-commerce platform that enables small businesses to sell.

KEYRPTO is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to sell their products and services with the ultimate crypto.

KEYRPTO creates a medium between sellers & buyers to exchange products with cryptocurrency with minimal fraud and cheating risk by providing full payment protection and by providing products / services as 3rd party mediators.


KEYRPTO will be a revolutionary blockchain-based e-commerce platform that allows shoppers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to purchase Seller’s service products.

We provide Sellers with the security and convenience of receiving funds, and offer the best consumer protection to buyers, by acting as a trusted mediator.

SOLUTION Our goal is to build an advanced platform that allows buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to buy products and services with confidence from merchants, protect traders from market volatility and reduce the risk of receiving cryptocurrency.


  • Fully customizable website, Shop online. Using cutting edge technology & modern design principles.
  • Regularly attract customers and increase sales by building brand awareness, optimizing SEO, and launching social media campaigns.
  • Accepting main payment cryptocurrency


    Set up your store at KEYRPTO and start selling your product online using our easy-to-use list tool.
    RELIABLE KEYRPTO helps shoppers find your product / service.
    We deduct our costs once the deal is over and transfer emergency crypto directly to your account.


  1. PERON
    To create a platform that allows small businesses to sell their products and services with the ultimate crypto.
    To perform transactions on this platform is simple, fast and reliable.
    Professional services to assist you through every step of the sale or purchase online.


  1. Buyers often start searching on the internet.
  2. KEYRPTO is a large additional sales channel.
  3. KEYRPTO helps buyers find your brand.
  4. KEYRPTO is an open market.
  5. KEYRPTO SEO, search engine optimization algorithm is designed to maximize profit for Sellers and make it easy for buyers to find their products.

Your online store is your home base and KEYRPTO is your chance to reach customers.


    • More variety in product offerings
    • Purchase wise
    • Secure payment with large cryptocurrency
    • Special offers & discounts
    • Saving in set-up & operational costs
    • Easy-to-use list of tools
    • Achieving a global audience
    • Start trading with large cryptocurrency
    • 50% off set-up registration
    • 50% off on transaction fee
    • Upgrade your SEO store
    • Special offer for Token key buyer


Smart contracts allow for reliable transactions and agreements to be made between different anonymous parties without the need for a central authority, legal system,
or external enforcement mechanism. They make transactions trackable, transparent, and irreversible.

Blockchain is a technology originally developed for Bitcoin, but blockchain technology has grown far beyond the scope of virtual currency.


We aim to enable the use of key tokens within the KEYRPTO platform by spending that merchant or online store listing fees on KEYRPTO.

You may also sell tokens on a supported exchange, privately or continuously for future use. KEYRPTO platform will be an eCommerce that will allow you to use tokens and spend it independently. In addition, using key tokens on the KEYRPTO platform will have an added benefit to its growth.


• KEYRPTO has its own sign (key).
• KEYRPTO will be traded freely in crypto-exchange.
• All Tokens will be made during the ICO period.
• Number of signs limited to funding of 25,000,000 keys
• Total signs for sale 18,750,000 keys
• Sold tokens during ICO burned

5% advisory & Bounty Program
10% marketing
10% team
75% token for sale


Regarding the schedule for this project, the following Featuring tentative milestones and target dates for each stage:


Keyrpto is starting up their new bounty campaign, which will last for 8 weeks. To find out more about their project, you can follow the links above.

3% of all Keyrpto’s tokens are available for these campaigns. This equates to 750,000 tokens, which have a value of 220 ETH.

The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format:
Twitter Campaign: 30%
Facebook Campaign: 30%
Content Campaign: 15%
Translation Campaign: 20%
Telegram Campaign: 5%

Bounty details:

For information about this project, visit:


HADA DBANK Sharia Banking with Blockchain Technology

HADA DBANK Sharia Banking with Blockchain Technology

Everyone has understood, whether they ever get education in school or who do not sekolahpun certainly know the general meaning of the bank. Although not everyone has savings in the bank, but the word bank often found in everyday life, such as ads on TV that often display bank ads, or when traveling we see the bank building. I think we all agree that the short meaning of the bank is a place to save money or save, as well as a place to borrow money.

Talking about banking issues, introduce one of the first Digital Banks to incorporate the Sharia Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, the DBANK HADA.

Banking can be tiring. At some point we have bad experiences when dealing with conventional banks; either because of high service costs or lack of empathy during contact with their personnel. HADA DBANK aims to change this. At DBANK HADA, by developing a comprehensive Blockchain Digital Bank that will make life easier for everyone, regardless of their status. They will be able to perform banking activities at a cost of 0% and at the same time enjoy quality service. The presence of DBANK HADA here is not just for profit, but to make a fair profit while ensuring a better banking experience.

HADA DBANK will become the world’s first Blockchain-based Digital Bank to integrate Sharia Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, as well as to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem. As the existing Digital Bank and newly created Blockchain Bank focus on Conventional Banking services, DBA HADA opts for Islamic Banking services.

Islamic banks are less risky and tougher than their peers, due to aspects of their bank’s capital needs and savings mobilization. Unlike Conventional Banking, depositors to Sharia Banks are entitled to be informed of what banks do with their money. They also have a vote in which their money should be invested. Sharia banks also seek to avoid interest at all levels of financial transactions and promote risk sharing between lenders and borrowers.

There are two basic principles in sharia banking. One is the sharing of profits and losses; and two, significantly, the prohibition of interest collection and payment by creditors and investors. Collecting interest or “Riba” is not permitted under Islamic law. In the case of profits, both the bank and its customers in the proportion agreed upon previously. In case of loss, all financial losses will then be borne by the lender. In addition, sharia banks can not create debt without goods and services to support it (ie physical assets including machinery, equipment, and inventory). Therefore, deposits, deposits and investments with DBAN HADA will be supported by physical assets such as precious metals and gemstones.

Syariah banking is not just for Muslims. It’s for everyone. Do not let that name envelop you. Caring and Personal is the core value of DBAD’s HADA, shaping and influencing services, transactions, interactions and running a business. These words will guide the behavior internally within the DBANK HADA organization, and externally with customers and society.


Provide Ethical and Responsible Banking Services to all people, especially the current “Unbanked” population


Become The Leading Global Blockchain & Digital Bank that emphasizes Ethics and Responsibilities through Sharia Banking Principles and Services


1 Free encrypted account and e-wallet

a.Smartphone – App Banking

  1. Non-Smart Phone – SMS / USSD Code
  1. Savings and Withdrawals
  2. Minimum 5% Savings Return per year
  3. No withdrawal fees
  1. Transfer, Remittance & Exchange
  2. Transfer / Remittance of free funds (FIAT & Cryptocurrency) between personal savings account and e-wallett
  3. 0% fee on exchange transactions via HADA Exchange (between cryptocurrencies). There is no charge on the main FIAT currency during FIAT exchanges
  4. Connect with partners or open the API to get better interest rates for other currencies
  1. Loans & Investments
  2. 0% Loan Interest
  3. 10% minimum investment return
  1. Real-Time Payments

Real-Time Payments use HADACoin and Cryptocurrencies / Tokens via our Debit Card

Point System

Collect points from your expenses with e-Wallet or Debit Card and change into cash or in the form of Criptocurrency / token. Use it as an additional discount to pay for whatever you want and save more on your purchase. You can also use points collected to redeem anything you like in partner e-malls or physical outlets around the world.


HADACoin was created and intends to raise capital for the development of DBANK HADA. Buyers will be able to use HADACoin to conduct banking transactions or daily activities. DBANK’s HADA customers will be issued with a Debit Card, which allows them to transact with HADACoin on a banking platform or other merchant globally.

HADACoin RepresentsCkoin ERC-20 made using Ethereum platform. A total of 500 million HADACoin will be created. HADACoin will have 6 decimal units. More information on HADACoin as stated below:

– has no intrinsic value and also security,

– There is no guaranteed Monetary Provision such as Dividend, Return or anything related when buying,

– You can use your Coins to: Conduct financial activities and services on our Banking Platform, Pay for services using DBANK HADA Debit Card, Receive Monetary Projections such as Dividends, Refunds and anything equivalent to storing them in HADA DBANK Savings Account or using HADA Investment Solutions DBANK. Act as collateral when applying for Unsecured Lending and Term HADA DBANK. Market it in Crypto-Exchanges and make more profit by increasing HADACoin value

PRE-ICO (50 Million HADACoin)

Pre-ICO will begin on December 20, 2017 (00:00 EST) and end on 31 January 2018 (00:00 EST)


Price HADACoins during Pre-ICO

HADACoin Distribution

A total of 500 million hADACoins will be issued. 295 million Coin money will be sold. Outside of 295 million coins, 20 million will be allocated to private investors and institutional buyers. 50 Million coins 275 Million will be released during the PRA-ICO exercise and the remaining 225 million coins will be released in ICO practice in the near future. 10 million coins will be allocated to the gift campaign.

Pre-ICO Funding Target

Soft Cap = 5,000 ETH Hard Cap = 20,000 ETH

The remaining HADACoins that are unsold during Pre-ICO will be placed into an escrow account for future utilization.

Immediately join and gain benefit with HADA DBANK, previous list through official website, and do not forget to always get used to reading whitepaper because it contains important reviews about DBANK HADA services as well as other interesting information not listed here. Also follow important channels such as telegram, facebook, twitter and others related to DBANK HADA. Well for you also can memingikuti bounty program to get HADACOIN.



ANN Thread Bitcointalk:

Bounty Program:



YOURBLOCK – Personal Data Storage Platform

YOURBLOCK – Personal Data Storage Platform

Hello everyone, in this blog I will introduce about YourBlock project, here’s the discussion:
Blockchain-based comparisons and incentivized personalBlock data storage platform, which aims to be the first and incentive-based Blockchain-based comparison of Personal data storage platforms Allow consumers to gain secure access to offerings for products and services when consumers want Smart contracts between consumers and service providers completed at Blockchain.
The YourBlock platform will offer several benefits to consumers and service providers.
Benefits of consumers:
  • Financial savings by sharing your origination commissions / origination fees through simple price comparison and warnings, and through intelligent tracking of services.
  • Higher data privacy by controlling who and when providers gain access. Restrict access to only the data needed to offer the service.
  • Greater transparency about comparable services and policy / contract requirements.
  • The more users on the platform the greater the opportunity to get better deals with service providers for their products and services.
Benefits of Service Providers:
  • Improving the quality of consumer data, keep up to date post on-boarding.
  • Cost savings and improved customer experience are made possible by on-board automation and claims, modifications, cancellations and policy / contract renewals.
  • Reduce insurance cheating through automatic smart contract.
  • There are several additional benefits for related parties in each industry. For example, in the Insurance room, the following parties will also benefit from YourBlock: re-insurers; industrial supervisors; brokers; regulators and law enforcement.
YourBlock is an eco-personal system, anchored to traditional Ethereal Blocks, using smart contracts to enable safe storage of private data.
Smart-contract and Blockchain technology properties will also allow Service Providers to upload available service information. Both parties will meet in the eco-system, to manage their policies (consumers) or provide an offer (service provider).
Secure Digital Archiving Cabinets and Private Blockchain are completely secure that allow consumers to safely store, control and manage their data.
Private Blockchain, associated with General Blockchain.
Consumer Control
Provide consumers with secure access to offerings for products and services, if and when consumers want them.
Token YBK
Used for discounts on products and services, and provided upon completion of the transaction.
Built For Business
Offers a secure platform service provider to upload their price and underwriting matrices.
Smart Contract
Intelligent contracts between consumers and service providers are completed in Blockchain, achieving absence and data integrity.
Data Integrity
Provide current and accurate information to service providers / suppliers. Allow them to quote with higher accuracy and lower risk factors.
  • YBK Supply
  • Total token supply = 200 Million (200,000,000) token YBK
  • 30% YBK token is sold to the public in token sales.
  • YBK value = € 0.50
  • Cap Hard = € 30 Million
  • Soft Cap = € 5 Million
Start date of sale: December 18, 2017 at 12:00 am – € 10 Million
Discount on Pre Sale YBK tokens up to 40% – The key in the period will apply
The date of pre-sale sales: January 15, 2018 at 11:00
Sales start date: January 15, 2018 at 12 noon
Primary sale end date: February 26, 2018 at 12 noon.

Regards Bounty Hunters

Back to meet the same who will review a very good project and potential.
Project Manageri By One of the very nice Dev that is Needmoney.
Interested not?
Let’s learn the ins and outs. Cekidooottt gan!

The Realty Coin is a so-called green market that guarantees huge long-term profits on your investment. RealtyCoin is the product of a new company called Inversiones Derezunsky SpA based in Santiago, Chile. Their idea is simple: buy a property at a lower price and then sell it for a higher price, resulting in great profits in the process. 10% of each profit will be distributed equally among all investors.
The company does not buy any property in the market and only deals with certain types of real estate:

Property is destroyed
Abandoned property
Forced to sell to the bank
Property is stuck in a legal matter
Property that requires immediate buyers


The initial capital needed to invest in real estate is too high and largely beyond the budget.
A new investor may not have knowledge of all legal issues related to real stat.
Getting a loan is difficult, and even if you get it, the interest rate is usually very high.
Even if you have the capital, it’s hard to buy a property in a different country if you’re not a country that leaves you with a limited selection.


Realty Coin creates a decentralized economic system, without the fringes and limitations that allow you to invest from anywhere in the world. Everyone will have the same voice in the form of votes for which property to sell, rent, rebuild or dismantle. The amount of money you want to invest depends on you, even a small investment will bring you a proportional advantage. No bank is involved in the whole process because all the money is earned from the investors.

Review :

Currently, the company only operates in Chile and will move to different areas as it progresses. However, it is a good time to invest in Chilean property, because VAT is charged on new properties in Chile, making older properties more profitable. The company has not analyzed the technological aspects due to lack of relevant documentation. Also, you have to be careful because it can turn into other Ponzi schemes. The real estate market is also very volatile and there is no guarantee of 100% good return. Overall, it’s still under development and you have to wait some more time before putting your money into it.





I welcome the community, in this blog I will talk about the JoyTokens Infrastructure Protocol project for the gaming industry, after discussion:

Existing gaming market

The existing gaming ecosystem largely depends on reputation – this is the reputation created by the growth of advertising. To win and retain players, casinos are forced to spend large sums of money to gain trust and reputation through the recognition of the brand. In addition, large casinos control the development of games. Players are forced to trust this casino due to lack of transparency, players can not track rates and therefore can not judge the validity of each bet.
Smaller developers also suffer from the fact that they pay a small share of the revenues from the game and face difficulties in publishing new games, such as: lack of direct income and access to major gaming platforms.




Joy Gaming solutions are based on block relationships and allow developers to create games that work on their backend through smart contracts, rather than directly on the chain. Since all results are written in a block chain, there is a much lower deception. Thus, the player can check that the developer starts the game exactly as described in the block chain. In addition, game developers and home software can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos, to provide direct access to their games. Both casinos and developers benefit from increased revenues and improved gaming innovations.

Selling tokens

JoyTokens will be available for purchase on the Ethereal network as an ERC20 marker. There is a current problem with the ERC20 token: if you send a token to Smart Contract, you must use the “approve + transfer” function to initiate the transfer. But, if you send your token to an external address, you must use the “transfer” function. Unfortunately, if you make a mistake using this function, money is lost.

Example code for the ERC20 interface token



We are aware of this problem and are working to ensure that this does not happen to our Customers. We plan to switch to a new and developed standard ERC223 (after full development). ERC223 has a new function that runs, in the case of the scenarios described above, and the money is automatically sent back to the client.

Structure of sales of tokens

  • Crypto currency is accepted: ether
  • Hard cover: JoyToken on sale has a hard cover [].
  • Soft cover: JoyToken on sale has a soft cover []. If the amount indicated below, the offer is considered a failure.
Timeline: starts at [] and lasts until day 31 or until all tokens are distributed.
  • Oversubscription: when JoyToken rates increase more than [], the sales of tokens will soon be closed. There is a possibility of oversubscription. In this case, the amount of exceeded funds will be returned within 15 days after the closing of the sale of the tokens. Please note that in this case, interest will not be paid.
  • Failure: if the sale of the marker does not apply to soft printing, it will be considered an unsuccessful sale of the marker. In this case, the offer is immediately terminated with the amount of funds exceeding within 15 days after the closing of the sale of the tokens. Please note that in this case, interest will not be paid.
  • Other risks: the sale of tokens includes a number of other risks described in the Personal Placement Memorandum (PPM) that accompanies the document on the sale of goods. These risks include, but are not limited to, the possibility of losing value in tokens, the inability to resell tokens, the inability to develop Joy Gaming networks and the viability of technological risk. Readers are strongly encouraged to read the PPM for a fuller explanation of the risks and get the right advice before continuing to invest.

Distribution of tokens



Some resources for reference:


ICO PureGold – Gold Tokens

ICO PureGold: First payment gateway that will use gold tokens is a dedicated virtual shop for value-added selling of gold and silver coins and bars. It is one of Singapore’s best private companies with its own in-house factory. It aspires to be the main core of premium gift in quality and creativity in the manufacture of coins and bars that are made in Singapore. manages and manages an online platform, Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd), enabling
traders and consumers to use gold as the base currency for all transactions. With its experience in the gold price market, has entered the gold trade and electronic trading with gold, achieving a successful trajectory, has received several awards for being a remarkable brand every year, evaluated in the aspects such as brand image, longevity, esteem and familiarity, goodwill, customer loyalty and general market acceptance.

As a successful gold business operator, Puregold is a very strategic and critical way
to support PGG, a cryptocurrency supported by Gold, as well as to develop and expand a payment gateway with PGT and PGG. It is the first payment gateway using PG, so it attracted
business associates and professionals with similar ideas, thus forming the Puregold team to launch this Token Swap for PGT and PGG.

Bullion Currencies (Pte Ltd) is a subsidiary of Pte Ltd. It provides an online platform where customers can buy and sell gold and also use gold as a means of payment in the purchase of goods and services. She believes in the idea of ​​”Gold is money” and literally took it to the world of e-commerce.
Working together, they offer customers a complete and enjoyable service experience when dealing with their gold transactions.

With its extensive credentials and experience in the gold business, the Token Swap capabilities will enable Puregold to expand its roadmap to achieve the vision of worldwide adoption of gold as a de facto international currency throughout world trade and transactions.

With strong commercial positioning and extensive gold expertise, the Puregold Token Swap team predicts to be the first payment gateway using PGG, cryptocurrency gold. This platform will be fully based on all critical components:

• PG Stored Value Cards – to be issued to consumers with a PG account that can store PGG and PGT;
• PG payment terminals – to facilitate merchants accepting payment for PG cards;
• PG Gold Dispenser Machines (DM) – to be installed in multiple locations to provide 24/7 convenient access to account holders;
• PGPay payment gateway – the complete set of backend system and frontend application for online and mobile transactions.

 There are two equally important sides to the infrastructure needed to ensure the  rapid adoption of the gold economy. The ability to make payments and the ability to  receive payments. The Puregold mobile commerce application will process payments and utilize the vast resources of the world’s largest payment providers using decentralized digital payment technology, without the support of POS terminals to receive payments.
The Puregold team has been actively building a decentralized alternative payment,  business solutions covering all areas of commerce, especially the retail sector, such as  restaurants and bars, for street traders and internet shops. The Puregold business mobile commerce application will be a mobile solution specific to all  businesses and across all industries. Functions include:
 Gold currency trading;

 Transaction history;

 Detailed payment management;

 Currency filtering, payment time, purchase methods etc .;

 Connections of new stores;

 Customized loyalty and refund programs.

Puregold E-Commerce Solutions

Puregold Gold Commerce solutions will generate traders’ ability to accept gold coins, but also:
 Conversion between gold coins and fiat money on the Puregold platform (available after completion of the Token Swap campaign);
 Increased payment speed, it takes approximately 1 minute compared to days for current payment methods (except cash);
 Reduced costs. On average, payments through the Puregold infrastructure will be 4 to 5 times cheaper than the cost of acquiring cards;
 Flexibility with a wide range of payment solutions;
 Reliability, all solutions have been tested over years of development and real-time.


 There are two equally important sides of the infrastructure required to ensure the rapid adoption of Gold economics. The ability to make payments and the ability to receive payments.

The Puregold mobile commerce App will process the payments which in turn will utilise the vast resources of the world’s biggest payment providers by using digital contactless payment technology through supporting POS terminals to receive payments.

Nevertheless, there are still millions of businesses that for a wide variety of reasons are unable or unwilling to connect to this payment network. For example, you will not find many street traders in Delhi that have a contactless visa terminal.

The Puregold team has been actively building alternative contactless payment solutions for business covering all areas of business life from key retail sectors such as restaurants and bars, to street traders and the internet stores.

The Puregold mobile commerce App for business will be a dedicated mobile solution for businesses that can be applied to all sectors. Functions include:

  • Gold currency exchange
  • Transaction history
  • Manage payment details
  • Filter by currencies, payment time, shopping methods etc.
  • New store connections
  • Customised loyalty and cashback programs


15 JANUARY 2018 – MARCH 14, 2018

Week 1 and 2: 15% Bonus
Week 3 and 4: 10% bonus
Week 5 and 6: 5% Bonus
Subsequently: 0% Bonus







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