Before I thank you for visiting this blog, welcome my article, this time I will write a review about a new project. Consumers rely heavily on reviews to impress on certain products or services or even on brands. Today, all companies are looking for effective ways to collect and analyze their customers’ opinions to provide them with a higher level of retention.
However, many obstacles, such as a lack of appropriate incentives, confidentiality of data and anonymity of the consumer, force many users to leave the assessment process or the business evaluation. Rateonium solves all these problems by optimizing content standards and verifying feedback, as well as different rewards as incentives for users.
Rateonium is a very extensive classification system that can be adapted for each group of customers, enabling consumers to communicate with the business much better than before. It has a simple design with a basic algorithm that allows users to give ratings with more relevant content. A variety of languages ​​combined with universal partner companies help ensure that the ecosystem of Rateonium will always be diverse and vibrant.
Here is an important view of the Rateonium platform with regard to consumers:
Focus on authenticity:
Important requirements for authenticating user feedback are achieved through internal RTO checks. The goal here is to promote mutual trust between customers and companies.

Internal encryption:
Rateonium ensures that personal data is safe at all times, through access and access control, as well as a reliable data exchange system to maintain strict safety standards.
Daily use:
Several proven business partners in combination with the scalability of adding other companies to the system ensure that Rateonium will offer more prices in a short time. Each user receives individual awards in the system.

Trading : Ratec tokens acquired through this Rateonium system can be sold on any trading platform for crypto conversion or other FIAT currencies.

Levelonium Business opportunities:
The Rateonium network provides companies with the following key functions to create a stable and economically stable survey system:

Fair assessment:
Through the Rateonium monitoring process, companies can benefit from honest feedback because users are first examined before they are published.

Constant customer
acquisition : When the company receives positive feedback, more customers will consider the possibility to test these companies, ensuring the continuous acquisition of customers. Companies can also analyze reports to ensure quality.

Support for small businesses:
The Rateonium subscription system ensures that large-scale and small-scale companies have the same conditions. Larger organizations only accept subscriptions through local branches and not as a complete company. Market fluctuations

By applying two separate tokens, Ratec tokens and Rateonium tokens, the currency is protected against market fluctuations and price speculation.

ICO parameter 
Token: RTC
Total RTC: 801.703.971
Provisional date: 10/8/2018 until 08/25/2018
The main selling date is: 25-08-2018 tot 25-09-2018
Hard cover: 84,234 ETH
Soft cover: 32,000 ETH
Tokens distribution
10%: team member
7%: strategic business partners
83%: the event sells tokens
Proposed use of these funds
5%: team
7%: server management and data protection
8%: acquisition of universal partners
20%: application development and optimization
25%: technical development, including production of scanners and rateonium cards
35%: universal marketing


Detailed information:

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