The globe of apps offers taken the globe by surprise and Pakistan is definitely no exemption to it. The most recent advancements in technology dont neglect to impress for an audience of the united states who are ever worked up about all the fresh releases throughout the world.

Based on recognition and utilization, we found 5 particular apps which keep immense popularity between the Pakistani audience. A few of them are social networking giants throughout the world while others will be the brainchild of a few of our personal fellow Pakistanis.

Listed below are the 5 most cherished apps by folks of Pakistan:


There is absolutely no denying the actual fact that app certainly is the most popular between the folks of Pakistan. Whether you you live in any from the three biggest towns of the united states or are through the countryside areas in the setting of Sindh or Baluchistan, you’re sure to truly have a Facebook accounts. With the business introducing exciting fresh features once in a while, the users by no means tend to shed any fascination with the app and like exploring various areas of it.


That one app has certainly bid farewell towards the SMS providers and SMS deals in the united states. Now, no-one cares just how many free SMS are given by any carrier provider because they’re not even utilized because of WhatsApp. Having the ability to share images, audio messages, movies and also GIFs (for Google android users just), this app provides definitely used texting to a complete new level. Also businesses like Apple maintain replicating the features within their iMessage service.

Commuting Apps Like Careem and Uber

Although these apps have already been introduced this past year only however in a very brief span of period, they have were able to gain immense reputation amongst the public. By giving quality taxi providers at affordable prices, both Uber and Careem have grown to be the hot beloved of the youngsters. Whoever has a smartphone could make usage of these apps and will even appreciate amazing special discounts and several free rides. Nevertheless, they have place the local transport industry to an excellent threat.


Being supreme Foodies, Pakistan is normally such a country which adores each and everything which relates to food. One particular app continues to be FoodPanda that was an effort by our many other Pakistani. You wish something to consume, theyll obtain it delivered best at your doorstep in a hour. The amazing component is that they provide numerous special discounts and amazing offers aswell if one sites an purchase through the app.


We like music and for that reason, SoundCloud has turned into a hot favourite of the country. The only issue with the app getting is that you have to skim through several fan-made variations before actually discovering the right one. One app which includes the potential of changing SoundCloud as the best music portal can be Patari. Presently, it only provides Pakistani music but once worldwide music becomes on it aswell, users will certainly make it their 1st choice.

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