London Crypto Currency Exchange

London Crypto Currency Exchange: Most Trusted Exchange In the World

The world revolves around the revolutionary ideas which most of us discard at first. Nothing has ever been achieved by those who played too small. Taking chances at the right time for the right ideas brings revolution. The history is full of examples where people took a risk and achieved great things. The technology space has been on the upward scale where new products are launched daily.

The cryptocurrency is another invention which has made people realise the importance of technology and its impact on the society. The lack of trust on the current platform is the accumulative result of many incidents of hacks and thefts of cryptocurrencies. People are worried about the security of their crypto assets. They need a secure, transparent and robust platform to achieve the total financial freedom.

Solution Offered

London Cryptocurrency Exchange  is the answer to all the current problems of the cryptocurrency exchange. Based in London and utilising the blockchain technology, they are ready to become the most secure cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Keeping most of their asset in the cold storage for the safety and having a low withdrawal fee for the consumers is one of the many attractive features of the platform.

24/7 customer services, unique matching engine, multi-currency support, multiple device support and transparent investment opportunity are a few of the many top qualities of the platform. 0,25% to 0,5% trading fee is charged on the platform for each trade made on the platform. They have designed a robust cryptocurrency exchange which supports the insurance facility for the crypto assets.

The most effective solution for the cryptocurrency scaling is the development of real-life application and clarity in the government regulations. People and the various governments are worried about the future of the cryptocurrency.


100 million LXT Tokens are created for the project in which 60% is reserved for the ICO. The token sale is currently live on the platform until 30th April 2018.

35% of the funds will be utilised for the development of the platform while 25% is reserved for the marketing and PR. The team behind the platform is experienced in the field of blockchain technology.


The large-scale investment in the cryptocurrency sector has further boosted the morale of the creators. Exchanges trading the cryptocurrencies are being launched daily but the real issues of the investors and traders are still not solved. There is a surge in the cryptocurrency exchange in the recent months and many of the problems related to the trust and security are still not solved. There needs to be an open discussion about the usage of cryptocurrency and the laws related to it. It’s a matter of time before the world starts using the cryptocurrency in the everyday life. But, the time period can be reduced with innovation and development of useful applications. What do you think about the cryptocurrency spending solutions?

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