Mevu Decentralized, peer-to-peer bet platforms


MEVU  As a peer-to-peer decentralized network, MEVU Allows people to bet on anything, anytime, against anyone. Change any situation

be a social bet; who can drink the fastest, who will win the next round of golf, or be the first to lose 10 pounds.

If your friends are not there, create a new one by searching or making sports bets on the global MEVU network.

MEVU brings bets back to the basics among people. That’s how it should be.

We are proud to announce MEVU as the Official Sponsor of the world’s largest Ethereum Hackathon. Nice to meet everyone and see all the innovative projects at ETHWaterloo.

  • Blockchain improves transparency and security
  • Quick and automatic payments at low historical cost
  • Eliminates 3rd party gouging
  • Minimize disturbance of regulation
  • Global leaderboards encourage competition

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  • Meet oracle service
  • From other players via transfer
  • Claiming reward and rank rewards
  • Patenting and winning tokens in exclusive games
  • Send ETH to MVU manufacture contract during ITO

To facilitate a decentralized app, the MEVU smart contract uses our MVU token to ensure the bet is automatically completed. The MEVU token (MVU) is an important part of the MEVU’s ecosystem and economy. The main function of the MVU token is the player to bet their balance that will allow the player to become an oracle, and report the incident results. When the oracle reaches consensus, they receive a service fee from the completed bet.


“The American Gaming Association estimates that $ 400 billion is spent annually and 99 percent is illegal.”  BOBBY SKOFF CO-FOUNDER FROM SWISH ANALYTICS

There are many operational costs, permissions, and upfront costs in starting a sportsbook. The client is charged a high fee to cover these costs and is also forced to deal with a 3rd party institution. These institutions have their own waiting times and expenses when exchanging the winning results. In addition, due to regulatory impacts, security vulnerabilities and exploitation of personal information, players and operations both risk losing their funds. Apart from this problem, “the American Gaming Association estimates that $ 400 billion is spent annually and 99 percent illegal” – Bobby Skoff

MEVU uses an intelligent contract on the Ethereum blockchain to store and keep players’ funds and information permanently and transparently, giving players confidence that their bets will be executed safely and quickly. MEVU makes bets fun, encouraging competition by matching players against one another rather than a faceless city. Players can manage their own chances, and bet on almost anything. By cutting the cost of traditional sportsbooks, and 3rd parties, MEVU players enjoy a historically low 2% fee.


Another way to earn MVU is by inviting friends to become active users on the meVu platform. Once a so called friend has played their first competitive match on one platform, both players will get a reward. The rewards will have to pay out of the funds made at the end of that sales mark. The referral fund is set up to acquire a potential 100,000 players in four years, assuming that the price of the MVU remains at a constant price of 0.50 cents. On top of first of every month meVu will arrange with the amount of MVU tokens for the same $ 5 USD to be paid as a bonus. This number will be set @ 10 basis points lower then what the market is trading MVU for. MVUs are more abundant in years one and two as an opportunity for early adopters to be rewarded for creating liquidity, and contributing to the success of that network. The table below Details the structure and roughly. The number of MVUs available per year after the general ITO. Plan to create a Reserve where MVUs can be purchased directly from sites that are being formulated

YearTotal MVUs are available for referral bonusesPotential Amount of Users to join the platform & earn $ 5 USD Equals @ 0.50 / MVU
111,000,000.00 50,000
2500,000.00 25,000
3250,000.00 12,500


meVu will have both a Private, and ITO Society all the details below: Psaingan: meVu will re-open a personal pre-sale of Hain May -14 and run up to a hardcap of 15mm MVU tokens that reach or until July 16th come first .meVu will be a redemption fund to complete with the development, testing and auditing of the main meVu platform functionality in order to become ready for a major net launch. The remaining funds will become used for legal fees, and marketing meVu, for the general ITO. The funds raised during which the private sale will be used in accordance with that of the yan chart
  • 42% __________________ Marketing / Sales
  • 11% __________________ Consultant / HAIutsourcing
  • 12% __________________ Huku Adviser
  • 35% __________________ Developers
The meVu (MVU) Public sale sign will start on September 10th 2018, and run until October 22, 2018.
this will be the biggest and last distribution of the MVU ERC20 mark in an ITO, and our main goal is to distribute the global MVU so that it promotes a fair and effective platform. The MVU Token will become available to interested parties in stages at various price points, depending on when the token is obtained.
The first week of being sold will be the greatest discount rate and on September 10 at 8:00 PM MVU Est will become available on a rate from 1 MVU to 34 USD Sen. In September 19th, the price of the MVU will start to increase linearly by half from 1 Cent per day until it reaches 44 USD Sen. The sale will have a hard stamp of the 45MM MVU token that when reached will soon disable additional sales. The graph below outlines with the timeline for which a token is sold, the price in USD, and the quantity of the token

At one end of the 44 MVU sold will be retained. Out of the 44, 3.6 MM MVU will be reserved for the referrals and reward ratings, 2 MMakan will be provided for the gift, an additional 6 MM will be provided for team advisors, 2MM MVU will be allocated for that funding of the subject team for an 18-month holding period, paid off quarterly as a long-term incentive to meet the milestones laid out on our road map.4.6 MM MVU will go to an Users adoption fund, 13 MM MVU will be in – reserver for partnership and the remaining 13 MM MVU will go into cash. The token will only be claimable after it was sold ends on October 22, 2018.
There will also be special campaigns associated with the FIFA World Cup. Users who publish in our BETA and correctly predict with the game world of trophies will be rewarded MVU Token. More details to come, closer to the meVu BETA launch in June!

ico details.png

  • 65% ________________  Marketing / Promoter
  • 15% ________________ Developers
  • 7% _________________ Consultant / Outsourcing
  • 7% _________________ General Administration and Accounting
  • 6% _________________ Legal Counsel


Our team’s experience comes from the business we build in the financial and tech sector. After being introduced to Ethereum in 2016 by industry leaders, we realize the potential of bringing ideas to change the game just like us to live. Since the beginning of working at MEVU, we have become a member of our local Ethereum community, and have really become fans of blockchain. We will continue to build MEVUs until we realize the vision of the future of our online bets. A fully decentralized peer-to-peer platform.

mevu team .jpg

mevu team 2.jpg

For more info you can visit our official website and our social media to get new news from movu.

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