Boon.Tech Freelance Job Market will revolutionize the house instantly

Boon.Tech Freelance Job Market will revolutionize the house instantly

Why Boon Tech?

The labor market today consists of three parties: the owner, the employer and the self-employed. Each party serves as a role that keeps the growth and development of the platform. Although each functions as a critical function, these parties work with very different goals to keep in mind and present models do not provide a means by which incentives can coexist and be harmonized.
Boon Tech aims to support the following contributions to the free economy and online communities:

  • A large part of the exchange is rewarded with amortizable markings on the stock exchange and sent back to the person providing the valuable contributions.
  • Through this process, create a currency that can reach a wide range of markets, including those who have not yet joined any cryptocracy economy.
  • By making our service free for both employers and freelancers, our platform rewards both parties and enables employers and self-employed to earn more for the effort.
  • Free enemies and employers are encouraged to use the platform by providing a bonus for both parties and encourage community activities.

What is Booncoin?

Boon Coin (BOON) is the basic unit of accounts on Boon Coin blockchain. All other tokens get their value from BOON value. Generally, BOON must be held for a short period of much needed liquidity A person who wants to enter or exit Boon Tech platform must buy or sell BOON. Once BOON is purchased, it should be converted to Boon Dollars (BD) to reduce the impact of long-term dilution.

For example, someone who buys Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency and sells it
That ten days later could easily lose 3% or more due to price fluctuations. Some one who buys Bitcoin and then sells it on the same day will usually pay more than 0.4% in market fees only. In other words, the inflation rate is effectively insignificant During a typical individual time period will hold Bitcoin. Boon Coin Boon

recognizes that the value of all user participation is greater than the sum
of its parts. Single participants are worth nothing, but millions of participants Work hard for the success of a multibillion-dollar platform.

Single participants provide some quantitative value, but having millions of users is
a very effective strategy.

Because everyone benefits, everyone participates. People tend not to leave the platform, unlike all currency-based platforms today, because of transaction costs. In other words, no individual users are expected to pay
anything, but should be paid for everything they do that brings value to Boon Tech Platform.

In the quest to hire the best talents, the entrepreneurs are very focused on who should pay to let them miss the real reality: everyone benefits from each contribution, so everyone has to pay or no one has to pay, depending on how you look at it . .

The Boon Tech platform passes micro-payments entirely because when an Entrepreneur hires and pays a freelancer, all parties involved (Entrepreneurs, freelancers and communities) benefit.

Entrepreneurs get a job well, coupled with an award. The more capital they spend on the platform results in Entrepreneurs making more rewards.

The recipient of a freelancer is paid for and is rewarded. The more work they do through the Boon Tech platform, the more benefits a freelancer gets.

People are increasingly compelled to add capital to the Boon Tech platform.
The mental energy associated with making the economy decisions becomes a barrier to the participation of most people. For example, thinking giving up 20% Earnings only to be given a job is seen as a barrier to taking a job. In addition, the $ 25 charge just to bid on the task ( is too much to ask someone who has a little money (hence why they are on the first entry site).

Every freelancer on the existing fiat platform wants to work directly with Entrepreneurs once they build trust to avoid membership fees, service fees and late payments.

The existing platform has a time lag for freelancers to get paid., for example, has a 30 day time lag. Which means a freelancer is paid for his job after 30 days he finishes his job.

Some existing platforms charge a freelancer to bid on each project. Thumbtack, for example, has the highest bid cost. For a web design project, charges $ 25.00 for one unsecured offer for the job. and charge $ 2.00 – $ 3.00 for an offer after 60 initial offers. Thus, casual workers do not have the incentive to work as the same Entrepreneur for repetitive work which, in turn, reduces the engagement ratio for casual workers.

Returning ratios Employers and remote workers extend beyond all of these fiat-based platforms because of these factors.

On the Boon Tech platform, Entrepreneurs and freelancers are rewarded for returning to the platform for awards.

The more they engage in the platform, the more money and rewards they get.

Minimum balance

The concept of forcing users to keep the minimum balance flowing naturally from user value. Anyone running a business knows that every user has significant value. Businesses spend anywhere from $ 30 to $ 200 to get users. Sometimes they pay users directly, next time they pay to do advertising. Sometimes all companies are purchased only for their user base. Once companies acquire users, they often give them plenty of free services to keep them long enough to make money through some other means.

Ripple uses a minimum balance of scale with the use of account resources and requires that new accounts be funded at least with this minimum balance. Currently, this minimum balance is about $ 0.15 which is greater than $ 0.10 which we expect will allow a person to transact freely at least once per week.

Blockchain can impose a minimum value per user through a simple process that requires minimum balance. Any business that wants to bring new customers to blockchain can fund the previous user account with that minimum balance
will enable them to transact. Requiring a relatively large fee ($ 1.00) to join naturally will determine the quality and uniqueness of each account before enrolling them with blockchain.

Keeping the minimum balance effectively is the same as getting users to pay for a transaction fee with interest they can get from their balance. The minimum balance is just the balance required to earn enough interest to pay the costs
in a relatively short period of time.

Fortunately, the minimum required balance can be as low as a dollar, and this is something the user can understand and appreciate. The opportunity cost for losing interest does not incur cognitive costs of micro-costs and is much more acceptable to users.

Payment Distribution

One of the main goals of the Boon Coin reward system is to generate the best discussions on the internet. Every year 10% of Boon Coin’s market capitalization is distributed to major contributors. On the size of Bitcoin, this could be as much as $ 1.75 million dollars per day given to top contributors. The actual distribution will depend on market capitalization, but we imagine that most of the rewards will be distributed to the hardest workers.

The Zipf law is one of the empirical rules that characterize real-world phenomena that are surprisingly excellent. It is said that if we order large collections based on size or popularity, the second element in the collection will be half the size of the first, the third will be the size of the first third, and so on. . In general, items with one-thousandth of a rating will measure about 1 / k from the first.

Taking contribution as a measure of coarse value, then the value of each item is given by Zipf’s Law. That is, if we have a million items, then the most popular 100 will account for one-third of the total value, another 10,000 the other third, and the remaining 989,900 in the last third. The collection value of item “n” is proportional to log (n).

The economic effect of this is similar to a lottery in which people overestimate their probability of getting votes. Thus they do more work than the value of the expected reward and thus maximize the amount of work that community service does.

Revenue Item

1.Price price after initial quota

  • 1 $ for Projects under $ 1000
  • 2 $ for Projects between $ 2,000 and $ 4,999
  • 5 $ for Projects between $ 5,000 and $ 9,999
  • 25 $ for Project $ 10,000 and above

2. Membership fees for Gold and Platinum
membership 3. Two types of membership for Entrepreneurs
4.Featured Offer Costs vary according to project price.
1000 $ value project will require a 5%
Bid Offer 5. There will be three excellent offers like Google Ads

Patent-pending technology to protect against jitters in cryptography. We have developed Boon Dollars and thus removed the fluctuations of the crypt currency; so all participants will be able to use the platform without worrying about crypto currency fluctuations. This feature will provide a surprising advantage over price-based platforms and any other micro-business marketplace platform platform.

  • Public contributions: 50% of the BOON created during the contribution will be allocated to the Contributing Contributors who send the ETH to the smart contract address.
  • Research and Development: 15% of the BOON created during the contribution will be allocated to the research and development of the platform.
  • 10% Assets for Future Stakeholders
  • 5% Marketing and Legal and Compliance: In addition to establishing an international financial services operation, there are also legal costs. Some services, such as the exchange of ‘fiat to token’ planned for the Boeing platform, may require appropriate regulatory approvals and licenses in some countries. These licenses are often difficult to acquire, which is the case.
  • 20% Boon Core Dev created during the Contribution Period : Status Core Dev ; The founders and crew were locked into a clever contract with a 24-month vesting period and a six-month cliff.

Icon Metrics

  • 20 Million Hard Cap  – The amount to be deducted during Token sale
  • (1 billion)  – Total money
  • 500.000.000,00 (500 million)  – Sale of Tokens
  • 500,000,000.00 (500 million)  – The remaining symbol is used for distribution over the platform – Total currency – Token sales
  • $ 0.04  – The price of money

The use of
Funds from these funds will finance development, partnership programs, regulations and most importantly, marketing and customer acquisitions …. The

money we receive from pre-sales during our minimum will largely go into marketing and customer acquisitions. This creates a value multiplier for this project: because we have more money, we can spend a higher percentage of customer acquisitions and increase spending equally.

Summary of Allocation


12,500,000 or 12.50 million BOON tokens equivalent to $ 500,000 reserved for Bounty Campaign.

  • 15% Translation
  • Social Media 20% {Facebook and Twitter alike}
  • 20% Articles Blog & Video Campaign
  • 20% Signature Campaign
  • 12% Telegram Bounty
  • 13% Various prizes {Coming soon ..}

Ann Thread

USERVICE – Decentralized Blockchain Global Platform for the Automotive Industry (ICO)

USERVICE – Decentralized Blockchain Global Platform for the Automotive Industry (ICO)

What is the purpose of UService?

It is located on a decentralized online platform in the Ethereum blockchain server network, with the core of a smart contract technology.

It allows the registration of any transactions and operations in the ecosystem that occur instantly, according to which, within 3 minutes you can choose, confirm and pay for the services of car service centers (ASC) around the world Interventions inside the platform they are completely transparent and safe.
The accumulated value opens the opportunities for supplementary monetization channels.

Uservice Project is a decentralized online platform that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and that will use smart contracts. The Ethereum technology allows us to record any transaction and operation with cars on a contract basis distributed as Blockchain without using standard legal procedures. All operations with the cars will be clear, controllable and safe.


The Uservice System is not only designed to record operations and transactions between drivers and gas stations. It forms the basis of a new ecosystem that consists of service to drivers, the preparation and analysis of statistical data and the creation of new business processes in the automotive industry. For example, drivers, distributors, insurance companies, car service stations, car groups and digital systems providers can connect to the System and offer their services, which will increase the value of the blockchain. is the basic product of Uservice Team and is a ready-to-use IT platform to collect, analyze and build the valuation system and to identify car service stations. has raised investments worth 10,000,000 US dollars, has been tested and has won the competitive battle in the markets of seed products and have become the main generator of service stations in Europe , and is currently ready to be scaled on a global scale and exploit its global market share. will be the foundation of the new Uservice blockchain platform.

Uservice staff is very concerned about the degree of environmental pollution that results from the industries, as well as the progressive growth of the impact of hazardous substances on the operation and service of the vehicle.

At the same time it is expected that the Uservice Project will be presented in most of the countries and we will supervise the interventions of our partners and we will create all the necessary functionalities to guarantee the adequate recycling of the automotive waste according to European standards.
In order to achieve these objectives, the details of the project will be consulted with the WWF organization.

UST Token
By incorporating an internal UST token within our ecosystem, we generated the community participation scheme under a common platform.

Token Rate

UST tokens will be delivered to a selected number during the sale of tokens. We trust that the number of users of our platform will grow, and as a result we will have an increase in the symbolic cost of UST (because UST uses the disinflation model to work).

The UST cards will allow you to do so:

  1. Make payments within the Uservice community
  2. Exchange UST tokens by USX tokens

Like most other tokens, we expect a rapid growth of the UST value in the first days of trading. The greater growth of the card will be increased by the increase in the number of people participating in the platform.

Usage examples of UST token
Who can use UST tokens:

  1. Chauffeurs
  2. The portal partners (vehicle service stations, spare parts suppliers, car parks, logistics companies, insurance companies, taxi companies, car rental companies, car distribution services, vehicle recovery services, car manufacturers , car dealerships and banks).
    Token usage options:
  3. Make payments for the benefits of the partners
  4. Make payments for services through the portal partners (access rate, access to customer requests,
    platform registration)
  5. Reception of records of the car
  6. Check whether the spare parts are original or not
  7. Acquisition of purchase information based on bigdata-platform
  8. Placement of purchase media on the platform

Token USX

We will start another token (USX) in 2019. It can be acquired with the UST tokens within this platform. With all the necessary procedures to validate this token as Uservice Company security.

In 2020 the Uservice Company will perform IPO when the USX token bearers can be true co-owners of Uservice. The USX token holders will obtain 20% of the shares of Uservice Company.
USX token will only be created under favorable legal terms for its legitimate acceptance as
a crypto-value guarantee at the Uservice Company headquarters in the commercial jurisdiction.

Token Exchange
The UST and USX token exchange is done within the Uservice platform at all times at
no charge.

UST token can be sold / bought in the main crypto-currency exchanges of the stock market.
The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world.

The considerable part of automobiles refers to repair costs.
When drivers, car service stations, insurance companies, banks, state monitors and automobile manufacturers’ plants are connected to the Uservice Platform, we will be transformed into a total market of “full life cycle of the automobile”.

Entry points

Uservice’s strategy of global market coverage starts with the most appropriate entry points. In this way, the start of the business, the verifications and the beginning of the deployment of the same begin in the most privileged region, with very reduced costs and a faster development potential. Among the characteristics for the determination of the countries were the potential and the form of market organization, the legislative aspects, the implementation of mobile communications and other conditions.

At the beginning we chose the markets of Eastern Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East as points of entry and the establishment of global services. The platform has become the most important automotive service aggregator.

Map: entry points


The Problem

There is no clarity among the participants in the market. This problem has been explained by George Akerlof, economist and Nobel Prize winner, who has made public his scientific research “The Market for Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism”. The same author described the work processes of the markets, in which one side of a negotiation, whether seller or buyer, knows the product more than another. He called this market “markets of information asymmetry”. The example of the used car market can serve as an example.

When selling your vehicle, the seller has more information about it. For this reason, the buyer is afraid of being cheated and wants to minimize any risks. Those who buy can not distinguish between high quality and low quality cars, so they try to save less money when buying a car. As a result, the average price of a car decreases.

Due to a low average price, most of the cars that are sold are of low quality. This translates into a situation in which sellers of high quality cars retire from the market.

The Uservice Platform can solve this problem by providing both sides of an agreement with the client, access to a same level of information about the particular trade situation.

Disorganized Market of Automotive Services

Unlike Uber in the taxi services market, the automotive services market is not globally automated yet. Most service stations work as before: the human element occupies the most important place. There is only one and the same scenario in each of the cities: you have to spend your valuable time analyzing car service stations while looking for the most attractive options.
To change this approach we have created Uservice.

There are no mobile solutions today

The person will strive to save their time. For this reason, they try to use mobile applications in all circumstances. In this context Uber is a global model. Our task is to create a new product capable of supplying the driver with all the functional alternatives during the entire duration of the vehicle.

Analysis of inadequate data

The documentation is worth gold. This formula was included in an annual document dedicated to the topic KMPG (LINK) Audit increases the digitization and automation in the automotive industry Agencia Suiza. In practice, modern automobiles can be called “information generators”. The vehicles are prepared with a large number of sensors, detectors, monitors and cameras that consist of constantly collecting and analyzing information. The information can be representative of the car, location, details of damage and wear, internal faults, etc. Automobile manufacturers, insurers, banks, etc. can benefit from this data. Customer Service improve the efficiency of the collection and analysis of important data in the automotive industry.

Payment security

Use of the payment system organized for service providers in all the cities of the world
that connect to the system, the installation is equipped with the decentralized application
The blockchain technology allows you to make a guaranteed payment with the total fulfillment of the
guaranteed obligations.

Spare parts and accessories: Search, price and delivery

Drivers prefer to buy spare parts or accessories on their own. However, it is quite often that the driver experiences certain problems when selecting the correct parts for his vehicle, according to the modifications and the year of its manufacture.
With Uservice drivers can get the necessary spare parts at the best price, then choose the most convenient option delivery option, place the order and complete purchase easily and quickly! He is safe and reliable! According to this approach, Uservice registered the service vehicle service
can be the retail / wholesaler. The buyer can make the payment using their tokens.


The Uservice Platform allows the solution of the aforementioned drawbacks through the Global Blockchain Platform, which brings together drivers, dealers, insurance companies, car service stations, car groups and parts distributors. By connecting with our platform they get the opportunity to cooperate, thus increasing the transparency and efficiency of their platform.


Over time, the platform will be combined with those who participate in the maritime and air transport market.

The Uservice platform uses the blockchain technology based on the Ethereum intelligent contract.
The Blockchain allows a total knowledge of the activity of the company.

The entire program interface has been developed to integrate viable business processes into our platform.

Blockchain technology will offer the opportunity to store and analyze large volumes of data, as well as create a clear and open history of automotive operations.

Based on the successful product and blockchain technology, the new Uservice platform will make the participants live easier, more comfortable and safer.

We create new standards of cooperation in the automotive industry.
Sale of Token

The main diversities of our symbolic sale

  1. The Uservice project is being developed on the basis of the existing business According to our data, around 80% of all symbolic sales are only concepts that can never be realized. Only 20% of startups that started to sell chip cards can present
    the actual product to customers. Investing in new companies that are not obligated to implement existing solutions is a very risky business.

The Uservice is being structured on the basis of the existing project, which demonstrates a great dynamic expansion of marketing. Therefore, Uservice is committed to
providing our community and its partners with the most convenient terms for cooperation and the collection of profits as part of their financial policy.

  1. The Great Investors Trust Us Nakamoto Capital, a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges and other institutional investors have expressed their approval to start investing in our Project during the symbolic sale phase.

The Token Sale Procedure

During the sale of UST tokens, fixed-rate tokens will be available. It is expected to issue 1,000,000,000,000 UST chips in total. 56% of them will be offered for sale during the symbolic sale, and 4% will be sold during the presale.

Of the 40% of the remaining tokens, 10% will be distributed among the team members, 20% of the tokens will be used to support the operation of the platform, and the remaining 10% will be distributed among our advisors and the participants of our Bounty program.
The UST token is based on the Ethereum platform interface and the standard ERC20 token interface.

The ERC 20 Interface allows each chip sales participant to use any Ethereum client (eg MyEtherWallet)

The main purpose of the token sale is to raise funds to meet all the costs of creating the Decentralized Lockchain Platform Uservice.


The team

Arturo Terisayan
Founder of Uremont & Uservice

Karen Movsisyan
Founder of 4 Seasons,
operating in Eastern Europe

Batu Hasikov
Businessman, public figure Multiple world champion in kickboxing

Sangadji Tarbaev
Managing Director of My Way Productions, Chairman of the Commission for Support of Youth Initiatives.

Joseph Borg
Legal Counsel, Senior Advisor to WH Parners

Aleksandr Korotkov
CEO of Uremont

Denis Shelkov
President of Uremont

Mstislav Semipyatnov
IT Director of Uremont

Dmitri Shtemenko
Community Manager for Europe

Svetozar Semipyatnov
Lover of cryptography

Konul Iskenderova
Community Manager

Denis Sergeev
Businessman The founder of BESK, who led 4 ICO (Bankera and Exchange),
has developed its own product line with
blockchain / hash-graph technology at FinTec

Marianna Saakyan
Head of the VIP Insurance Department, RESO



Web Interest Links :
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Youtube: https: //
Medium https: // medium. com /


Ntok Platfrom Education Decentralized Well

Ntok Platfrom Education Decentralized Well

Introducing What is NTOK 

A new breakthrough in today’s technology where in today’s technology development they provide an innovation as well as an increasingly advanced level of creativity as well as more, ranging from technology development, to a field of work and also various system instances where its purpose is to give a quality and also provide a positive impact for the growth of a better life, in the present and also in the future, here we will introduce a new platform that is in the process of developing NTOK Platfrom, where on the platfrom the goal is to create an education which is more advanced and more improved both in means of infrastructure to be more increased,then the level of teaching and also the standard standard of more advanced in education.

Roadmap NTOK

NTOK Platfrom Is a concept design that has been applied to a platfrom which on this platform has the goal of creating a generation of education that is getting better and also create an ever-increasing educational process, and will provide a brilliant future and also improve a standard of living which is getting better, supported by today’s excellent blockhain technology will provide a greater development and will also provide a better quality platfrom, to be used in the present and also in the future,


With structures on the design of good system work ranging from school procedures, how education is going and also the support of partners and the quality of good educational participants will provide a better, changing future and will also provide ever more change increased.

Benefits of NTOK Platfrom:

1. Will improve the quality of education that will be better and also more structured
2. Supported by various partners or suport will provide comfort at the level of education.
3. Supporting facilities and infrastructure is great and also good to provide a better level of comfort and will increase the concentration of participants in following education.

Details Of Supply Circulation Token:

1. For Public Activity 70%
2. For Development and Advisors is 20%
3. For Platfrom Development 7%
4. For Bounty Campaign Activity 3%

Activity Details of Crowdsale NTOK: 

Ico’s activities will be held on 15 January 2018
Ico’s activities will end on 15 February 2018
ERC Standard Token 20
The token price or Rate Token is 1 $

Details Team All NTOK:

1. Andrew Kravet, Co Founder & CEO
2. Natalya Asenova, Head Of Sales Marketing
3. Mikael Mnatsakanyan, Head Of IR
4. Max Shekhovtsov, Co Founder
5. Alexey Borisov, CTO


1. Yura Virovets, Founder Of
2. Vitaliy Tatsiy, Co Founder Of
3. Mike Rogalsky, Founder Of
4. Mike Raitsyn, ICObox, Co Founder & CEO
5. Victor Bryzgalov, The Invaders (Sofware Development) CEO
6. llia Frankstein, Tetha Crypto, CEO
7. Alex Filatov, Iod Charatered Director (UK)
8. Igor Pekshuev, Chrysler Russia, CFO

More information about NTOK Platfrom: 


CREDITO – A Decentralized Credit Intelligence Service Which Gives Credit Value

CREDITO – A Decentralized Credit Intelligence Service Which Gives Credit Value


greetings of Credito community dipostingan I want to introduce this about the project, Credito, and here’s the discussion:

Credito is a decentralized credit intelligence network that provides credit scores, transaction value and loan markets supported by the Ethereal blockfain, Intelligent Contract and IPFS, which increases transparency and reliability.. Credito brings Financial Inclusion to “Credit Invisibles” by providing accurate and reliable credit score. A relatively high proportion of young people are invisible or unhidden credits. That’s not surprising, because they have not had much time to build credit history. For some, however, not building credit as a young adult can be the stage for lifetime credit ignorance. People who have no credit score or credit history may find it more difficult to rent an apartment, buy a car, buy a house, and of course get a credit card. In short, it closes them off many ordinary financial transactions.Credito is building a Credit Intelligence Network for the credit industry to prevent Credit Risk by identifying fraudulent transactions as they occur, allowing industry to make informed decisions  .

What is the need for a decentralized and transparent Intelligence platform?

Regardless of the efforts made by banks, card issuers, and merchants, credit card fraud continues to grow faster than credit card spending. Data violations have resulted in more card details being compromised, and the growth of online shopping has led to more opportunities for ecommerce scams. According to a 2016 report by Nilson1, the loss of credit card fraud reached $ 21.8 billion in 2015, which increased by 162% from 2010’s $ 8 billion. Losses for 2016 are already estimated at more than $ 24 billion, and this loss is expected to reach $ 31 billion by 2020.

On the other hand, the peer to peer platform (p2p) is one of the fastest growing segments in the financial services space. The market for alternative finance has gained popularity in recent years. A finding by Transparency Market Research shows that “the opportunities in the global peer-to-peer market will be worth $ 898 billion by 2024, from $ 26 billion by 2015. The market is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 48% between 2016 and 2024.

A finding by Transparency Market Research shows that “the opportunities in the global peer-to-peer market will be worth $ 898 billion by 2024, from $ 26 billion by 2015. The market is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 48% between 2016 and 2024.2” While the P2P platform continues to face the risk of default, and fraudulent practices, the growth prospects of this segment remain strong, especially as the banking sector continues to struggle with protracted breakdowns. Thus, a decentralized and transparent Intelligence platform provides a great opportunity for Lenders, Borrowers and Financial Institutions to reduce their risks.

How Credito is the Solution?

Credito is Transparent

Credito takes advantage of the transparency used by the main notebook by monitoring borrower and creditor activity to prevent one party from overextending too much. For example, this will be used to prevent the borrower from obtaining multiple loans from different lenders who then tend to default.

Loan Agreement is an Intelligent Contract

The Loan Loan Agreement is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between the Lender and the Borrower, which is directly written into the code line which brings increased transparency and reliability. The codes and agreements contained therein are in a distributed and decentralized blockchain network. The Credit Loan Agreement enables reliable transactions and agreements to be made between unknown and unnamed parties without the need for central authority, the legal system or external enforcement mechanisms. They make transactions traceable, transparent, and irreversible

Credito is “without trust”

Credito will avoid the risks associated with third parties, and also eliminate the need to trust the opposing party. When the borrower submits a loan request to Credito Network, the opposing party can not manipulate or terminate the loan request after the loan is made. Releasing the risk of an adversary or a third party is essential to avoid unfair and undesirable behavior.

Credito Analytical Engine

Credit scores aim to reduce investor investment and borrower’s credit score. Credit scores are generated by Credito Analytic Engine, a self-learning algorithm using continuous feedback with the help of Big Data analysis, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence, which offers scores that act as dynamic markers of the possibility of someone to pay the loan amount, which develops with a record client loan payments.

For more information :






VEGA – Predicting Futures Prices And Future Markets

VEGA – Predicting Futures Prices And Future Markets


Vega is an automated business bionetwork where users can allow AI to improve the practice of various machine learning methods to send automated trading to many exchanges, which will be applicable in order to predict future futures and market prices. There the Ecosystem conducts social media analysis because of the irrefutable fact that a collection of data collection captures social media and press releases, it provides A Waya for index and market analysis estimates.

Next-Gen Prediction and Analysis

Vega uses a decentralized model in which contributors can choose to pool their resources with each other to increase their income and reduce their losses. Users can apply their own configuration to build different tolerance levels for risk vs. payback and collect useful real-time market data provided by AI with recommendations.
Over time this trained in the neural network to the learning device allows prediction and probability not just real-time reactions. Users will have the option to allow AI to make smart decisions and automatically place offers for coffee lovers. The capacity of P2P software uses the latest system of blocks and systems so that the user knows where each trade is positioned and tracks ongoing collateral transactions. All effort, decision making, and insensitive data will be guaranteed by blockchain.
The machine uses a community-based system consisting of many reliable sources of information with historical and current data captured by the Vega AI program learning tool. A lot of data will be captured consistently from various systems over the web.
AI robotic and configurable AI Veg gives lovers the use of something once available and then the main player is marketed.

Vega AI

Vega AI, Lyra’s network center, is with the ability of sophisticated natural vocabulary processing and reactive human interaction, enabling a sentimental research strategy. Users can connect to AI and configure investment options. The UI is instinctive and allows integration with public media channels.
Using the Q-learning model, the algorithms and special factors in weighted decision making allow for high volatility recognition to reduce investment hazards. Over time, through learning, AI can act in response to clear and concise information that increases from positive support, thus progressively lowering the probability of error.
The info gathering cluster continually directs the web API calling service to collect data, demands functions from Vega AI and sends and stores open public data on the table with a quick index on the IPFS blocking network.

Token Vega AI

Token Vega allows the holder to have an impact and interest in the network to take advantage of all future features and add for development. This token will support other intelligent agreement systems in the future.
Details of ICO Vega AIO
System – Etereum (ERC20)
Crowdsale – November 24, 2017 to January 7, 2018
Hard cover – 30,000,000 VEGA
Price per token – 0.001 ETH
Vega AI Alternatives Verdict
Cryptocurrency is rapidly turning into a wild western world. Everyone appreciates that the market is a bubble and in that scenario, ownership becomes a hot potato. When market segments are so irrational and daytime bot bots happen, informed individual decisions are of little use.
Diversified portfolios could be the choice of many holiday resort traders and Vega is a system that will help take care of the portfolio with little care. How effective it is to do it is still to be considered.


Brian Carter – CEO and Founder
Ryan Shraq – Senior Builder and Knowledge Knowledge Expert
Amanda Taylor – Business Management and
New Network Team Coordinator – Provides Placement to Operations
For more information:

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