XchangeRate Present as Robot Technology Project

XchangeRate robot (XRR) is an intelligent algorithm or that helps investors navigate the complex cryptocurrency market and make expert decisions. XchangeRate Robot (XRR) is built on a series of algorithms to detect and make decisions about buy / sell attitudes. Relative Strength Index (RSI), is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements. RSI oscillates between zero and 100. Traditionally, RSI is considered overbought when above 70 and oversold when below 30. Signals can be generated by finding divergences and failure changes. RSI can also be used to identify common trends.

XchangeRate brings solutions: intelligent algorithms or “robots” that help investors navigate the complex cryptocurrency markets and make expert decisions, all in one convenient platform. Data pipelines from plugins and APIs are combined with relevant unique metrics to detect market attitudes. The investor sets the buy / sell parameter and chooses to make manual or automated trades triggered by if-then conditions. Users are no longer obligated to make each decision alone and separately track trends and currency.

About XchangeRate

The fiscal year 2017 is a remarkable year for the crypto currency market. Currently, the trade volume is worth hundreds of billions of dollars (USD). Bitcoin prices have grown exponentially, reaching an all-time high of about $ 19,000 per coin in December 2017. Older currencies like Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple experienced similar explosive growth in the fourth quarter.

This digital currency is getting the land as a viable option for everyday investors. In the short term, however, the market remains volatile. It should be noted that the high history of Bitcoin is followed by a rapid decline. Crypto currencies are generally vulnerable to external influences ranging from hacking to regulation to other currency movements.

The fall in prices due to market and market decline may deter potential investors. Hundreds of interdependent digital currencies and 24-hour world trading properties create a challenging market. Making a decision, buying or selling can be a tense and stressful experience for an investor, with real potential for big gains or losses in Fiat currency.

How XchangeRate Works

– XchangeRate Platform is a cryptocurrency trading web application with XchangeRate robot intelligent algorithmms (XRR) implemented, XchangeRate frees merchants from the hassle of reading graphics and graphics and helps merchants with easily readable data easily interpreted for automated or informed decisions. Basically, this product is a Trade Robot that incorporates this feed into algorithms for intelligence and meaning. Intelligence enhances market movements and helps robots enter and exit accurately.
– Application method: T he XchangeRate robot has a console where data is read from all platforms presented to merchants to help simplify the decision-making process. Merchants can make informed choices based on the strength of the index provided. This console is named Coin Monitoring Board (CMB). CMB provides RSI, MACD, PRR, FR and SI very useful for traders. 
– The XRR implementation of this structure will enable the archiving of these data assets in a pattern that breaks user-specific information to store data, data sources, strategies, and time in a way that can be used for valuable analysis. This will be a long-standing commitment. The XRR team will be involved to leave this data as a contribution to analyze the market – a valuable tool for research.
– XchangeRate Capacity: To be able to develop and improvise business processes with the help of Block AI and Ethereum Blockchain Technology A gradual implementation of Business intelligence will make the robots smarter every day, which in turn will improve the process for organizational excellence. The right decision will result in balanced and sustainable community growth.

Sales Token

To expand the vision and reach of XchangeRate.io, we launch a Token sale to publish an XchangeRate token (XRR) on Ethereum Blockchain. The XchangeRate ERC20 Token will be issued by a smart contract at the end of the Token sale (May 2018).

Description Token
1 BTC: 100,000 XRR
1 ETH: 10,000 XRR
Current Bonus: 20%
Token Type: Utility token
Maximum supply: 250,000,000 XRR
ICO Hard Cap: 18,000 ETH
Tokens available at ICO; 160,000,000 XRR
Bonus tokens available at ICO: 20,000,000 XRR
Total Tokens available at ICO: 190,000,000 XRR

Financial Distribution

47.5%: Platform Development
14.3%: Research and Product Upgrades
9.5%: Exchange Exchange
9.5%: Marketing and User Acquisition
8.6%: Project Stakeholders
4.8%: Operational Costs
4.8 %:
1% Reserve Security : Legal cost of

Token Distribution

80%: ICO
12.8%: Bonus Token
6%: Project Owners and Stakeholders
1.2%: Airdrop and Bounty



For More Information Visit: 
Website: https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/
ANN Utilities: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3110277
Whitepaper:  https://bit.ly/2qVv4oP
Telegram: https://t.me/xchangerateICO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xchangerate.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XchangeRate_io
Youtube: https://youtu.be/cMIKt5EYBH4 

BitcoinTalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1233872

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