TOKENLEND – Complete Loan Service For All Parties

TOKENLEND – Complete Loan Service For All Parties

Tokenlend strives to help users worldwide benefit by lending funds with less risk and hassles. We believe that by using blockchain technology, we can make lending process easier and cheaper to use without the bureaucracy of traditional banking services.

Traditional banking products and services are very old and sluggish because of all their bureaucracy and documents. In the world of transcontinental currency transfers, decentralized databases and smart contracts, people are still limited by their geographical location and residence. Different legislation, currency and complicated taxes make business activities more complicated than they should and may be. The lack of integration between financial services forces people to deal with many intermediary institutions with their own verification policies, costs and restrictions. This can turn a seemingly simple operation into a great headache.

The solution

The idea for TokenLend comes from the peak of our investment experience and our extensive experience in software development. Our goal is to build a reliable and reliable ecosystem that provides a complete funding loan for all parties involved.TokenLend will give people around the world the ability to invest in real estate loans using a variety of crypto and fiat currencies. Our platform will remove the uncertainty facing small investors by helping them build secure loan-based investment portfolios that provide competitive, predictable and consistent rates of return. The platform will contain a carefully selected list of carefully selected loans and pre-checks available for investment. TokenLend will only receive loans from trusted EU loan originators. The presence of a legal entity as a counter party allows us to take the necessary precautions in advance to receive timely payments by the lender and reduce the risk of default. TokenLend personnel will re-validate the information received by the lender, including personal data of the borrower, appointment information, appraisal and LTV ratios.

Loans will only be listed on the platform if they meet TokenLend strict loan selection criteria.

TLN Token

In the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign, TokenLend will offer a Lend Coin token (TLN) for sale. The TLN Token is a digital representation of the rights to exclusive membership on the TokenLend platform. TLN holders have the ability to invest the desired amount of funds from their accounts into every available loan listed on the TokenLend P2P platform. The account balance on the platform represents the number of TLN tokens stored in the Etherealum of a member TokenLend account at any given time. The TLN token will be traded outside the TokenLend platform. Since they are the ERC-20 tokens, they will have an inherent value on the exchange.Tokens purchased during ICO campaigns will provide two types of revenue for holders. Token holders can use TLN to invest in registered loans on the platform and receive revenue like other platform users. However, only ICO participants will receive a regular revenue share from platform operations. The TLN token holder is guaranteed a share of the company’s profits. The distribution size will be determined by the proportion of tokens associated with each member’s account on the date of payment.

The LPN market will allow users to trade LPN with each other, this is only available to registered users. Users are not required to sell at the original cost of LPN, they can send orders for a certain LPN according to the desired price at TLN.

Users can also add comments and details about LPN to be sold. All transactions will be done by sending TLN from one address to another. LPNs will be considered to be sold once the TLN transaction is confirmed by the Ethereum network and at which time the LPN owner changes automatically.


Before crowdsale begins, the TLN token will be printed by TLN’s smart contract.The total number of tokens will be distributed in the following ways:


  • 7% of all tokens will be sold during pre-sale. All pre-sale participants not only have the opportunity to purchase a TLN token with a special discount, but also have exclusive rights to participate in the beta platform testing stage and receive investment benefits before other token holders.


  • – 75% token will be distributed during ICO. All unsold tokens will be burned.


  • 3% of tokens will be given to our legal and advisory teams for their contributions.This token will be locked * for a 12 month period.


  • 14% token will be allocated to the TokenLend founder and team core. 50% of these tokens will be locked * for a period of 24 months, and the remaining 50% will be locked * for 48 months.

Token Sales Details

* Participants willing to contribute to TokenLend platform development can do so using the crypto method and other payment methods listed on the Website.

* Number of tokens: 473.466.667 TLN

* Contributors receive a TLN token at a rate of 2,500 TLN per ET

* Contributors will receive token bonuses during pre-sales and crowdsale as described below.

* Sales will begin on March 26, 2018

* The contribution period will run for 45 days

* Pre-sale will start on March 1, 2018 and maturity is 11 days and will close at 11,047 ETH with minimum contribution of 1 ET

* During the sale of the ICO tokens, there will be a soft cover of 20,000 ETH and a hard cap of 140,000 ET.

* All unsold tokens will be burned

* TLN Token received by contributor will be transferable 7 days after the end of the Initial Coins Bid Offer.


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