How can Toplancer help freelancers with Blockchain

How can Toplancer help freelancers with Blockchain

Blockchain Toplancer  adoption should be gradual – if everyday consumers see the benefits of Blockchain then they will slowly agree to use it.


It is difficult to say how many freelancers there are in the world today but some estimates estimate there are about 50 million in the US alone. It is actually predicted that by 2020 more than 50% of adult workers in the US will identify as casual workers.

Aman said that freelance has increased rapidly in popularity but the industry is not without its own problems. Blockchain-powered platforms that serve freelancers can, theoretically, be able to solve some of them.


Speaking with freelancers today and the first thing they will complain about is a decent fee to pay. And once the contract is approved and sent to the client, it works.

Transaction fees can take a small chunk of your income. A few days ago I received payment for services provided through PayPal. Not only does PayPal deduct $ 17 in transaction fees, it also gives me an unusual exchange rate which means I end up losing $ 13 extra compared to the open market. Thirty dollars may not seem like much but when you bill dozens of clients, it can increase.

The problem is compounded if you are looking for clients through third-party platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. The intermediary agency routinely reduces the 15-20% contract agreed upon as their own expense. No freelancers are happy with this arrangement – after all, it’s really hard to be a source of clients in the first place.

Let’s also take into account that PayPal is not working everywhere and many freelancers are losing projects for this reason. A truly decentralized performance economy will not fall victim to the internal policy of the big conglomerate.


The hype surrounding Blockchain extends to property transactions and large financial transactions because it can get rid of expensive expensive lawyers and verify the deal. Freelancing is also ripe for harassment – at this point it is too easy for individuals to promote themselves through fake reviews and spam.

And the problem is that if a critical mass of people use dubious ways to market themselves then you will either follow the bandwagon or run the risk of being left behind. A smart contract based on Blockchain can completely eliminate this possibility.

In this scenario, the client will be prompted to enter a review only after the job has completed successfully. A lasting note of the review will be posted on Blockchain, with freelancers having no means to change it. It helps companies and honest workers who prefer to spend their time in more productive searches.

There are already some Blockchain markets that are trying to provide a popular freelance platform alternative. Toplancer will be the best on the list.


No matter what type of freelancer you are – writers, programmers, graphic designers, UX experts, or digital marketers – creative genes are definitely part of your DNA. That’s why it’s frustrating when your work is mercilessly copied and plastered all over the internet. You do not receive recognition for it and you also are not eligible for passive income that may arise.

And there’s not much you can do to claim the job as your own. Lawyers are very expensive and casual workers do not have that kind of cash. Blockchain, however, is a way to avoid this problem. Records of any type of proprietary works can be safely stored in them with the system also having the power to mediate if there is any allegation of plagiarism.


With Bitcoin’s soaring value as well as the emergence of other cryptoes like Ethereal and Ripple, many individuals now seriously consider accepting it as a payment compared to the major currencies.

That’s why it’s also a reasonable investment decision. There are many people out there who insist that Bitcoin will continue to increase in the future. And that does not seem to be related to reality if you consider Bitcoin’s past.

One of the biggest impacts of Blockchain is projected to be in the financial services sector. By accepting the memento, the freelancers can benefit from the initial movers.

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More info:

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Apollo Exchange Platform With Low Cost

Apollo Exchange Platform With Low Cost

Apollo is a better exchange platform, wallet and service for crypto users. Buy / sell digital assets at a relatively low price and 24 hours service.


Low Cost: switch to Apollo and use DAE token system. Save 25% cost compared to other exchanges.

Order books: connect orders from other exchanges to give users a large number of orders quickly and to trade the market from day one.

Knowledge base: Resources for studying and researching digital assets and trade techniques.

24/7 Customer Service: In the rare case you do, the support team will be in for 24/7 to answer or resolve any issues.

New order type: The main purpose with this new order type is to protect users from huge losses while remaining open to big profits.

Account: The registration process is simple.

DAE Token dan AVO Token

DAE Token is the main token on offer. And it can be used to pay fees on the Apollo platform or traded on many exchanges.

Supply: 100 million

Sale: 50 million

Price: Determined by voice and trade conducted during ICO

Use: Apollo Cost

Smallest Unit: 0.000000000000000001

AVO Token is only used for voting and wallet security. AVO will only be given to AVO participants can not be traded or purchased after ICO. The AVO holder will be paid, for voting, based on company profits.

Supply: 1 per USD raised in ICO

Sale: 100%

Price: No value

Use: Pay voting


End date: Dec 27th
Hard Cap: 5 million USD
Price: 50% — 40% — 30% or 15% of final DAE/USD price (Discount based on the date you send your deposit)
Deposit Options: BTC, ETH, LTC direct | shapeshift for altcoins
Participate here:


Start date: Dec 30th
End date: Jan 2018′
Hard Cap: 50 million DAE
Price: Determined by votes made during ICO
Deposit Options: BTC, LTC direct | ETH to contract or shapesift altcoins to ETH contract

Global Digital Asset Exchange

Building a better exchange, wallet and service for crypto users. Buy/sell your favorite digital asset with super low fees, 24/7 customer support, high liquidity, new advanced order types, better trading information and more. All of this with easy to open instant accounts.

  • Lower Fees: Massive savings just by switching to Apollo and using our DAE token system. Users will save a minimum of 25% in fees compared to other exchanges.
  • Liquid order book: Our system will connect orders from other exchanges in order to provide users a vast amount of orders to market trade against from day 1. No need to wait months or years for our exchange to build up the volume you need to trade with.
  • Knowledge base: A resource to learn about and research digital assets and trading techniques. Quickly find an assets market-cap, team information, latests updates, goals, sentiment and more. Learn how to trade or increase your skills
  • 24/7 Customer Service: You may never need to contact customer support, but in the rare case that you do, we will be here 24/7 to answer or resolve any issues. Other exchanges won’t respond to you for weeks and even months!
  • New order types: Created specifically for Apollo users, these secret new order types will blow your minds once we release more information about them. The main objective with these new order types are to protect users from big losses while staying open to huge gains.
  • Accounts: Simple sign up process, can even create an annonymous account. Quick verifications using Civic for traders that need to deposit and withdraw FIAT. Even eliminate passwords and signing in with the use of REMME!

Meet the team

Website — ANN Thread — Twitter — Facebook — Instagram — Reddit — Telegram (new) — Medium — Whitepaper

CROWDCOINAGE The New Network that from any part of the world

CROWDCOINAGE The New Network that from any part of the world will finance the business with bolckchain platform

Are you looking for a good idea? Want to change the way the world works and bring simplicity to any task? You need funds to help make your ideas a reality. Banks, relatives and friends can be your source of funds, as they have been in many startups. Start-up funding has improved, and a new industry has emerged that transforms ideas into real products. Venture capitalists, crowdfunding, large banks and large corporations see great opportunity in sponsoring a creative idea. Today’s seeds will bring results for tomorrow. Startup has started a formal roadmap to develop their ideas. Capital needs become the source of a new industry. All this is changed when the cryptocurrency arrives.

Your job will be easier with CROWDCOINAGE in the traditional market similar to the ICO structure. Their technology is entering a new era where people can put their ideas into practice. People around the world will be the support structure for the idea. Not to mention but this structure also has the scammer just thinking of getting money, and running away with it. Sometimes people get confused and get stuck in the wrong area. In addition, the lack of many financial products inhibited investors to put money into Blockchain technology.

In the meantime, we have not yet realized the full potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Where there is a need for a sustainable solution to differentiate with different ICOs, it is important to consider its unprecedented speed. A true foundation with its capabilities by providing a wide range of financial instruments for beginners and investors.


CROWDCOINAGE is the answer to the questions we are asking. It aims to develop an interactive operating system that will help companies as well as founders. Give them the full range of activities from Pre-ICO to ICO, and crowdfunding. Traditional businesses can leverage the platform to raise capital through the ICO.

The founders will be part of a community where they can share relevant information and ask questions. CCOS Coins are the centerpiece of the platform and can be used for a variety of purposes. It also presents a strong market offering diversified financial products. Some of the services available on the Platform are mentioned below.

P2P loans
Exchange service and wallet
Payment cards and savings deposits
Insurance facility
Electronic accommodation facility
ICO Information & Teams

They are conducting an ICO campaign from January 22, 2018 to March 12, 2018. Token sales proceed from January 15, 2018. 80% CCOS Token will be distributed to investors. . Bonuses and bonuses are available to early participants.

This money will be used for safe operating system development. The Brilliant Group of CROWDCOINAGE includes Blockchain enthusiasts, technology entrepreneurs and marketing specialists.

You will want to refer to their plans below. I think that’s a pretty perfect plan

Road Map:


The electronic residency program provided by Estonia is a creative step for many companies to open a business in Estonia. No idea was chosen by the top rich individuals, or the Bank but people became the source of development and capital.

The crowdfunding found a new definition in the form of coin offering has made people realize the potential of an idea. They have tried to address the key challenges in setting up a business. The platform could be a game changer for those looking for Sponsorship through the ICO but there is no clue about it. I think they have adopted a standard approach that will also help many traditional businesses.

With the above information I think the CROWDCOINAGE plan is under construction and is quite good. Why do not you go to their website to create an account and own valuable shares from their plans?
If you want to know more about them refer to the information below:


AstorGame  a new generation of e-sports and gambling

AstorGame   a new generation of e-sports and gambling

AstorGame – Today I would like to start a conversation about a rather interesting area. Sphere of eSports. I think many have heard that at the moment, online toys have begun to be recognized as a real sport. In fact, this is the case. After all, people sitting at computers, show their skills in a particular game and are fighting for victory. And this is at least a competition for the right to be a champion in this or that game. Take, for example, CS or Dota 2. It’s only on one side that it seems that everything is simple. But in fact you need to have direct hands and very good knowledge. At the moment there are major championships, with big prize funds for the victory. And how many people are watching these events, there are generally sky-high figures. So, well, everything is clear. But what about the casino? Than not eSports. Bets, what can be steeper and exciting, how can this be? Take the same poker, this is a game. Action and adrenaline is complete! So, okay, everything is cool, but, for example, how to be sure of the transparency of their rates. What kind of uncle, does not take your money yourself? Or on one or another platform does not happen a failure and your finances will sing romances? Or, for example, that the game is being honest? And here comes to us such a wonderful project, like AstorGame. I suggest getting to know him better. that the game is being honest? And here comes to us such a wonderful project, like AstorGame. I suggest getting to know him better. that the game is being honest? And here comes to us such a wonderful project, like AstorGame. I suggest getting to know him better.

Website | Whitepaper | Facebook | Twitter | RedditTelegram

AstorGame is a platform for e-sports and gambling, based on modern technologies such as Blockchain and smart contracts. This platform is suitable for absolutely any category of users. Those who love eSports, or those who like to bet. Fans of kibsporta, can take part in such games as, for example, FIFA 2017 or for fans to shoot — CS. Well, lovers of bets can accordingly do them on kibsport either simply, for some events. So to say everything that your heart desires. Well, or if a person simply loves gambling, he can enjoy all the delights of the casino. The platform is unique. Moreover, its uniqueness lies in the use in this direction of the technologies Blockchain and smart contract. We are all worried about the integrity and purity of the win. Well, or even for the state of our funds in a common bank, for example, in a casino. Well, accordingly, many people often thought about honesty. And is not their computer fooling with a win? And how to be in this situation? The sense in what, no matter what happens to the platform, the means that users have made, will be returned using a smart contract. And, it will be done instantly. So that the user can not be afraid for their blood. What about information on payments and winnings. The platform will make entries in Blockchain and use smart contracts to manage the logical part of the business, programming prize payments, paying tickets, bets, lotteries, programming tournaments and results. All these data are public and can be checked at any time. Which is also a huge plus.

Let’s see, what do we have with honesty in the casino? On the platform there is a bunch of technologies that would inspire confidence in users that no one manipulates the results of games and everything is honest. For example, such technology is provable fairness (Provably Fair). This technology allows you to check the user’s compliance with the rules of the game. And so to conduct a check, whether none of the third parties, did not impact on these very results, that would put players at a disadvantage. Also, such encryption methods are used by the means of the cryptographic algorithm. Using a hash function (SHA256), and executing a series of fonts, we get several hashes (alphanumeric lines: combined numbers + letters). One of these values ​​is provided directly by the user’s browser and this value will not be known to AstorGame,

What about selling tokens:

A total of 100,000,000 ASTOR tokens will be issued. This token is compatible with ERC20 based on Ethereum. There will not be any additional issues! After the end of sales, all tokens that will not be implemented will be burned.

As the main goal of the company is in 10 years to become the leading online gambling company in the world market. And that would be great. It’s not even difficult to sum up. This project is very promising. So, how will it combine what is needed by a huge number of the public, and most importantly thanks to those technologies that are being implemented in the project, it should earn 100% user confidence.


Official website:
Twitter: https: // twitter. com / astorgame_com? lang = en — Get paid calls for your expertise — Get paid calls for your expertise

The Experty platform is made up of applications available for mobile, web and desktop. Users can also send free text messages between them to further discuss terms if necessary. Text messaging can also be disabled by the provider if desired. Voice or video calls are always paid, billed by the provider at a predetermined rate.

The current platform is under construction using React and React-Native. This allows us to shorten the marketing process and implement additional features from the roadmap, while retaining the experience and performance of native applications.

All Ethereum’s intelligent contract interactions will be triggered by the recipient of the call, as it is in his interest to register for payment. The caller must first provide sufficient funds for at least 30 seconds of the call to initiate the conversation.

Basic characteristic

The Experty platform is based on an Ethereum network contract that serves as a back-end to the service. The website and applications store usage history information for all users.

WebRTC protocol >> The audio and video communication in the application uses the WebRTC protocol. This protocol is used in applications such as WhatsApp or Google Hangouts to provide peer-to-peer encryption and provide robustness proven by millions of users already using the technology.

Fully decentralized call links >> Their goal is to allow experts to share their paid calling link whenever and wherever they want. This avoids relying on Experty to create a market for them. Knowledge providers can use networks where they are already known and considered trusted experts, such as forums, social media, blogs, etc.

Instant Payments >> Payments will be made on the Ethereum block chain after the call on a per minute basis. The OC will ensure the security of a payment settlement system. A caller who does not have enough funds to call for at least 30 seconds will not be able to call. If a caller’s funds are short, they will be notified in advance and will be disconnected when funds fall below the per minute rate.

Cross-platform App >> The first version of Experty will offer dedicated calling applications for most platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. We also plan to integrate Experty with third-party video call applications so that potential users can use the app of their choice.
Availability Calendar >> Knowledge providers are able to set their uptime, so they can easily prevent all calls outside of a given period.
Ethereum Wallet >> The applications provided will have an integrated Ethereum portfolio for fund management.

Possible use cases

The most likely use cases for Experty will occur for professionals who are well-known or casual users with niche tracking. Business users may include lawyers, medical providers, programmers, professors, sales consultants, etc. and occasional users may include bloggers or YouTubers, celebrities and influencers, webcam models and charitable causes.

Intelligent contract architecture

The OC architecture provides a way to use signed off-line transactions made through Experty. Due to the possible inefficiency of recording calls directly on the Blockchain, the recipient uses a signed confirmation of the call to lock the caller’s funds on the contract until the end of the call.

During the call, the recipient receives additional confirmation from the caller every second. After completing the call, he or she uses the most recent confirmation to transfer the funds to their balance and release the remaining funds from the caller.

Why is Experty better with BLOCKCHAIN?

1.COMMERCIAL EXECUTION: We do not hold users’ private keys, so we have fewer legal issues to resolve.

2. A NEW ECONOMY: Experts from countries such as Venezuela (for example, Spanish teachers) will have access to a new tool to monetize their time in the global market. This was never possible before Experty. People around the world will be able to connect with others in a way that will encourage commerce.

3.SECURITY: Refunds and protection are provided to both parties via the smart contract. No third party payment processor is required. Private keys are the property of users.

Why is the Experty token (EXY) needed?

1.FLEXIBILITY: If the Experty application reaches massive adoption, it is possible that the Ethereum network is not scalable enough to handle all our transactions. Having our own token (EXY) will allow us to migrate to the platform best suited to our needs.

2.INCENTIVE: We have set aside tokens to encourage early adopters and influencers to use the Experty app. Our marketing strategy is to work closely with crypto influencers in the first year to optimize the user experience and interface. Once the Experty app is ready for the mass market, we will target mass market influencers / celebrities such as Christiano Ronaldo, Madonna and Justin Bieber to help Experty win the mass market.

3.PREMIUM FEATURES: Instead of paying for premium subscriptions, users with a certain amount of EXY in their wallet will be able to use premium features at no additional cost.
Examples of premium features include:

  • Paid group calls (eg, webinars)
  • Conversation recording
  • Advanced programming
  • Paid group chats as in Telegram

Sale of chips and allocation
Pre-sale cap 5k ETH and cap total 33k ETH

Crowdsale Opening Date
13–12–2017 in 3 days
Closing date Crowdsale
10–02–2018 in 62 days


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