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Soundeon – The music industry is complicated, which makes it closed to most musicians. In order to achieve recognition, it is necessary to contact various participants of the music industry (music producers and managers, labels, concert agencies), which only point out the needs of musicians. 
In a world that is changing faster and faster, the old approaches are losing their relevance, the music industry needs new solutions that could guarantee equal opportunities for all.

 opens the music industry anew and makes it more accessible to artists and listeners around the world. 
Soundeon – a musical ecosystem through which everyone has the opportunity to succeed independently or in a team with the musician, becoming a partner of his achievements. 
Technological solutions (layers) Soundeon support throughout the creative path.

 – the first decentralized and vertically integrated platform, covering all aspects of the industry, from the creation and licensing of the product, to the market for reselling rights to existing and future music assets, as well as concerts. 
The achievements of blocking technology allowed the Soundeon team and developers to create the Creative Smart Contract (CSC) ™ copyright agreement, which is the foundation of the Soundeon platform. Information symmetry, the immutability and flexibility of CSC ™ increase the fairness, transparency, credibility and ease of its application, which are not present in the industry at present. 

The mission is  to discover exceptional talents and allow creators to gain more control for their work. The implementation of the Soundeon mission was made possible in connection with the development of a new copyright management solution based on smart contracts, which ensures fairness, transparency and invariance of all operations performed and provides an opportunity for closer communication between artists and fans.


The Soundeon team aims to unite the entire experience of the music industry in a full cycle solution that ensures transparency and innovates in the music industry. Creation of an ecosystem in which success depends on the efforts and talent of the creator, in which every artist can fully focus on creativity. 
Soundeon proclaims the principle of equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, religion or family background. Social responsibility is to promote art within communities that lack favorable development conditions. Soundeon distributes 10% of its income for charitable purposes. 

You will find detailed information about the team and advisers: 

 The main problems of the industry 

• Lack of funding for the creative endeavors of independent artists. 
• Limited opportunities to manage and monetize existing musical rights, the inability to directly interact with the fans and increase their involvement. 
• Opaque and inefficient processes for collecting royalties and distributing music rights. 
• Lack of communication between the record industry and the ticket sales industry, which isolates the most loyal fans and allows fraud and scalping to exist.

 – Five levels of solution! 

 Music Token Sale
Ability to run your own TokenSale and collect funding from the platform users. 
Musicians have the opportunity to conduct their own TokenSale and find funding to implement all their creative plans (recording a new music album, shooting a video clip, etc.). 
Music lovers can try themselves in the role of producer and support talented musicians, in the future become a co-owner of musical works and receive royalties from all possible sources (concert activity, public listening, streaming services, etc.).

 Soundeon Exchange
A tokenization tool and a decentralized exchange of intellectual property, where everyone can buy and sell rights to musical assets. The opportunity to create a diversified music portfolio and receive royalties from it. 
With the help of Soundeon Exchange, musicians can sell the rights to music pieces in order to expand the ability to monetize existing music projects, and fans can form their music portfolio that is less prone to market downturns than traditional financial instruments and provides diversification from market volatility.

 Soundeon Monitor
The main idea of ​​Royalty Monitor is to combine data aggregation and data analysis. Artists and fans will be able to transparently track all streams of royalties and other revenues, including from the sale of tickets. 
Musicians can register the rights to musical works. Aggregation in one place of all royalties received both within the platform and in third-party services, with integrated technology of deep data analytics, which unites all aspects of the artist’s creativity (copyrights and related rights, royalty collection, ticket revenues).
Music lovers can track the performance of the music portfolio (aggregated royalty) and get the most reliable data that will help make the decision to purchase the most attractive music asset. The mechanism of data analysis will allow analyzing the behavior of fans, predicting the upcoming trends and the possibilities for expanding monetization channels. 

 Soundeon Player
A music player that uses blocking technology to transparently distribute royalties. 
A streaming player that uses blocking technology to transparently collect data on the number of music plays. Information is entered in the decentralized register directly, which guarantees its reliability. This helps to achieve an equitable distribution of royalties in the interests of all participants in the platform, and to provide the most accurate analysis.

 Soundeon Tix
An intelligent ticketing platform integrated into the Soundeon ecosystem. The system is based on Creative Smart Contracts and uses dynamic QR codes. This technology eliminates scalping, fraud and introduces a system in which the organizers have more control over ticket sales.
Soundeon Tix provides the opportunity to organize concerts independently and to control the sale of tickets using the protocol Soundeon, which uses smart contracts on the blockbuster etherium. The use of blocking technology ensures fair and rapid distribution of tickets, protects event organizers from uncontrolled buying and reselling, and fans from fraud and inflated prices when buying tickets on the secondary market. Musicians can profit from both direct sale of tickets on the platform and from secondary resale, the possibilities for legalization of which are provided within the Soundeon protocol.

 for musicians and authors! 

• Create your own Token Sale for music projects. 
• Sell existing rights to musical pieces in parts using smart contracts. 
• Register and protect copyrights and related rights to music around the world. 
• Collect royalties all over the world in one place for free and as transparently as possible, through smart contracts, get income information and in-depth data analytics. 
• Listen to music with a blocker player that uses a transparent technology for royalty distribution. 

  for music lovers! 

• Take part in Token Sales and become co-owners of copyright and related rights. 
• Purchase existing royalties for musical works. 
• Collect royalties around the world in one place with smart contracts, free of charge and as transparent as possible, get income information with deep data analytics. 
• Ability to support your favorite artists directly 
• Discover new tracks and personalized playlists with built-in loyalty program. 
• Track concerts and other events, buy tickets transparently and without extra charges. Get personalized recommendations and special prices for upcoming events. 

Road map 

Selling tokens 

Name of the token: Soundeon 
Platform: Ethereum ERC20 
Exchange rate: 1 Soundeon Token = 0.056923 USD 
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH 
Soft Cap: 52.7 million tokens 
Soft Cap: 52.7 million tokens 

Private Sale: June 11 – June 26 
• Minimum: $ 10,000 
• Bonuses: 15 – 20% 

Presale: June 27 – July 26 
• Minimum: $ 1,000 
• Bonuses: 10 -15% 

Crowdsale: July 27 – August 31 
• Minimum: $ 70 
• Bonuses: no 

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