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What is InnovaMinex ?

InnovaMinex- This is an innovative business model that uses blockchain technology to ensure  traceability of precious metals.  By applying a set of procedures, you can  validate the entire process , from the  source in the mine, at the refinery and  from the end-user commercialization.  This commercialization is accomplished through our  own ecommerce, partner store and ATM.

This will allow buyers to verify the origin of the metal they have purchased, ensuring that  the mining is Legally  protected at any time or impossible
Used for money laundering because all transactions  are registered and the community  has access to them.

Our ultimate goal is to make access to gold and precious metals easier for everyone through our electronic money, INX, to receive the highest possible price for both of our customers. Me and our community pay special attention to the transparency and confidentiality of our transactions. 

We all go to stores and buy our favorite precious metals, or ourselves! And in every shop we believe that this is gold without dirt or one hundred percent diamonds! And we all understand that that might not be the case! So not all of us understand the quality of gold, or silver! And what about gems! These people propose a system that works on the basis of a block chain and the meaning of its work to trace this origin or valuable material! Personally, this is really cool for me! Imagine? With the help of a mobile application, you can check in stores, for example, wedding rings, for the country of production, weight, and gold samples. And the characteristics of the stone, in the flesh, before the foot is mined by this stone! And even if this does not violate the norms of environmental protection!

Also, people will have their own coins, where precious metals and diamonds are truly legitimate and safe for them on their platform! With the benefits of bells, it’s really cool!

In addition, they plan to use the largest share of money to open new mines and develop partnerships in them! That means you can even work with people! Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency, even for Fiat! Sell ​​on sites like Amazon, Ebey, and the same big site!

People plan their own ATM, which is very convenient for me! You can immediately exchange part of your coins, which almost generates gold!

Fund allocation:

70% of sales of
20% of the InnovaMinex project is
10% development
How they plan to use it:
75% of Project
19% InnovaMinex
5% Other
1% Social Project

Now they have made it through the ICO and here is their road map:

Stage 1
30% Discount Stage 2
24% Discount Stage 3
16% Discount Stage 4
10% Discount

Beginners November 26, 2018
End of December 9 2018
30% bonus discount
Soft Cover $ 10,000,000
Hard Cap $ 52,500,000
Private Purchases Minimum 1 INX
Maximum personal purchases No Limits
Accepted Cryptocurrency BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT , XRP.

Main Benefits of InnovaMinex:

The best and most advanced technology that provides complete search information from extraction of precious metals to their commercialization.

Security and integrity! 

Users can rely on transactions to be carried out in a reliable, automatic and reliable way, thus eliminating the need for third party trust.

Higher speed!
Interbank transactions usually take place a few days before being carried out. INX operates 24/7, reducing transaction time by several minutes.

By eliminating traders and third parties, we can eliminate unwanted additional costs. This is precisely how InnovaMinex can significantly reduce transaction costs.

Transparency and eternity! 
All INX transactions are public and do not change for the entire community. They cannot be changed or deleted.
Quality traceability!

The certification carried out by our blockchain will be complete, consistent, accurate, and generally available.
InnovaMinex is the safest and most cost-effective choice for buying gold and precious metals.
Our Cryptocurrency will take first place in the mining and metallurgical industries.
My conclusion: This is a very ambitious project! And it is very useful for each of us! I will keep kicking so that these people can do it! After all, I don’t care where, what, and from whom I buy! Very good quality!

Information about the project and the author:

Official website:
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