Lina Review Gives Benefits On Bussiness Platfrom Becomes Better


Know What is Lina Review,

Lina Review Gives Benefits On Bussiness Platfrom Becomes Better

New breakthroughs in an era of business to be better and also more quality with new innovations in the world of technology in business, in an effort to provide a business development for the better, and also has a greater level of profit, and has a good development in the future, by building more and more accredited businesses and businesses, with the power and energy of a well-decentralized blockhain system, in driving for better business development, with great power will have a major impact on the economy better, and also has a large community and has a wide range of business and business that is widespread and also worldwide and known by the global,here we will introduce a new breakthrough in technology development in business that is Lina Review, a development platform in business for business increasingly improved, and arranged neatly by building a developer paltfrom Lina Review, which will bring a progress on business and more and more professional business growing more.
WhitePaper Lina Review

Lina Review, is a well-implemented concept and structure in a platform in an increasingly better and more robust business drive with a solid foundation of development, as well as an integrated system integration on an integrated Lina Review Platform well, and have a good acceleration in interacting in various transactions so that will be able to improve the quality of the business production process that will be better, and will provide benefits and will also be more useful in the present and in the future, and the interaction with the community is getting bigger and wider in the world globally.

With well-structured roadmap structures, from start of event, and prototype release, then reales on security system and alpha, then build adopt in public beta, and also open marketing campaign, release infrastructure development, and product operation, and start product and feedback. and merelease from apps platfom 2.0  Advantages of Lina Review: 1. Having a good system Transparency, and also a good level of system quality, this will provide convenience for the client 2. No manipuation, and also the level of trust or high trust 3. Have specific detail as well as, good selection quality on various compositions

4. Balance on balanced monetise and stable reivew
5. Introduce good hybrid system and acceleration on good network supported by well-decentralized blockhain network
6. Has a wide and worldwide network liquidity, and build a community that is global

Structure Of Distribution Token 

1. For Lina Development is 48%
2. For Legal activity 10%
3. For Marketing Activities 17%
4. For Operations Activities 10%
5. For Activity Helping network 10%
6. For Activity Bounty 5%

Activity Detail Crowdsale Lina Review;

Crowdsale Activity is held on January 15, 2018

Crowdsale Activity will end on March 28, 2018
With token price per token 1 $
With 300 Millions per token 1 $

Details All Team Lina Review:

1. Mitchell Pham, Co Founder

2. Leigh Flounders, Co Founder
3. Greg (Zvi) Kushnir Co Founder
4. Vu Troung Ca, Co Founder

more information about Lina Review: 


Ann Tread:
Bounty Tread:  https: // bitcointalk. org / index.php? topic = 2773215.0

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