Creation of innovative corporate products on Luxcore

Creation of innovative corporate products on Luxcore

Luxcore is a comprehensive system of services, solutions, which is focused on the creation of ready corporate products of confidentiality, security. The Luxcore platform is based on the underlying algorithm PHI1612. It is equipped with an individual network, which is designed to implement and develop the main products. The most important element of the ICO project Luxcore is the individual token Lux Coin. Crypto currency has open source code. It is oriented to entrepreneurs, closed source products: Parallel Masternodes, LuxGate.

The platform ensures that in the course of its work Blokchein is used in the mainstream by bridging the gap between corporate users and ordinary consumers. The principle of this project is accessible, convenient for all users. In addition to reliable Lux Coin crypto currency, Smart-Contracts, Segwit, and LuxGate will also be provided. This is done through the innovative Parallel Masternode system. It provides a private network for businesses, businesses over the Masternode function.

The work of the service is carried out on the basis of smart contracts. They allow you to combine block circuits through PMN and LuxGate. The separation of transactional records is carried out through the introduction of SwgWit. This is provided by removing the signature from the output data. The information is structured at the end of the transaction.

Luxcore products

Specialists of the Luxcore team are working on the development, implementation and improvement of various products. Further, the most promising and successful developments will be described.

Lux Masternode   is a private network that is aimed at meeting the safe, reliable needs of institutions and enterprises. This function is based on i2pd technology, SAM protocol. Due to this, Lux safety is enhanced. Parallel Masternodes will be available only to trusted and reliable business organizations, government agencies. The network functions as an information secure gateway on the Block. Any transaction or purse on the Parallel Masternode is encrypted with an automatic change of the IP address. Thus, ongoing transactions, purse data remain invisible.

To run Lux Masternode, the user must have 16 120 LUX in the wallet. Owners of Masternode are entitled to a fee for providing additional services, active support of the network. The fee is about 40% of the established rate. The funds are paid to all participants who support the network, regardless of their experience on the Luxcore platform.

LuxGate – a technological innovation in the block-space. LuxGate allows you to maintain communication between the tested block circuits with the ability to perform, to solve all kinds of functions and tasks. With this technology, the bitcoin chain functions with an Ethereum chain and a block Monero chain.

The PoS web purse is a key product that is available to all ICO Luxcore members. It will remain free for users of LUX Coin. Developers plan to license this tool. Variants of services, licenses for PoS Web Wallet-as-a-Service will be available for purchase using LUX Coin. Thanks to this, the project economy will receive additional value.

Multi-user transactions from Luxcore

Taking into account the requirements for security, Lux will be able to use several signatures. They are necessary to ensure that all interested parties are required to authorize a particular transaction (only in a specific case). Thus, users are provided with an additional level of security. There are several examples in practice with the use of signatures, namely:

  • the pair has a joint account, as well as two separate signatures (are valid for confirming certain actions). One of them is enough to automate a particular transaction;
  • the couple has a joint account. However, for the conclusion of a transaction, a subscription of both parties is required. Accordingly, one party will not be able to perform a certain action without the consent of the second party;
  • The number of signatures can be as large as necessary to protect the account. In this case, a sufficiently high level of supervision is allowed.

LuxGate functions – features of using the service

LuxGate can interact fruitfully with centralized functions. For example, it could be banking institutions together with the PMN network. It will act as an autonomous system. If necessary, Luxcore will provide the necessary technical assistance, as well as consulting services for the installation of PMN. The deployment of individual networks for private institutions can also be carried out with the support of LuxGate specialists. As a result, the network will be a reliable centralized environment. The client will be able to verify its data to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction.

With the help of this functionality Luxcore seeks to violate the classical principles that are resorted to in the banking sector. The ability of LuxGate and PMN to strengthen two levels of different security algorithms is a specific feature. At present LuxGate and PMN products are actively working. The developers plan to conduct their testing in early 2018.


Brian Oliver – General Director
Kosmin Tudor – Chief Product Developer
Brian F. – Technology Specialist
Hari Sadasivan – Business Strategy Specialist
Sebastian Berger – Web Developer

In January 2018 will be updated purses with trading functions. As of the beginning of this year, it is also planned to complete the first marketing phase, create mobile purses, and test them. The developers also plan to hold supportive consultations.

More info:

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Whitepaper –
ANN Bitcointalk –
Telegram – https: // t. me / LUXcoreOfficial
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The ultimate betting platform-egold

The ultimate betting platform-egold

Do you like betting and gambling online? If so ,  then  you are in the right place .  Ultrapley presents its new ultimate betting platform, which is based on chains. The main goal is to make life easy, affordable and safe by combining cryptographic currency. The online gaming industry has been significantly developed in the last few years. At every corner of the world, you will find passion for betting. Even the history of the world says the same thing . Thus, professionals thought to combine passion for betting with. The stakes are also the focus of attention in today’s generation. Thus, they are designed to combine all the bets, carried away by one platform.

Let’s know more about cyber

This is a block-based betting platform developed for allies around the world. Now you can easily bet on your favorite games, such as Counter Strike, the global offensive, and League of Legends, Dota2, hearth and much more through this platform. In order to place bets, they provide a wide variety of different types. Traditional sports betting is governed by several rules and regulations that limit betting passionately. While Cybera is updated every month and integrates perfectly with the unique technology and functions. The entire ecosystem, based on the new digital currency, based on the Iraq 20 ethereum, allows its users to test rates at various levels. Egold Token will be launched for the first time in their latest betting platform, called Buff 88. Ultrrapley has  a license for all exclusive rights to betting . Thus , the platform provides the user with the best experience and easy rates .  As a user you can even take part in live tournaments. Ultraplai is an original company that develops betting platforms, so do not even bother, since this is the safest platform for trading. This platform is specially built for cyber and crypto fans, where they can bet from a wide variety of games.               


Unique features . 

  • Decentralized platform for betting.
  • Suite rates per 3000+ events every month.
  • more than  1500 events in the game .   
  • Live broadcast for all tournaments.
  • Convenient  methods of  payment .
  • Ethereum based on the token.
  • Security for smart contracts.
  • Low uncertainty.
  • Cost effective . 
  • The best user experience .  

Egold tokens and sale information

The platform has its own utility token, called egold markers, which users can use to interact with the platform. This digital currency is based on the ethereum chain and will also be launched on the latest betting platform called buff. These tokens are available during the bloodshed, and users can participate in this area and the BTC currency. Egold Token sale is all set to start on January 21, 2018 and finish on February 24, 2018. If the hard cover is reached before February 24, then the sale token will end immediately there only. The hard cover is 25,000, and the first day will be called power day, where the 1c will be equal to 106 eels.


UltraPay is the most reliable brand for platform delivery since 7 years. Behind the innovative approach of payday is the hard work of great professionals and experienced teams. Daria Margaritas is the General Director and Mario Ovcharov is the chief commercial director of the platform. Lubomira Petrova is a marketing director, and Elena Biserkova is a global community manager. Thus, there are many professionals who have made this platform such a reliable betting brand.


If you like cyber-trading and trade in a currency program, then egold is the best platform to start. EGOLD is a unique platform with its unrivaled features that will make your betting experience easier, transparent and secure. Egold is all set to rule the market rates and, of course, to revolutionize the market.

Get your money safe – BABB

Get your money safe – BABB

In today’s technology revolution, where money is not stored under a pillow, our transactions can now be carried out in such a simple but insecure way. With most credit cards or debit cards, online shopping is possible without the need for approval even on the phone.

Assume that you dropped your card or lost it. Even if a malicious person does not know his password at the time of his hand, he can easily spend on the information on the card.

Moreover, it is not necessary for the thief to have the card to reach this award. With phone and computer hacking methods, even with a simple keylogger software, thousands of lilies can fly without your knowledge.

Another system is in the form of stealing information from the magnetic stripe behind the credit card. When shopping with your card, they can even handle this information, even on the memory of the devices they use. Or it’s enough to take your card for only 2 seconds with just a plug-and-play action. They do not even have to make a copy of your card within the information they receive from the magnetic field.

There seems to be a lot of ways to do it when it’s a job fraud. But we do not have so many methods for security at this time.

Bank account based block chain – BABB

At the same time, the BABB comes with a unique project that is preemptive to close security vulnerabilities that are also present in block-chain technology.

The BABB is confronted as a non-central bank. The users in the cryptographic sector are offering bank accounts from the UK. The account and the card you can pay with it are simply designed to be manageable even with a simple phone application. Of course, the underlying face and voice recognition technology is not that simple.

At the same time, the BABB is a technology that countries can partner with their central banks and encourage more people in the system, as well as expanding access to their own BAX tokens and integrating them into other cryptographic currencies.

We can actually see the BABB as a bank solution to digital currencies. Thanks to the security system that they have aimed at, they have created a much more diverse and effective system than the existing banking systems. When we look at the situation of the World Bank, we can say that it is a global bank that serves microeconomics for the BABB when we see a system targeting macroeconomics.

In general, as you know, we can not find every bank in every country. When withdrawing and depositing money, troubles may arise between banks of different countries. The global mission of the BABB creates a global and secure community where these troubles are not experienced.


As you know, the more people using a platform, the more valuable the system is. It is possible for us to talk about the same thing. As in all other tokens, the situation of BAX tokens is not different from the perspective of the future.

The BABB has sold 50% of its tokens during the pre-sale phase ($ 10,000,000). I think that the $ 20,000,000 target for such a project will be well below the demand, which in turn will bring a serious rise in the BAX tokens with the opening of the BABB to the stock market.

They will have 9 days to re-launch their token sales on February 6th. This process is enough for you to explore the project and get to the details. However, in this unique bloc chain, sales may close in 1-2 days.

The BABB has gone out of its way to become a community and bank solution for security and microeconomics in the global context. As I always say, I try to share interesting projects that I believe / I trust. I advise you to do your research well in this period and to keep your hand quick if you decide to participate.

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MOONLITE – Maximizing the Benefits and Efficiency

MOONLITE – Maximizing the Benefits and Efficiency of Large-Scale Cryptomining presents an opportunity to hold a token in a new scale industrial scale cryptomining operation that focuses on the efficiency of using Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and profi-tability by using low energy sources and clean energy sources. We will build our data centers in countries where the contractual provisions are clean and green, reliable, cost-effective, and politically stable.

The MoonLite project will operate in Crypto-Currency Mining space, and is planned to start with most of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash & Litecoin on an industrial scale. The operation will begin in August2018 and aim to be in time, one of the larger global crypto cake companies.

MoonLite will incorporate a number of new technologies and systems that will work in synergy to maximize the benefits and efficiency of large-scale cryptomining.

The results of the Mining Operations will be divided as follows:

  1. Dissociate percentages into fiat currency for traditional operational and investment costs, reinvest investments into operations, and other crypto and blockchain opportunities.
  2. Maintain a certain percentage of crypto-currency for the appreciation and value of investments through, investing in some crypto hedge funds, and investments despite other traditional investment channels.
  3. Maintain a certain percentage of the crypto currency that will be used for purchase planning and equipment expansion.

Currency Flow

All mined currencies (rewards) will be paid at the specified threshold. These thresholds will be set up so that gift payments are made daily, or twice a day. This payment will be paid from the mining pool to our hot bag with multisig requirements for each currency.

At the end of each day, or as often as necessary, the full contents of the hot wallet will be transferred to our cool wallet for secure storage. We will have a cool wallet for every currency, and have a spare wallet in case of theft, damage or major wallet failure. All private keys will be stored in the safe at our bank.

There will be no copies of private keys stored, printed or stored elsewhere. Periodically, but at least 2 weeks, MoonLite will liquidate 60% of the newly mined currency into the currency of the currency. This will be used for payment of operational costs to vendors who do not accept bitcoin as a method of payment. The fiat currency balance will be invested in traditional investment and invested through our investment arm, Capitevo Investments.

  • 20% of the mined currency will be retained, and will be in-place for additional equipment purchases to expand operations
  • 20% of the mined currency will be stored in cold wallet and considered an investment in crypto currency, and actively traded by our dedicated crypto merchant team.

This opportunity lies in the ability to generate significant returns from large scale mining farms as the level of difficulty has stabilized for many currencies. Other currencies are still at relatively low levels of difficulty and this is a good opportunity for new mines with appropriate size operations.

MoonLite will dedicate ASIC and special equipment to mine:

  • Bitcoin, and bitcoin derivatives.
    DASH (former Dark Coin).
    Ethereum, depending on profitability at the time.

MoonLite will fill this gap by handling currency demand by mining in mines of the right size. Our planned capacity is as follows:

Mission MoonLite

MoonLite mining aims to add value to all token holders using the latest technology, launched in the most efficient manner, and run by the most appropriate team to meet and exceed all performance and growth targets.
MoonLite will embrace young people, technology, fun, and aim to become the best talent maker available. We embrace Blockchain Technology, and will continue to advance companies and teams in parallel.

We invite you to make history in crypto currency and mining space by investing in the creation of one of the largest and most unique mining farms in the world. The uniqueness of our mine will help us solve a number of mining issues, such as cooling, power consumption and capital facilities development. MoonLite will publish MoonLite Tokens (MNL) through an audited and tested smart contract

Competence And Core Strength

Strength will be achieved in the introduction and maintenance of security and redundancy measures:

  • Some stable currencies are mined.
    Some pools are managed, as are local nodes.
    Some power supplies and internet connection.
    Some mining sites.
    Backup server.
    Some cool and cold storage wallets.
    Backup PSU, hardware, and system.

Only the best talent will be invited to be part of the team, and will experience all cryptography, networking, and hardware maintenance. The company will be highly capitalized, and highly liquid, while producing significant operational benefits under an effective and goal-oriented management team.

Market Capitalization For Fixed Currency:

The currency after being mined will be broken down as described before it. The portion of the currency to be liquidated will be sold on the exchange because there is an increase in the supply of individuals and companies requesting to purchase crypto currency for trade and investment. This request is not expected to subside.

Mining Currency:

  • Bitcoin: $ 252,419,830,420
    Bitcoin Cash: $ 41,558,084,293
    Ethereal: $ 93,405,070,461
    DASH: $ 8,964,815,433
    Litecoin: $ 12,743,719,310

Our mining operations will not have significant market share in global mining operations; But it will be South Africa’s largest penamba operation, we will easily grow further because of its excellent and vibrant nature.

Data Center Summary
Our first data center will initially be leased, with non-mandatory options provided in the future. Our Data Center will be located using the following strategies:

  1. Close to the main relay station
  2. Preference to clean and renew energy
  3. Large open warehouse
  4. Separate and secure office space
  5. In areas with surplus energy available on the local grid (without necessity
  6. For improved urban infrastructure)
  7. Within safe limits
  8. Working with English speaking team members

Capital Distribution

The capital allocation will be described as follows:

  • Operating Assets 28.00% = $ 4 200,000.00
  • Operational Reserves 13.33% = $ 2 000 000.00
  • Advisory Team 2.00% = $ 300,000.00
  • Reserve 56.67% = $ 8 500 000.00

It should be noted that such equipment can be easily sold in local and international markets at the same purchase price due to high permit and low supply of miners. This is a good protection against downside risks and project failures. Cash on hand will be used to cover unplanned costs and possible ad-hoc expansions to other data centers. This value is directly liquid and not risky.

Team Structure

Data Center Team:

3-5 years of technical experience and IT network Responsible for:

  • Fixed hardware error if possible
  • Make sure the miners and data center up time
  • Maintain a specific server role
  • Affects changes to miners
  • Monitor miners and mining statistics
  • Daily reporting to operations manager
  • Cables and networks

MoonLite Road Map

  • Concept & Refinement Development February 2017
  • The Pre-Sales Seed Funding Stage begins – White Paper and Website is released on November 24, 2017
  • Iron For Sale Previous close 05 January 2018
  • Intelligent Audit Results Released Released January 10, 2018
  • Pre-Public Offering Phase 1 Opens (100% -300% Bonus Token) 05 January 2018 at 12:00 GMT
  • Phase 1 of Pre-Sale Closing & Phase 2 Unlock (50% Bonus Token) January 31, 2018 at 12:00 GMT
  • Pre-Sales Stage 2 Closes
    February 14, 2018
  • ICO Main Sale Opens
    February 28th at 12:00 GMT
  • ICO Closes
    March 15, 2018 at 12:00
  • Start Data Center 02 Apil 2018
  • Network Installation and Mining Starting
    July 2nd, 2018
  • Opening of Official Data Center & Starting Mining Operations1 August 2018

Some Resources For Reference:


How can Toplancer help freelancers with Blockchain

How can Toplancer help freelancers with Blockchain

Blockchain Toplancer  adoption should be gradual – if everyday consumers see the benefits of Blockchain then they will slowly agree to use it.


It is difficult to say how many freelancers there are in the world today but some estimates estimate there are about 50 million in the US alone. It is actually predicted that by 2020 more than 50% of adult workers in the US will identify as casual workers.

Aman said that freelance has increased rapidly in popularity but the industry is not without its own problems. Blockchain-powered platforms that serve freelancers can, theoretically, be able to solve some of them.


Speaking with freelancers today and the first thing they will complain about is a decent fee to pay. And once the contract is approved and sent to the client, it works.

Transaction fees can take a small chunk of your income. A few days ago I received payment for services provided through PayPal. Not only does PayPal deduct $ 17 in transaction fees, it also gives me an unusual exchange rate which means I end up losing $ 13 extra compared to the open market. Thirty dollars may not seem like much but when you bill dozens of clients, it can increase.

The problem is compounded if you are looking for clients through third-party platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. The intermediary agency routinely reduces the 15-20% contract agreed upon as their own expense. No freelancers are happy with this arrangement – after all, it’s really hard to be a source of clients in the first place.

Let’s also take into account that PayPal is not working everywhere and many freelancers are losing projects for this reason. A truly decentralized performance economy will not fall victim to the internal policy of the big conglomerate.


The hype surrounding Blockchain extends to property transactions and large financial transactions because it can get rid of expensive expensive lawyers and verify the deal. Freelancing is also ripe for harassment – at this point it is too easy for individuals to promote themselves through fake reviews and spam.

And the problem is that if a critical mass of people use dubious ways to market themselves then you will either follow the bandwagon or run the risk of being left behind. A smart contract based on Blockchain can completely eliminate this possibility.

In this scenario, the client will be prompted to enter a review only after the job has completed successfully. A lasting note of the review will be posted on Blockchain, with freelancers having no means to change it. It helps companies and honest workers who prefer to spend their time in more productive searches.

There are already some Blockchain markets that are trying to provide a popular freelance platform alternative. Toplancer will be the best on the list.


No matter what type of freelancer you are – writers, programmers, graphic designers, UX experts, or digital marketers – creative genes are definitely part of your DNA. That’s why it’s frustrating when your work is mercilessly copied and plastered all over the internet. You do not receive recognition for it and you also are not eligible for passive income that may arise.

And there’s not much you can do to claim the job as your own. Lawyers are very expensive and casual workers do not have that kind of cash. Blockchain, however, is a way to avoid this problem. Records of any type of proprietary works can be safely stored in them with the system also having the power to mediate if there is any allegation of plagiarism.


With Bitcoin’s soaring value as well as the emergence of other cryptoes like Ethereal and Ripple, many individuals now seriously consider accepting it as a payment compared to the major currencies.

That’s why it’s also a reasonable investment decision. There are many people out there who insist that Bitcoin will continue to increase in the future. And that does not seem to be related to reality if you consider Bitcoin’s past.

One of the biggest impacts of Blockchain is projected to be in the financial services sector. By accepting the memento, the freelancers can benefit from the initial movers.

Join Pre-Sale with 50% On Toplancer Bonus

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